My Time at Smutathon

I had intended to write this post several days sooner, but like everything else on my plate at the moment, it’s coming out later than I had intended. I’m still working to catch up, and scratch the little itches in the form of new ideas I’ve created over the past week or so. But the big thing I wanted to talk about was the awesomeness that was Smutathon!!

This past weekend, 28 of September, a large group of smut writers and sex bloggers came together with a goal to raise money for the National Network of Abortion Funds organization. You can find more details on their website, but essentially, they work with each state’s individual laws and restrictions regarding abortion rights to ensure women all across the US have sufficient access to healthcare that has saved lives for many many years. Several of us met up in person for the event at the Bellesa headquarters in Montreal, but many more participated from their own homes to write a ton of great stories and articles in the hopes of attracting readers to consider making a donation to our goal while rewarding them with free smut.

I honestly hadn’t heard about Smutathon until this year, a month before when it was announced. But it caught my attention, and when I read what it was, the charity they had chosen, and where it was to be held, my interest was thoroughly piqued! On the drive over, I was extremely anxious about meeting everyone, but the whole gang was absolutely lovely! The day started off kinda quiet, but we had some small chats during our breaks between posts. I was happy to find everyone was pretty easy to talk to, and some of the loveliest people. I got to meet @theotherlivvy and @EA_unadorned, along with their daughter who became the adorable unofficial mascot of the event. I learned that @annestagwrites and I have a lot in common regarding interests (namely a love for things both spooky and erotic). And of course, @jayne_renault was a fabulous host and, honestly, just one of the most awesome people you can meet! I know there were more in attendance as well, and I enjoyed their company as well, but I’m absolutely terrible with names. I swear, you need to tell me 5 or 6 times or I’ll end up forgetting it.

It was also a rare chance to see inside the Bellesa office. I’m not sure how else to describe it other than ‘exactly what you probably think it’s like on the inside’. As for the smut, there was A LOT to see, and at times it almost felt like posts were being made faster than it took to read them. But I did my best to read and promote what I could over social media. As for what I wrote, I managed to finish a story that’s had me stuck at a wall for some time, as well as a new tentacle story idea that had been swimming in my head since a couple days before. I was surprised to find people really liked the latter! I’ll repost them on here in the near future if you haven’t read them yet, but you should still check out all of the great content on the Smutathon website if you haven’t already.

By the end of the deadline, we came just a hair short of half-way towards our goal of $5,000, but I felt extremely proud of us and everyone who took part and donated towards this wonderful cause. As far as I’m aware, the donation page is still open and has received several more donations since Smutathon, bringing us just over $3,000 now, which is amazing! At the end of the night, we celebrated with champagne, as well as a funny story behind the bottle itself. All-in-all, it was a lot of fun!


Oh! I nearly forgot about the awesome bag of swag I got from Jayne at the end of the night. There was some pretty great stuff from Bellesa, including a ballcap, t-shirt, sticker, some very nice vanilla lip balm, and the Halo Cockring by Bellesa. I checked it our when I got home, and this product looks very high-quality. I may do a toy review for it if they’d like. We’ll see what happens!

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