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Hello, Reader. My name is Charlton C. Tod, writer of erotica and smut.

I don’t like the idea of pinning any one word on me as I don’t think you really can. I’ve done a lot in my life to find out what I’m passionate about, and I find that I’m passionate about many things. Writing is only one of them. Cooking… Now that is something I’m also very passionate about. I love to cook from scratch. Video games as well(especially Warframe).

I really abhor trying to write about myself because I feel like anything I say is just some way for me to brag about my life when, honestly, I don’t really give a damn about my past. But if I must say something about myself, then I’ll try. I’m a writer, a chef, content creator, former U.S. Navy sailor, and husband to a wonderful wife. I was lucky enough to travel much of the world at a young age, thanks to my enlistment, and met a lot of interesting people with different views on life. Since my enlistment ended, I’ve pretty much wandered from one odd job to another while honing my knowledge of cooking, and I want to believe I’m pretty good at it now.

I started writing almost 10 years ago when I took a crack at the YA fantasy genre, then found that I liked writing erotic short stories even more. I can’t say that my writing was very good back then, but I’ve found that the best way to write about sex is to learn as much about it as possible. Not just from your own personal experience, but what happens at the biological, emotional, and psychological levels. Which leads us to this blog!

What is “Forbidden Writings”, and what can you expect?

Yes, this site was created as a place for me to share my short stories, but I want to do more than that. As I mentioned earlier, to write about sex and kink, you can’t just recall personal experiences, you have to understand how they work on a biological and psychological level. When you know why people desire and/or engage in what they do, it becomes that much easier to bring a character to life. Because no one is going to believe that your character will ease into a new BDSM lifestyle overnight just for the asking. What is it that draws your character in? What motivates them? These questions are the reason every writer researches their subject.

I know what it’s like to spend several hours looking up information on a sub-genre of erotica, and only to find bits and pieces that don’t always add up or make sense. Wouldn’t it be better if you could only go to one website that describes your sub-genre down to the tiny details in a way that makes sense of the chaos? Well, This is part of the reason “Forbidden Writings” exists. If you’re a reader, then I hope the information I’ve compiled here helps you understand the various kinks and activities that exist around us. If you’re a writer, I hope you’ll consider this as a kind of encyclopedia of erotica you can come to when you begin your research for your own amazing stories!

But where to even begin?

I know there’s a lot going on here at “Forbidden Writings”, but I like to think I’ve organized everything as best I can. Let me show you a few of the things you can find here:

Erotic Bites – These are the short stories I have written for your viewing pleasure. They will always be free to read, and new stories are added as I write them, so keep checking back for new content!

Lifestyles – This is a compendium of various sexual kinks, fetishes, and alternative lifestyles I’ve researched. If you’re looking to expand your understanding of these topics, this is a great place to go.

Reviews – Are you an author looking for a featured review of your erotica/smut book? You can request one from me, and read reviews I’ve already written.

Dear Charlton – I also have an advice column for anyone who wants to ask me directly about an issue they may be having about writing, sexuality, or the erotica genre.

Writing Help – There’s not a lot, but I’ve managed to put together a few posts regarding different techniques and things to keep in mind regarding writing in the erotica/smut genre.

Work with me – I do more than just write smut. After a couple years as a content creator, I picked up some skills as a media editor. If you’d like to commission me for work in video/audio editing, post-production, graphic design, or photo editing, you can do so here. If you’re a business, there are also opportunities for sponsored posts and ad space.


All images on this site are CC-0 and can be used/edited without the need for credit or attribution.

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