Red and The Wolf – #FantasySmutFriday

Standing in front of the tall figure leering over her, the feeling of helplessness was already beginning to set in. For today’s game, she decided on a simple white and brown dress to accompany the red cloak that draped over it. Whereas the man before her was bare-chested, donning only a pair of running shorts and a specially-made wolf mask. His face was only visible from within the maw.

“Do you understand the rules, Red?” he asked her, arms crossed over his chest.

She could barely bring her head to meet his gaze when she replied, “Yes, Sir.”

“And you know what will happen if I catch you?” he asked further, leaning in ever so subtly.

Red nodded, “Yes, Sir,” but she knew the odds weren’t really in her favor. Out here in the woods, with no one else around, and in the middle of mild autumn. This meant there would be few places to hide. Even if her red cloak and hood had a chance of blending in amongst the changing colors of the trees, keeping distance might be the better option.

The Wolf stood straight again, looking her up and down hungrily with a smile, “I’ll give you a three-minute head start. After that, I’m going to start hunting you,” he took a seat on a large stone nearby and called out to her, “Ready?”

Her heart already skipped a beat, and she felt something stir inside her as the game was about to begin. She rolled her feet in her running shoes, the only other clothing she was allowed. A short spike of adrenaline shot through her veins as she panicked to decide which direction to run.

“Go,” he barked.

She took off, unable to decide a direction, and darted straight in front of her. She caught his eyes as she dashed past him. The playful shade of green flashed in her mind as she took off down the trail. Quickly gathering her wits, she knew it was time for some quick decisions. The first one was to get off the trail and into the woods. The Wolf knew the direction to go, now, so she had to break the line of sight from him. The left side was denser so it would be harder to spot her in there. And left she turned.

Several minutes went past, more than the three he gave her to start. She did well to find large trees, dense bushes, and rocky outcroppings to duck behind as she caught her breath. She was smart to listen for the faintest sounds of rustling leaves, breaking twigs, or any sign of the Wolf, before moving on. She had to because she knew it was only a matter of time before he would find her trail.

Paranoia kept her on edge. Every small noise made her fret with the thought she was spotted. His words kept running through her mind, ‘if I catch you’, and images of those consequences sent a thrill through her. It built inside her until it hurt. Huddled against a large oak tree, she shrunk down and caught her breath once more.

Her calves burned and she could feel the thrill turn into a panging throb. He hasn’t found her yet, so what if she took a moment? Not long, she just needed to relieve some of the pressure. Her skirt was yanked up quickly as she peeked around the sides she could see and wasted little time reaching down for her sex. Hair sticking to her chest, the words reverberated in her head again, ‘if I catch you’. She stifled her breath as her fingers manipulated the sensitive parts, ‘Just for a little bit… Just a small one… Then I keep running.’

Running for this long, waiting for him to find her, knowing the consequences, it all heightened her senses. In that time, pleasuring herself against the tree, feeling the bark digging into her back, biting into her free hand to keep from crying out in pleasure. Did she let out a sound? Or leave a trail? A scent? Or had she just waited too long? Her chest tightened when she heard the crunching of autumn leaves, and it was getting closer!

She pushed away from the oak and took off, only a fraction of a second too late. She let out a shriek when the Wolf grappled her and pinned her against the same tree, held down by her arms. His green eyes pierced into her’s as he panted and growled. His body pressed further into her’s. Red’s chest tightened as her heart continued to race.

“Ten seconds,” he let out the words in a low rumble of a voice. The Wolf leaned back and pulled Red away from the tree, and released her out into the open. She was momentarily flabberghasted by this gesture, then he spoke, “One…. two…”

She took off again, the adrenaline coursing through her body, the Wolf would be right on her heels now. Every nerve in her body was lit up. She peered over her shoulder and saw the man with the wolf’s head trailing just behind her, and closing the distance! She tried yelling out short protests between huffs, but this game of cat and mouse had gone on long enough.

The Wolf caught her by the waist and brought her to the ground. Red screamed out, intoxicated by the runner’s high, and playfully tried to fight him off. Her legs flailed at him, but the Wolf took hold of her thighs, gripped tightly to hold them apart. All Red could see was the maw of the Wolf envelop her center, devouring her, hungry for his prize.

Red writhed at the feel of tongue and lips on her, the occasional nip of teeth, and hot breath. The thrill of the chase had made every wave of pleasure magnitudes higher through her body. She reached down and clawed her nails into his shoulder, the other reaching to grab something around her, and finding only leaves that crunched in her grasp. Her voice called out in an urgent desire.

When her orgasm began to overtake her, the pressure she felt before peaked and rushed out. Her thighs closed around his face, lights flashed over her eyes, and she felt as if she might lose her mind. The Wolf finally relented, and Red let her body go limp. She finally let herself rest on the ground, ravished beyond satisfaction.

The Wolf wasn’t done, however, and tenderly manipulated her body to lay face-down on the strewn cloak. Red cooperated when her hunter raised her waist, supported by her knees. A smile crept over her face as she waited expectantly, then felt him press inside her. Felt the hot sweat of his thighs and hips against her backside as he pressed deeper, mounting his prey. She gripped the red fabric of the hood beneath her and braced against his thrusts. He returned the same sentiment as he dug his nails into her lower back as well. Red groaned from the pain and delighted in the burning sensation the marks left behind.

It didn’t take long for the Wolf to reach his climax as well. Red felt him fill her as he bellowed and huffed. He laid himself on the ground next to his quarry with a smile. Red smiled back with a hungry grin and placed a hand on his cheek. Her hunter, her alpha, her Wolf.


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