My Favorite Fantasy

I know you’ll be back soon, but I don’t want to wait. I just get comfortable on our bed and slip off my grey sweatpants. I don’t want to bother you after you’ve just finished with some errands, so I’ll take this time to myself. I open up the nightstand drawer and retrieve the sleeve you bought for me because you wanted me to enjoy myself. The lube is already out and ready. But I’m already letting my mind take me to the memories that get me aroused every time.

There was the day you finally put on the schoolgirl costume we bought from Leg Avenue. Fuck, you looked amazing! You looked at me and asked if I liked it, and I saw the anticipation on your face when you asked me what I wanted to do with you. I remember feeling my skin practically vibrate with desire for you. My blood getting hot as I pushed you onto the bed, lifted your skirt, and watched you lift and spread your thighs for me. I remember the delightful musk as I brought my face down to taste you. What excited me the most was the way you held your thighs as though you were just as hungry to be devoured as I was to devour.

I’m already stroking myself with the sleeve when I start to think about how playful you can be. When you gently grind your butt into me when I’m half-asleep. The way you bite your lip or run your tongue over your teeth when your nails scratch red lines over my back. The way you provoke my primal side just to get me to chase you, to take you down. When you lay face down to let me run my nails down your back, nip and bite at your skin, all while you push your butt back into my crotch.

My pleasure builds as I imagine you curled up in my lap, taking my cock in your mouth with such fervent desire. Watching my expression as my pleasure heightens. I hold your hair in one hand, the other holds your neck, just underneath your jaw as I lean down to kiss you again. You never stop stroking me, so I don’t stop stroking myself. You doubt me when I say it, but you are my favorite fantasy.

I’m getting closer, and I can feel my skin beginning to light up. I keep thinking back to those moments when I’m inside you. I tease your body with little caresses, little kisses, and nips on your skin as I stare into your eyes and smile with such a roguish look. Soft bites on the tips of your hardened nipples, just enough pressure to send tiny shocks of pleasure across your nerves. Because I can be playful, too. Because you can only take so much before you need to feel me press inside you.

The final moment arrives right as I get to the best part. I start to edge at the threshold when my fantasies get to my favorite moments. The moment when you open your mouth for a silent scream as your thighs wrap around my ears, your hand presses against the top of my head. When I move into your raised ass with your face buried into your pillow, muffling the cries of your ecstasy. When you rock your hips as you take control over the top of me, watching me writhe in waves of orgasm until you cross the edge of your own.

You’ve brought me to a climax that shakes me, and you weren’t even in the room. Though I really wish you were. Waves of orgasm aftershocks continue to wash over me. Just the memories of what we do in this bed are enough to make me want you. Remembering makes it challenging to wait for you. You never believe me when I say it, but you are my favorite fantasy.


A few minutes for myself.”


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