When I learned what it meant to be Primal

Two years ago, I first learned about Primal Play, wrote about it, and admitted that I may be Primal. I often write these blog posts as something to be used to aid others in their writing, or in learning about alternative sexual lifestyles. So it’s not often that I write something a bit more personal to me. While I may have made it sound like I just instantly converted, the path to becoming primal was really a complicated transition.

I didn’t know Primal Play even existed for most of my adult life, despite the fact that I was one. It was very difficult to really understand where I stood because I constantly felt like a pretender in the BDSM community. Am I a Top? No, I’m probably a Dom, or… wait, this term ‘True Dom’ might be more accurate. I don’t feel like I’m really a True Dom, though.

For those first few years of my adult life, being on my own, discovering myself, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what these names really meant, and how they act. I’ll be honest: I was uninformed, didn’t know where I was supposed to look, or how to act. For six years, I more or less wandered through adulthood with a loose label of Dom, and ultimately, thought myself as just vanilla.

It’s funny how things go when you’re not sure who you are. You know what you feel like and what you want, but not why. All it really takes is a name. Something that says ‘this is why’, and lets you know that you belong, and more importantly, that you’re not the only one. As I first discovered it, I looked at entry after entry for almost 4 hours realizing that everything that defined it was exactly what I looked for and matched my desires perfectly.

When I was certain that this was me, I went downstairs and had a talk with my wife about it. She was very supportive of this and was happy to see me come to this realization. She often says she feels the most turned on in those moments during sex when I growl at her and become a bit rougher in my thrusting movements. As she would say, I start to ‘get really manly’! Since then, we’ve been carefully experimenting with the different aspects of Primal Play. Chasing isn’t a big thing for us as 1. it snows 8 months out of the year and our apartment is kinda small, and 2. We’re both a bit too lazy for it. We have, however, begun focusing more on bedroom specific acts. Teeth and nails are becoming more and more involved, and we have even begun leaving marks on each other’s bodies.

It’s been a gradual process as neither of us wants to push the other too far too quickly. Like any kink, it takes time, patience, and a lot of care and love to understand how each person feels and wishes to express themselves. I’ve also started to become more comfortable expressing myself in a Primal way outside of the bedroom. Snuggling on the couch has become more entertaining. Whereas some may sit next to their mate and lean against them, I’ve taken up the habit of practically straddling my wife and laying my body on her’s like I’m a big blanket. She says I act like a big dog who wants attention.

Well, I mean… yeah.

Shortly after learning what Primal Play was, I wrote a post called “The Mystery of Primal Play” on this site, and it has become the most read post on my site. It astounds me how many people are also just as curious about it as I was, and have found me to be a reliable source of information when all I really did was take all the bits and pieces I found myself and put them into one place. The comments I’ve received from all of you have been so uplifting, and it honestly fills me with joy to know that my posts have given you clarity. Really, I’m just one guy who is learning about it the same as you. I’m not an expert, I’m just one person who wants the same things as you.

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