A prelude to the roundup!

As of writing this, I’m sitting here pondering the possibilities of the next #FantasySmutFriday prompt, and getting excited over the fact that it’s been one year since I started this meme, and managed to provide 52 total prompts based on common sexual fantasies. As I get ready to draft a roundup of all the submissions over the past year, I can’t help but think about how I managed to pull it off. And just to add more anxiety, I’m wondering how I’m going to do it again!

Since the beginning, I’ve kept an option for participants to add to the richness of this challenge by adding their own fantasies or ideas to become future prompts. Thus far, I’ve gotten… maybe two? So, naturally, I’ve had to put in most of them. It’s actually a lot harder to do when you tell yourself, ‘All I have to do is add stuff people think about when they masturbate’, and then I get to writing the post every Thursday and think, ‘What DO people think about when they masturbate?’. I already know what works for me. I know a few things that work for my wife, a couple of colleagues, and even a few strangers. The prompts then become what a good chunk of what these fantasies may have in common, thereby appealing and applying to a large majority of writers.

In all of this, I find one thing to be unilaterally true: FANTASY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!!

I can distinctly remember a time in my life when fantasy was something to be suppressed, even written off as a waste of time. During that period, I remember having the desire to be as creative as many of my friends were, and even considered taking the first step towards writing. But when it came to putting ink on paper, especially when I finally took a creative writing class, I immediately realized I had no ideas whatsoever.

It wouldn’t be until later that I began engaging in roleplay online, after getting out of a bad situation, that I found my creativity. I needed to have that exposure to fantasy and fiction before I could learn to let it flow through my own fingers. And in that, I learned why challenges, prompts, and writing memes like this one have such an effect over writers, pushing them to stretch their creative muscles and push the limits of their imaginations. It’s been one of my great pleasures to read all of the amazing submissions that have been sent in this past year, and I honestly hope to keep this going for as long as I am able.

With any luck, this next year will have more submissions and far more interesting prompts than this first year did. And I hope you’ll all continue to be the creators of magic I have come to know!

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