Bad Daddy

This Erotic Bite comes as a special request from a reader. A Daddy Dom would love nothing more than to play with his pretty girl, but his job begins to get in the way of his responsibilities to her. Kitten isn’t happy about it, and begins to misbehave. Enjoy!

It’s never easy when you work in an industry so demanding as marketing. The hours are a bit erratic, and subject to change, depending on how trends flow. Things could shift in another direction within a matter of hours. Because of this, the industry can be rather unforgiving to its employees, so you need to be just as flexible. Normally, I’ve managed myself pretty well, and have proven myself to be quite reliable. However, this new project was a big one, and I began to doubt if I could hold myself to the task.

I arrived back at my townhouse, adjacent to several more along my street. The brick exterior and dark, steel metalwork gave it the appearance of age, despite being built less than a decade ago. The street was already quiet when I parked next to the sidewalk, and stepped out of my car. I had already loosened my aubergine tie and unbuttoned the top button of my Egyptian cotton shirt. They say you should dress for the job you want, so I made it a point to look like someone who could be made partner.

I climbed up the steps, laptop bag over my shoulder, and unlocked my door. Stepping inside, the interior was unlike the exterior facade. White walls everywhere, accented with areas of marble and carved stone. The modernized furniture was black, and modular, contrasting the white theme. I took off my shoes, and set them on a low shelf, where they wouldn’t get dirty, and felt the white carpet under my silk socks. I took a breath and inhaled the floral scent of the room. My wife liked it when the living room smelled like flowers.

Speaking of which, I peered around, and spotted her on the floor, not far from the couch. She laid on her stomach, with her legs bent, and her feet slowly swinging back and forth above her. She had several colored pencils sprawled out around her as she held a coloring book in front of her face. She had a look of fierce focus as she made sure to keep her colors inside the lines. Her lips were parted slightly as she held her tongue against her lip. I’d been married to her for the last two years, after living with her for one year. We decided to live under the same roof after she revealed to me her desire to be a little girl.

It wouldn’t have been apparent to anyone who met her, at first, as she was always so adult-like in public. She talked like an adult, acted like an adult, had an adult job, but when she was home, she let out a side of herself that would make you think she really was a little girl. I’ll admit, I was surprised, at first, but I quickly grew to love her even more for it. It was then, I took the role of ‘Daddy’, and promised her I would always love her. There were a few arrangements that had to be made, but I adapted to my new role rather easily. After a few weeks, I began to wonder why I never explored this role I had before now.

As I set my laptop case down, my kitten looked up from her coloring book with beautiful, hazel eyes. Her face lit up with joy when she saw I was home, and quickly bounded up. I noticed she was wearing one of her favorite dresses: white with a black overall design to it, with a preppy ruffle. Her strawberry-blonde hair bounced as she nearly skipped towards me, and wrapped her arms around me, and laid her head on my chest.She fit so perfectly in my arms every time I held her.

“I missed you, Daddy,” she spoke softly into me. I smiled warmly at her voice.

“I missed you too, Kitten.”

We broke our embrace, and she looked up at me with adoring eyes. Her arms swung back behind her, and she took a single step away from me.

“Did you do all your chores,” I ask her.

She gleefully nods with a cheery “Mm-hmm.” After my career had begun to take off, Kitten and I decided she would get to stay home, which allowed her to let out her little side much more often. She was certainly much happier ever since. I looked around the room and saw a pink bear sitting next to where she laid on the floor. Kitten liked to have one of her stuffies with her at all times. I won that pink bear for her at a carnival last year, which Kitten immediately gave a name.

“Did Priscilla help you?” I asked. She smiled wider and nodded quickly. Kitten was unusually chipper this evening. When that happened, there was usually a good explanation as to why.

“Can we play today, Daddy?” she asked as cutely as she could. In truth, I would have liked nothing more than to play with my Kitten, especially after a day like today. But, there was always something.

“I wish I could, pretty girl, but Daddy has some important work he has to take care of right now. But we can play later tonight, after your bath,” as I spoke, I ran my fingers through her soft hair. I made it a point to brush it for her every day. I always want my Kitten to feel special. However, her face quickly turned into a pout.

“But, Daddy!” she complained, “You worked all yesterday, too. And I really want to play with you today.”

“I know, sweetheart, and I will play with you. But you just need to wait until tonight. Daddy’s almost done with his work, and then I’ll be all yours.”

“But, Daddy –” she started to complain again, but I held up my finger, which stopped her from finishing it.

“Kitten, what’s Daddy’s first rule?” I queried her.

Kitten then made a sad pout, and answered in her cute, mopey voice, “Daddy’s word is final.”

I smiled, “That’s right. Now, I promise, we’ll play tonight. But first, Daddy needs to finish his work,” I step over to the couch, and find a stuffed, white llama sitting there. I pick it up, remembering when I bought it for my beautiful girl when we went to the zoo, and I handed it to her, “Take Lenny with you. I’m sure he’d like to watch you color as well.”

Kitten still looked sad, but she did as she was told, and took Lenny from my hand. She wrapped her arms around his short, white fur, and nuzzled its head with her cheek as she returned to her coloring book. I watched her for a moment as she laid back down in front of her colored pencils, setting Lenny opposite of Priscilla. She looked back up at me, and our eyes locked for a moment. I smiled, and sweetly spoke, “I love you, princess.”

She smiled warmly, “I love you too, Daddy.”

