10 Powerful Thrusting & Rotating Modes Automatic Men’s Masturbation Cup by BestVibe – A Review

Some time ago, I received a gift from some new friends over at Bestvibe. I’ve always had a curiosity about auto-strokers and whether I would enjoy it. Of course, I do have one that I’ve reviewed before, but I consider it within a class of its own. This time, I’m reviewing the 10 Powerful Thrusting & Rotating Modes Automatic Men’s Masturbation Cup by Bestvibe. I still kinda wish companies would think of shorter names, though.

I gotta say since I started reviewing toys on this site, I am beginning to see what other reviewers mean when they say that they have very discerning genitals. I’m noticing that my standards for what my penis likes are getting higher and higher. And with the pandemic keeping me quarantined at home, I’ve had a lot of time to put my toys to the test!


Upon its first arrival, I groaned a bit in disappointment. Not because of the product, but because it appears to have already been opened. It did take some time for the product to arrive at my door. By which, I mean it came nearly two months after it was confirmed to be shipped. By that point, I was confident it would never arrive. Then I find the box in the mail, take it home, and see that my product had been partially disassembled and put back together as part of the border’s ‘thorough’ inspection process.

The reason I’m telling you about this is, so you know that my product was damaged upon arrival.

But it still arrived in working condition, and I was still able to test it. The device itself has an overall length of 10.55 inches with an insertable length of just over 5 inches. The interior and vulva-like opening is made with TPE, while the outer casing is made with ABS plastic.

Three buttons are available to control power, motion, and a special audio function. As you can tell by the name, there are 10 motion settings for you to enjoy on this device. The interior of which is a robotic sleeve filled with what most people seem to refer to as ‘tentacles.’ Once powered on, the device thrusts and rotates in different patterns based on the mode. It can turn clockwise, counter-clockwise, short thrusts, long thrusts, and even change its pattern for a more varied experience.

One feature I was really excited about was the audio function. This auto-stroker features a headphone jack you can plug in to let you listen to sexual moans as it pleasures you. Unfortunately, the audio function on my device didn’t work. Whether this was the fault of inspection at the border, damage during shipping, or if it was defective from the start is impossible to be sure. But overall, it’s a minor issue for me.

The overall experience with this device was rather lovely. It was difficult, at times, to feel like I was getting closer to orgasm, but it does very well to help build up one’s stamina. It’s a good fit if you’re looking for an experience that’s very different from manual masturbation, provides a varied experience, and can help increase your ability to last longer.

If you’d like to try this for yourself, you can find it at Bestvibe’s website at a reasonably affordable price. And a big ‘thank you’ to Bestvibe for providing the opportunity to test this product!

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