Sexy A-to-Z – C is for Culcockery and Consent

Welcome back to my Sexy A-to-Z, where I write a post on each of my favorite kinks starting with each letter of the alphabet. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll post a new letter each day, but I’ll try to! Today’s letter is ‘C’, and ‘C’ is for Culcockery and Consent.


This is a word that has only recently joined my vocabulary, and the specific definition seems to be a bit hazy, at best. But the general idea seems to be an act where a man watches as his wife has sex with another man. It mentions that this is also a form of humiliation, but I’m not sure. At what point is it just cuckoldry, then? I have seen situations where this has occurred, but no forms of humiliation were present. It was more of a pure joy and excitement one received by watching the action take place. I can’t say for certain if what I saw was what is considered ‘Culcockery’, but whatever specific name you give to this, that is where my interests are.

I have brought up the idea with my wife in the past, and it’s not exactly something she’s willing to try. However, it hasn’t been entirely dismissed either. I can’t say if it will ever happen or not, but it remains on my list of things I’d like to try at least once.


This word holds so much meaning and importance in any form of intimacy or sexual lifestyle. By definition, consent is an agreement between two or more partners to engage in something. Consent is always communicated, enthusiastic, and ongoing. It can be revoked at any time by any party for any reason, and should always be respected. However, it’s much more than just giving someone permission. It can add a lot of fun dirty talk and foreplay to any situation, despite those who claim it takes away the fun from seduction.


Consent isn’t just “May I have permission to have sex with you?” and responding with “Make it so.” It’s sexy as hell when you whisper in their ear something like: “Would you like me to fuck you?”

Other examples include:

“I want you to rip my clothes off.”
“I would love to have my face between your thighs.”
“I want to feel your lips on mine.”

None of these are a command of any kind, and you can still react to any of these with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. But most importantly, it evokes images of sexy times to come. It creates the start of a build-up that can end with an even more climactic passion for one another.

Trust when I say: Consent is sexy as fuck.

That’s all for the letter ‘C’! Next up will be the letter ‘D’. Can anyone guess the kink? Check back later to find out!

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