A thank you, and two free audio stories

With Smutathon 2020 commencing as of tomorrow, the plan was to hopefully bring our total goal to at least 50% ahead of the event. I was very hopeful we would get there, and wanted to do something to encourage donations in some way. I was honestly not expecting to get a lot beyond some extra awareness as my social media reach is… a bit underwhelming. But I was resolved to offer something that might help give us that final push before tomorrow’s event.

At the time of my pledge, the Smutathon crew had raised a total of £1,280 for Endometriosis UK. It’s really amazing how much this event is bringing people together for these amazing causes. But, in my pledge, I made a promise to deliver two free audio erotic stories for you to listen to for free if we could pass 50% of our goal and hit £1,500 before 8pm EST. I was expecting, at most, a couple likes and retweets. What I did not expect was the response that came with that pledge.

I want to thank all the amazing people who gave my pledge a shout out and for the kind and rather flattering comments about my audio stories. And especially to all the wonderful donors who helped us hit the 50% milestone of this fundraiser for endometriosis research. Let’s put an endo to endo 😉

So, as promised, I’m sharing recordings of stories I read during the previous smut slams in previous months. The first is one of my favorite stories written by one of my favorite smut authors, “Making you wait” by Violet Grey. The second story is one of my own short stories that was well liked the first time I read smut to anyone, “Red and the Wolf”. Those of who were unable to attend the Smut Slam events can enjoy them now, and those who got the opportunity to hear it before can listen to it anytime now! Thank you all, and enjoy!

“Making you wait” by Violet Grey
“Red and the Wolf” by Charlton Tod

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