#FantasySmutFriday – Week 50

I first want to give a shout-out to my good friend and fellow sex blogger, Kurvy Kinkster, for hosting this prompt last week while I was sick with the yearly crud. I’m still not 100%, but I’m on the mend now. I ask all of you to check out her blog and give it some love for me!

Ladies and gentlemen of smut, welcome to this week’s #FantasySmutFriday challenge! Each week, I’ll present a new writing prompt based on a fantasy, and you’ll have one week to craft a flash story(~1,000 words, it’s up to you) that fulfills this fantasy. The plot, events, characters, and twists are all up to you, so long as it brings the fantasy to life.

Here’s this week’s prompt:

After hours

-Submitted by Charlton Tod

bar-3047514_1920It’s closing time. Last-call was an hour ago, and the room is nearly empty. Who’s still around? An employee or two, maybe a patron. It’s usually at this time people make the wildest decisions with acquaintances and complete strangers alike. What crazy ideas can you come up with that will lead to some sexy, smutty times?

What you should do now:

  1. Craft your own sexy story that fulfills this fantasy, and post it to your site, or to a site where you can post it, along with the tag #FantasySmutFriday.
  2. (optional) Use the image provided in this post as a badge for your story, to let your readers know you’re taking part in this challenge.
  3. Comment on this post with a link to your story. And a link to this post from your own, if you can.
  4. In the following week’s post, I’ll provide links to all of the stories from the previous week so you can read them all!

If you’d like to provide one of your own fantasies to be used in a future #FantasySmutFriday prompt, you can leave it here as a comment as well. But if you’d rather not share it publicly, you can email it to me directly at Charltontod@outlook.com, and your fantasy can be shared anonymously. If you would like, there’s also a mailing list you can sign up for exclusively for future prompts.

There are no entries for last week’s prompt.



2 thoughts on “#FantasySmutFriday – Week 50

Add yours

  1. Years ago I worked as a bartender in a small neighborhood bar in Chicago. A woman quite a bit younger than I was a regular and would usually close the bar if she didn’t pick up a guy or gal. One night she kept looking at me, and when we were alone asked if I wanted to fuck her. She said she had always wanted to be fucked on a pool table, so we did. I often went home with women I met in that bar, but never anything quite like that. Every once in while I think about that night and masturbate.

    I had seen that prompt and wanted to write a story but never got around to it. So here it is.

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