Satisfyer Multifun1 Giveaway!!

I must admit, I’m a bit nervous to be holding my first toy giveaway here on my site. The truth is, I have never done one of these in the past, for anything! So please don’t be too harsh if anything is unfair or confusing. Chances are, I’m not aware of what I did wrong, hehe.

ANYWAY! I received this little prize as part of the 2019 Smutathon Raffle. I didn’t think I would have my name drawn out of the 70 or so others who donated, but lo and behold. I received it in the mail about a week ago and decided to hold it up for a giveaway here. As for entry conditions, my first idea was to turn this into a #FantasySmutFriday contest, and even have my wife read the entries and decide on a winner. Then I thought that it might not be fair to those who enjoy reading, but not writing. So, to keep things fair, I went with Rafflecopter instead. Everyone can have a fair shot as far as I know.

Click here to make your entries!

[The winner has been chosen and contacted. Thank you for participating!]

There are a number of things that can be done to have a chance at winning. Some are as simple as following me on social media. Which, if you already are, then you just need to verify it and it’s done! And with the spooky season in full swing, I figure this is a great time to spread the word about my paranormal/spooky smut collection, “Ritual offerings”. If you haven’t gotten a copy already, I ask that you check it out. You can find it by clicking the cover image below, or by following the URL found in the Rafflecopter entry tabs. The contest ends on Halloween when I will be announcing a winner.

Trick or Treat!

ritual offereings cover(1)
“Ritual Offerings” Available at Amazon


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