It’s on me – #FantasySmutFriday

“You’re lucky you came in when you did. I was just about to close up,” the bartender said as she wiped down a table with an already dirty-looking rag. 

Ryan had walked into the darkened bar and gave her a weak half-smile as he took a seat on one of the stools. A couple of hours ago, this place probably had about three dozen or so people hollering, hooting, laughing, or hustling pool matches with out-of-town types. But, being a weekday, the place didn’t get much attention. He looked straight ahead until the woman came around to stand opposite him. When his eyes met her grey tank top and plaid shirt, he raised his head to her face, “Busy night?”

“You know damn well it wasn’t,” she stated matter-of-factly. She reached beneath the bar and opened the well fridge to get his usual brand of beer, “Where’s your girl? You two havin’ a spat?”

At that, Ryan exhaled a defeated sigh, “Me and Ash are over…”

She paused, looking to him, and resumed prying off the cap, “I’m sorry, hun. It’s never easy.”

She drops a paper coaster in front of him and sets the bottle on top of it, “First one’s on me,” she says with a wink.

The bar on the outskirts of town was a place that both charm and infamy amongst the nearby residents. Good times were had if it was a good day, but that never stopped middle-aged mothers from the small town who liked to gossip and rumor of how dirty and contemptible it was. Marie, while not officially owning the place, was responsible for both.

Ryan came here with Ashley at least once a week and were on a first-name basis with a lot of the regulars. Sometimes they would shoot pool, other times they would play darts, drink beer and eat nachos. But to one side of the large building, easily taking up a third of the space, was a raised platform made of smooth wood where they used to dance to songs on the jukebox. In those moments, Ryan felt like they were truly in love. But all of it seemed like nothing special anymore.

After a third beer, the heartbreak didn’t seem to lessen at all. He checked his watch and saw that closing time had already come and passed, but Marie didn’t seem to be rushing him out either. In fact, the jukebox was still playing, despite no one else being in the bar. A song had started with an eclectic band of jazzy strings with a slow, lounge-like tempo to it. It was distinct enough to catch his attention.

“I’ve never heard this one before,” he spoke softly, after a long lull of silence

Marie smiled and hummed in reaction, “It’s one of my favorites. Every time I listen to it, I imagine myself in a high-class bourbon lounge. Cigars, dark leather landry chairs, handsome gentlemen in fine suits, and a polished wooden dance floor where a woman in a beautiful red dress sings with a large band behind her.”

The glint in her eye caught his attention, and Ryan’s buzz had him strangely enchanted by her description. He paused, took a breath, and asked, “Are you the woman singing on stage in this fantasy?”

She came out of her thoughts when he spoke, and he watched her cheeks become a little red at his question. She smiled widely before she answered, “No. But I do like to imagine I’m dancing with someone to this song.”

They remained silent for a moment and looked at each other from across the bar, then Marie moves around to the other side, makes her way to the door, and locked it. Ryan was only a little alarmed when she did this until she walked back to him and extended a hand. He sheepishly placed his hand in hers and was pulled off the stool towards the raised platform. His stomach twisted nervously at this gesture, not ready to dance with a new partner. The bartender took off her plaid shirt and dropped it over the back of a chair, leading him into the middle. 

Ryan stood there for a moment as she stepped closer to him, and gently placed her hand around his back. They kept still for a moment until she began to move, leading him to sway in a slow, gentle dance to the music that played. For a full minute, they danced in silence, living only for the moment.

“I used to watch you two dance,” she finally spoke, “You and her dancing right here. It always looked like so much fun, and you were so into one another. I found myself feeling kinda jealous…”

Ryan’s eyes met her’s, “Of us?”

“Of her,” her voice a whisper, “I wished I knew what it was like, being with you.”

His face had come so close to her’s now. The tip of his nose brushed with Marie’s, and their lips met. The experience felt so surreal and seemed to make the rest of the bar just melt away, leaving only the two of them, swaying together through mist and music. Their lips broke, and their eyes opened to allow the rest of the room to come back. For the first time, Ryan’s pain was replaced with new desires.

He felt her hand touch the front of his pants and felt along the length of the growing hardness there. Her playful touches egged him to harden fully, while playful eyes and smiles stayed with his. She giggled as she stepped back from him, moving to a thick wooden support beam. To Ryan’s surprise, she unfastened her belt and wiggled her hips out of the skinny jeans she wore. She eventually kicked them off her ankles before turning her back to him and looking over her shoulder to him expectantly.

Ryan felt a heat rising in his chest and spreading to his face as he watched her. He could barely contain himself as he got closer, standing behind her, and brushed the hair away from Marie’s neck. He breathed in her scent, kissing her neck, and feeling her shiver when his hands slid around her sides.

“Please,” her voice a murmur now, “I want it…”

He felt the bartender’s hand reach behind her to grip his length over his own jeans. In only a moment, his pants unfastened, and he let her reach in to pull him out. The surreal feeling came back when she arched her back, raising her backside, and guided him to her core. It only took a few thrusts before he was fully inside of her, hearing her huff. She held the beam tightly for support, feeling him move into her as his hands traveled up inside her tank top, past the hem of her bra, and take hold of her breast. Her groans and whimpers gave away how much she craved him.

Not long after that, he could hold back no longer. He groaned loudly as his arms wrapped around her tightly, and he pushed in deep to release himself inside her. When the moment of ecstasy passed, they remained where they stood, breathing heavily and keeping their weight against the thick wooden beam. 

She turned and laid her back against it and looked back into his face. Their lips met once more with a greater passion for one another. She smiled wide when she was able to look into his eyes again.

“Wanna stay at my place tonight?” she bit her lip. 

Ryan just nodded. He was still hurt by losing someone he had spent the last few years with but never expected to find the hope he needed for the future that same night.

As a special treat, here’s the song 😉


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