Sexy A-to-Z: A is for Art and Animation

I decided that a great way to get my writing muscles going for this year is to take up a new challenge I learned about from my colleague and one of my favorite bloggers, Kurvy Kinkster. The Sexy A-to-Z is where I will be talking about some of my favorite kinks each day, starting at ‘A’ and finishing at ‘Z’.

A is for Art and Animation

The bodies of humans are beautiful creations! I’ve come to truly appreciate just how lovely every body type, every shape, every curve, every mark, and all combinations in between can be. But I also love color, expression, and imagination. I find enjoyment in seeing sexuality turned into an artful expression that makes every detail into a beautiful element to be appreciated. Thinking about it, several great examples come to mind. Some time ago, there was a fantastic artist on Twitter by the name of Tom Starling. It wasn’t tasteful nudes he wanted to capture, but raw sexuality that set your mind aflame.


As a fellow graphic artist, I don’t think I’ve ever been so envious of someone I wanted to emulate. He seems to have disappeared now, but I continue to look up his work from time to time.

Animation tends to work for me in a similar vein, if for different reasons. Your first thought could be that I’m talking about hentai. You’re not wrong either, I do enjoy good hentai. But I also really appreciate how certain situations, concepts, and even alternative sexual partners can be brought to life through the magic of animation. One of the best things to come of NSFW animations is exotic ideas that could never have existed otherwise. In many cases, the only reason I have the crazy masturbation fantasies as I do is that someone else thought of it first.

I certainly never thought about demonic entities as an exciting sexual adventure until I experienced it through animation first.

Incubus stuck at the border | Manyakis

That’s all for ‘A’. Check back tomorrow for the letter ‘B’!

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