My favorite positions for Primal Play

I became inspired to write this post based on a new-ish prompt challenge hosted by a blogger acquaintance and fellow erotica blogger, Brigit Delaney, which challenges us to explore new types of content to write about. Which is good for me, as I was fresh out of ideas lately. The challenge this week is to write something about our most/least favorite sexual positions. I thought I would take this a step further to talk about the positions that work well for Primals in the process.

Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list, nor am I saying these are preferential to every Primal, but each of these works well for my wife and I when we engage our Primal sides.



Good ol’ missionary position. Often regarded as one of, if not the most, vanilla positions anyone can engage in. It may seem rather plain, but can be quite intimate for both partners involved. The closeness and contact with each other’s bodies stimulate the olfactory senses, picking up on pheromones and musk very easily. I especially love it because of the eye contact and how easy it is to kiss and grab her hair. I think my wife also enjoys this the most for these same reasons and often likes to wrap her legs around my waist as this is going on.

From behind

Another favorite among most people! It’s excellent for both G-spot and clitoral self-stimulation, but also allows for many other activities. It allows your partner to position themselves in a way that they submit themselves while you mount your prey, and from here, there’s much you can do. I often take the opportunity to run my nails down my wife’s back just to hear her let out those primal groans of her’s. It’s also perfect for grabbing hair, smacking their ass (provided you know how to do it right), and a myriad of ways to establish control of your mate. Of course, always make sure you discuss this with your partner beforehand, so as not to cross that line into abuse.

Wide Opened

Think of this as a modified ‘Butter Churner’ position. It’s less strain on the joints and greatly lowers the risk of neck damage to your prey. Your partner lays on their back, rather than supporting themselves by their shoulders. Their legs are held comfortably splayed open while you sit straight. There’s no need to push her legs back to the point of her ankles being next to her ears. This position is great for any Primal as it gives you a complete view of your partner, and allows both of you to watch the penetrative action going on. It’s also a favorite amongst those who have a breeding fetish, or so I hear. My wife also gets the added benefit of extra G-spot stimulation from the positioning of our limbs. Overall, this may be the most visually satisfying position of the lot.


This one’s a bit advanced, but if done right, it’s perfect for two Primals in dominant headspace. It’s similar to the Wide Opened, but for this, my wife sits upright and supports herself with her arms behind her and feet on the bed (Imagine a crab-walking position). I’m still sitting upright and between her thighs. What makes this great is that it allows both partners to participate in the movements and encourages a friendly ‘competition’ between both without either being the least bit submissive to the other. The closer proximity also helps both of you keep eye contact as you watch the wild side build in each of you. It may not be the most stimulating, but it may be one of the most exhilarating.

If you know of any other positions that you have found helpful to you during Primal headspace, I encourage you to share it in the comments below. What is it about this position that you love about it? And a big thank you to Brigit Delaney for all she does to help our little community as well.


3 thoughts on “My favorite positions for Primal Play

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    1. A “69” variation of kinging/queening. A simple turn about, or reverse mounting if you will in which your ankles/shins are off on their forearms , allows the same dominance as usual. However it provides the rest of the body more easily exposed for nips, scratchs, bites, licks yet still avails the ability to partially withdraw and make eye contact while still making use of hands. A bit unusual until the “comfortable” placement above them is found. As a primal dom it also gives fantastic angle for acts of “forced throating”

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