#FantasySmutFriday first year roundup!

One year and 52 prompts ago, I had an idea that was inspired by #WickedWednesday and #Storyin12. I thought about how some of my best writing was inspired by the intriguing fantasies that were shared with me and believed it could do the same for others. What was created that day was #FantasySmutFriday, and I have had the great pleasure of hosting it, as well as sharing all the great stories that came because of it!

I’m creating this post mainly to showcase all the great submissions that have been sent in over the past year, and to recognize all the great writers who have taken part! This meme could not have kept going without you and your support. What follows is a list of every story submitted, and categorized by prompt and time. Each one is linked so you can easily click and read these stories for yourself. And who knows! You may be inspired to make your own submissions for next year. Just do me a favor, and be sure to give these amazing writers some love, too.

Finally, while I loved reading all of these submissions, I’m leaving an asterisk (*) next to submissions I personally really loved. They’re not considered better than any of the others but had qualities to them that really stuck out to me in one way or another. Also, prompts that received no submissions will be omitted from this list. Hope you all enjoy, and I look forward to seeing what you create over this next year!

Week 3 – “A witch chooses you to participate in a sex ritual.”

Week 6 – “Tentacled Lover”

Week 7 – “Forced Orgasm”

Week 8 – “Were you just… Masturbating”

Week 9 – “I know you were watching me/us”

Week 10 – “A Very Special Christmas Gift”

Week 11 – “A new year’s tradition”

Week 12 – “Spontaneous public sex”

Week 13 – “I’m married. I shouldn’t want this. But…”

Week 15 – “Sexually teased and orgasm control”

Week 17 – “Waking up to the feeling of you”

Week 18 – “Tell me all the dirty things you want me to do to you”

Week 19 – “A naughty little surprise for him/her/them”

Week 23 – “Re-write a fairytale, but add something kinky. It’s up to you what that kink is.”

Week 24 – “Fanboy/Fangirl meets their idol”

Week 25 – “Kink week in the neighborhood”

Week 27 – “A spanking was all that was needed”

Week 31 – “First consummation”

Week 32 – “My lover is watching”

Week 33 – “Playing in public”

Week 36 – “In a uniform”

Week 37 – “2 is better than 1”

Week 38 – “Make it a competition”

Week 39 – “My most erotic dream ever”

Week 40 – “You’re the boss”

Week 41 – “Watching and directing”

Week 44 – “Bitten”

Week 45 – “Something witchy this way comes”

Week 46 – “Seduced by the Succubus/Incubus”

Week 50 – “After hours”

After the 52 prompts are done, this project will be on hiatus until the new year starts. See you all next year!

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