Forbidden Writings now has a podcast! + Open Commissions!

I’m actually pretty shocked by this myself! For a long time, I had told myself that I was going to do just fine with my writing alone. I don’t consider myself Instagram-able, and I have too many bad experiences trying to put myself out there on YouTube. But I was content with having my words read and my thoughts in a place that I felt comfortable sharing it.

Recently, however, I have been inundated by the flood of support from friends who have insisted that I have a voice that was meant to read erotica. Are you all happy now!? I caved! 😛 But it is because of their support that I was given the confidence to even try to start a platform where listeners could tune in and find me. Now, when I say that this is a podcast, I don’t want you to get too excited. This is mainly a place for me to read erotica, and publish some other audio projects like “Cooking with Charlton” (looking at you, Mischa). It is all very rough at the moment, but then again, everything about this place that is Forbidden Writings has started as something rough. But with your continued support and encouragement, who knows what this may turn into! Hell, it has even given me the boost to start writing again.

I can’t promise what the upload schedule will be, but subscribing will allow you to be notified when new content is uploaded. It is available on multiple platforms, so be sure to check all the information here.

Finally, I decided to lean right into the audiobook side of things and opened up commissions for you to use my voice in your projects. I’ll be looking forward to working with you! You should find information to all of this and more in the top menu.

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