Indulge (part 2) by Violet Grey – An Audio Story

I had meant to have this recorded and uploaded far sooner than I did, but with all the stresses and heartbreak of the last couple months, it’s been difficult to even sit down to work. But I set a goal for myself to record and edit both parts 2 and 3 today.

This story was originally written by my lovely and talented friend and fellow smut writer, Violet Grey. With her permission, I recorded an audio story of her original work, Indulge (part 2), which you can read the full story, and find more of her work, in the link below. Enjoy!

If you’re not caught up yet, be sure to give a read (and a listen) to part 1 of Violet Grey’s decadent erotic story, Indulge, part 1.

If you wish to read along, you can find the original story here.

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