I had originally intended for this story to be an entry for a past #FantasySmutFriday prompt, but found that it works just as well for this week’s prompt too!

I had nothing but black in front of my face.

I barely got upstairs and took my shirt off before she put the blindfold over my eyes. I was guided to the edge of the bed and told to lay back with my arms out to my sides. I wasn’t that surprised to feel the bite of polyester straps around my wrists as I obliged my lover. For several minutes, nothing happened. I heard her footsteps walk away, then silence. She enjoyed getting dressed up for special occasions about as much as she enjoyed making me wait. But I was tied down, it wasn’t as though I could do anything about it.

I finally heard her walk in and move something. I couldn’t tell what she was doing, but once the speakers started up, I could assume she was casting a playlist. I recognized the overdubbed vocals and electronic tune. Dirty Mind by Boy Epic. It drowned out the sound of her feet, so it surprised me when I felt the mattress sink on the other side of the bed. Her fingers fondled the front of my pants before pulling them off in one motion. Stark naked on the bed and clearly excited as I felt myself ‘swing out’.

I had no way of knowing what she was doing, but I could feel the bed shift as she climbed over me. I felt the heat of her body on my skin; could smell her scent combined with the mild aroma of floral perfume, and just a hint of vanilla. Her breath was warm on my face and her hair tickled my cheeks and neck as her lips teased mine with a kiss she wouldn’t give me right away. She did so enjoy building my anticipation by making me wait.

She finally kissed me as I felt her warm body on mine, then lifted her chest off me. Something different was then on my face: big, soft, smooth, with a hard point poking my top lip. I wrapped my lips around it and nibbled, hearing her huff and giggle as I did. She repeated with her other breast, then pulled away. My heart began pounding as my desire for her grew to the point of pulling against the restraints. I felt her fingers caress my prick and her thumb rub my precum over the head. I may have let out a small whimper during her teasing and rubbing.

Her hand was then replaced by the touch of her hot core resting against the underside of my length, hips slowly grinding forward and back. I began to huff as I felt her center move along the ridge, covered the head, and with a calculated maneuver, engulfed it entirely. Her hands planted on my chest as I felt my member slowly sink deeper inside her. She took a moment to feel herself spread and resumed rocking her hips over me.

Her voice would break past the tune of the music and I would hear breathy moans as she quickened her pace. Her nails started to dig into my chest, pulling and dragging her claws along my skin. I wanted her with a ravenous passion. My voice let out on its own, speaking of desires for her and want for her body. I hungered for more of the satiny grip she held me with. And then she relented her affections and climbed off the bed. I groaned in protest as she made me wait again.

I felt the mattress sink once more between my legs, then felt soft lips wrap around my length. The way she lowered her head to take more of me hinted to how much she hungered for me as well. Part of me wished I could devour her as she did me. I don’t know what had gotten into her, but she had a fervor I’d not experienced before. Her tongue moved to taste her cyprine flavor. When she was satisfied, she climbed over me and eagerly penetrated herself on my prick.

The music was still beating throughout the room, playing the fourth or fifth song since we began. I barely made out the sound of her groan through the tune. My breath shuddered as I felt her core burn even hotter than before. Her hair brushed over my chest as I felt her lips peck a kiss at the base of my sternum. Her hips rolled and bounced over me, rushing me towards the edge. And no matter how hard I tried to control myself, I couldn’t help but writhe as I released inside of her. But she didn’t want to stop and caused me to convulse and pull at my restraints while I suffered in bittersweet agony of post-orgasm sensitivity.

She must have been enjoying my reactions because I barely made out her cries of ecstasy as her hips slowed to a shaky halt. She rolled off and curled up next to me on the bed. The only sign of her now was the smell of sweat and sex, the sound of her heavy breathing, and the dip in the mattress to my right side. I couldn’t help but smile wide as I caught my breath, but my head darted when I felt the mattress dip to my left as well. This new body whispered in my ear. My wife’s voice spoke, “Happy anniversary, babe.”

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