Sexy A-to-Z: B is for Biting and Breeding

I’m continuing the Sexy A-to-Z challenge today. The challenge is to write a post describing my favorite kinks starting with the letter ‘A’ and ending with the letter ‘Z’. Today, it’s the letter ‘B’!

B is for Biting and Breeding

Those of you who know me and know this blog are already aware that I practice Primal play, a form of BDSM that pulls away the mask of societal norms to allow our most basic selves out to play. A lot of activities fall under the range of Primal Play, including these two kinks.


Sinking your teeth into your partner while in the midst of intimacy is very erotic, if done correctly. Just as there are erogenous zones on the skin that can be kissed to stimulate sensory nerves, there are places that can be bitten to create a similar sensation. Just like with impact play, it’s important to know just how much force your partner is comfortable with, and the exact spots that will give more pleasure than pain. My favorite would have to be little crook where the collarbone meets the base of the neck.


The feeling of teeth on skin, as well as the ever-subtle hint of a growl that precedes it is always enough to rip the mask off my face. My skin is covered in goosebumps and my fingers curl into claws that scratch across her skin. The wildcat is let out, and I need to play with my quarry before I claim her.


This is a rather new one for me. In a lot of ways, I was always aware of it, but only recently learned that it has a name and definition. Breeding seems to be in that strange overlap between Primal Play and Taboo. It’s a kind of sexual excitement that comes from the prospect of either releasing your seed inside a partner with the intention of insemination, or excitement from receiving it. Think of it as taking creampie-ing to the next level. Some are sincere about the idea of pregnancy as a result of this, while others seem to only enjoy the thrill of the risk.

I’d have to find it again, but I read an article on it where a specialist suggested that, during intercourse, anxiety can feel exactly the same as arousal, which is why the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy can be such a turn-on. I’m still on the fence about the why, but having gotten a vasectomy does allow me to enjoy the fantasy to it’s fullest without the risk.

That’s all for this letter. Check back tomorrow for my favorite kinks that begin with the letter ‘C’!

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  1. I really like the idea of this meme. I’m also intrigued by your choice of the fetish/fantasy about breeding. I have a (probably more taboo) version of that that arouses me, though it has more to do with the act than the result. Very hot!

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