I came up with this prompt challenge as a way to fill in one of the gaps of other writing memes. Inspired by #WickedWednesday and #MasturbationMonday, I decided to create a prompt made up of sexual fantasies. As someone who often writes his best stories from hearing what turns others on the most, I thought it might do the same for you. If you’d like to take part, there’s a new prompt every Friday, accompanied by the full rules and submission guidelines.

To see the current prompt, and all previous prompts, you can go here.

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If you’re not able to submit a story, but would like to take part in some way, I’m always accepting submissions for future prompts. Is there anything you fantasize about, and would like to see brought to life? Fill out the form below, and perhaps, another writer can bring it to life. You can even submit anonymously.

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