Hydromax7 by Bathmate – A Review

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

It has been some time since I last wrote a review for a product, but I’m always happy for the opportunity. This time, I’ve made some new friends at Bathmate who have been kind enough to send me one of their most popular products, the Hydromax7! Designed on the foundation of safety and research, Bathmate has designed a line of penis pumps that are less dangerous, effective, and provide satisfying results. All this, and the only thing this product requires is water!

After confirming the shipment, it arrived rather quickly. Having a distribution center in Canada lowered the wait to less than a week, and even then, it arrived almost two days ahead of schedule. It arrived in a discrete, white box for privacy, and came in perfect condition. Opening it up, it contained everything you see in the images above. The product, itself, is very sleek, made from medical-grade materials, and about 11.5 inches overall.

I was very impressed with the manual that was included with the Hydromax7. It not only detailed how to use the product in a very clear and concise way but also listed any possible health risks and best practices to avoid injury. Instructions came in both written and illustrated formats and were available in several languages. So, before I attempted a test, I thoroughly read the instructions. Then read it again, and a third time, making sure I had the procedure committed to memory. Primarily because the Hydromax7 uses water instead of air to create pressure. Which means you have to use it in the shower.

It does this by using a combination of its special pressure release valve, and the hand-pumped bellows shown below. The Hydromax7 also includes a comfort insert that can be removed and re-inserted for your comfort.

Having committed the details to memory and doing a dry run to make sure I knew what to do and when, I spent the last 2 weeks trying it out. The experience caught me by surprise as it was, at first, underwhelming in its results. But the uses that followed revealed more and more results. The first time I used it, I was very nervous and wasn’t sure how to tell if it was working, or not. I pumped, waited, released the valve, and massaged myself as instructed. Even though I did feel my penis expand and harden, there didn’t seem to be any noticeable change.

However, on the second and third uses, I did begin to notice a change in the size, sensitivity, and girth of my penis. I was actually kinda blown away by the new sensitivity and ended up having a nice wank in the bath tub. So far, I’ve noticed that my overall length seems to have grown by about half an inch, and have been lucky enough to not suffer from any painful side effects so far. My confidence in this product is growing with each use, so I can confidently recommend the Hydromax7 for anyone equipped with a penis.

This isn’t the only model Bathmate has available for purchase. There are a range of models and sizes available to accommodate nearly anyone of any length and girth. In addition, there are a lot of new and intriguing products I’m hoping to try in the future. You can check them out for yourself on the Bathmate website as well as Bathmate Pleasure.

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