Vibrating Prostate Massager by PALOQUETH – A Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was having some thoughts about expanding my personal experiences with sex toys. As part of my brainstorm for an article that breaks down the stigma of sex toys for men and penis-owners. Since I had an interest in finding out first-hand, I seized the opportunity by trying out the Vibrating Prostate Massager by PALOQUETH. I’ll be honest, I was extremely nervous to try this out and went so far as to ask my wife to be there for my first time. But first, let’s look at the product.

img_20190610_174107The package first arrived in the impressive and sleek, black box that always makes me feel like I’m treating myself to something fancy. Opening up, I found everything inside neatly stacked with the larger parts rested in foam cutouts. Included was the Vibrating Prostate Massager, wireless remote control, USB charger, pull-string bag, instruction manual, and promotional pamphlet. The massager contains two motors located on each end of the device: one in the insertable portion, and one in the contact end. In the middle of the contact end are two buttons: a power button that is to be held down for ~3 seconds to turn on and off, as well as a frequency button to change the vibration mode. The charge port can be found right next to the buttons and is sealed between charges, making the device completely water-proof. The wireless remote only has one button that can change the vibration pattern by you, or a partner, but is not able to turn the device on and off.

I wanted to write a full post just to talk about my full experience using a prostate massager for the first time, but for now, I’ll talk about specifics. I was happy to find information in the instruction manual on how to use it for the first time. I had never inserted a massager into my anus before this, so I had no idea what I was doing. I’m thankful that Paloqueth had the answers ready for me with this product. After generously lubing the device, I managed to insert it with relative ease. The shape of the Vibrating Prostate Massager does fit rather comfortably, and arches just enough to reach your p-spot. Which I didn’t even know it was called a p-spot until I started using this!

Turning the vibration on was an experience all by itself. The Vibrating Prostate Massager has 10 different vibration patterns, and I was pleasantly shocked to find that the modes vary from vibration strength, patterns, and even descending and ascending strength variations. Each one was like a brand new experience for me, and I was unprepared for the stimulation that each one gave me… but in a good way. I finally decided it was time to pair this experience with my go-to sleeve: the 2-in-1 Stroker Sleeve, also by PALOQUETH. The combined sensations made for a unique experience I don’t think could ever be replicated with any other alternatives. It doesn’t take very much time for me to reach climax in this way, and when I do, my eyes almost quite literally roll to the back of my skull.


Overall, I find that I enjoy the Vibrating Prostate Massager. The vibrating motors at both ends ensure maximum stimulation, the 10 different patterns give varying experiences that prevent sensation numbing, and the size is a comfortable fit even for beginners like myself. Another great product from the people at PALOQUETH!

The Vibrating Prostate Massager is currently available on Amazon as well as their website. It’s currently listed at $25.69 on their site, but I can’t say for sure what it is on Amazon. I see it in CDN, so the exchange rate may be a bit off. Still, it’s worth the price, especially if you’re just beginning your experience with p-spot love. For those of you curious for my full thoughts on my personal experience with this prostate massager, and using one for the first time, I will try to write up that post soon.

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