Content with things at home, I retrieved my laptop from the leather case and began working on my project. There was a large presentation that was going to be made to cover our plan for rolling out the slew of events we would be marketing, and how we would host each one with the time we had available. I had already made a ton of notes on how best to manage our time, and who to delegate to. But I would need to invest a few hours each evening after work if I wanted to have these presentations done in time.

I sat, and worked, for a couple hours. To save time, I went ahead and ordered some delivery for dinner, so I wouldn’t use up my time cooking. Every once in awhile, Kitten would approach me, and nuzzled me affectionately, like any good little girl would. She knew when it was time to be quiet, and let Daddy work, that she should not bother me. She knew the punishment for keeping Daddy from working was worse than the punishment for misbehaving.

Not long after dinner, I reached a stopping point in my stack of proposals. I may be good at my job, but I have responsibilities to my good little girl, as well. Rolling up my sleeves, I got up, and made my way to the bathroom adjacent to our bedroom. Nearly the entire length of one of the walls was a large bathtub, filled with plastic bath toys. The smooth, white plastic gave the illusion of porcelain and matched well with the beige tiles of its rim, and the floor. Next to it, on a stainless-steel rack, hung two fluffy, white towels. Sitting on the tiled rim, I turned on the water, and let the tub fill.

“Get ready for your bath, Kitten,” I called out from the bathroom. A couple minutes before the tub was full, I grab a large bottle from the cabinet under the sink and pour some of the blue gel into the water. Soon, the surface of the water became blanketed with white bubbles.

“I’m ready, Daddy,” spoke a soft voice from the doorway. I turned to look, and there was my princess: hair down, and nakie. I still never failed to find her body beautiful. She half-nervously covered her chest with her slender arms, but still revealed enough of her breasts and nipples to tease me. Her body gently curved down to her hips, looking perfectly grabbable, without looking boney. Her thighs looked as silky as ribbons on a beautiful gift and begged to be caressed. But as alluring as her thighs were, her prettiest feature sat between them, as the perfectly smooth mound of her womanhood.

I smile at her, and hold out my hand, beckoning her to come closer. She’s just within arm’s reach of me when I gently take her by the arm and lead her into the bathtub. She always seems to act shy when she’s fully nude for Daddy. I hold her arm as she steps into the hot, bubbly water, and lowers herself in. Before long, the heat relaxes her, and her modesty begins to fade away. I’ve already placed some of her favorite bath toys in with her, and she’s only too happy to play make believe with them. I can’t help but watch in adoration as she slips into her own little world while I bathe her with a soft washcloth.

“It’s time to wash your hair, Kitten,” I tell her, wringing out the washcloth, and setting it aside. She stops playing, and sits up, tilting her head back. I take the portable shower head off its holster and turned it on. I sprayed the hot water over her shiny hair, and set the head inside the tub, without turning it off. I figured I’d use it again in a minute, anyway. I lathered her hair with shampoo, and gently massage her scalp. Kitten seemed relaxed.

In the middle of cleaning her hair, I see her shoulder move, and the hose from the shower head moves with it. Kitten has taken the running shower head, but why, I wonder? I realized, when her face changed, what she’s doing. With her eyes still closed she gently bit her lip, and moaned softly. I knew she was trying to tease me, by pleasuring herself with the shower head while I was busy washing her hair. I could feel myself getting harder at the thought of Kitten getting horny and equally frustrated that I couldn’t do anything about it until I was done.

“I need the shower head, sweetie,” I said as calmly as I could. My babygirl made a small pout as she brought it out from under the water, and handed it to me. I quickly rinsed her hair, making sure to be quick, but still thorough. Afterwards, I drained the tub, and got up to grab Kitten a towel. As I unfolded it, I could see she was staring at the bulge in my pants with a look of excitement. I smiled back at her and held up the towel to wrap her in, knowing we had a long night of fun ahead of us.

But that was when the worst possible thing happened: my cell phone rang.

“Be right back, my love,” I whispered, leaving the room to take the call. I won’t bug you with all the details of the call, so I’ll sum it up: The client wanted to move up the deadline a couple days and asked to see some of the completed marketing plans tomorrow. Which meant I would have to finish what I’d been working on tonight. I’d never felt so infuriated as I did at that moment, having a raging hard-on, and knowing I’d have to break the news to my baby girl.

I walked into the bathroom, seeing my beautiful princess wrapping her hair in another towel, and sighed, “Bad news, darling. Work called and said I need to finish my work tonight. I don’t know if Daddy will be able to play with you,”

Her face went straight to disappointment, then frustration, “But Daddy!!”

“I know, princess, but there’s nothing Daddy can do about it. If I don’t start now, I might not finish it, then Daddy will get in trouble.”

She pouted more, looking legitimately disappointed by the news. Her head lowered, and she responded in defeat, “Ok…”

It broke my heart as I watched her sullenly walk to the bed, and sit down, wearing only a towel. She grabbed the remote from the nightstand and turned on the tv. I couldn’t do much more to console her without eating into precious time that could be spent working. So, I turned and left to return to my laptop and my pile of proposal drafts. With any luck, I might be able to finish in time to catch my babygirl before she fell asleep.

I sat on the couch and kept a soft light on me. My fingers typed away with a kind of determination I normally had when play time was taken away from Kitten and I. It left us both feeling frustrated, so I worked quickly. But I found myself having to go back over my work, making one set of changes after another.

Finally, I reached a point I was confident in the completion of my documents, and let out a sigh of relief as I closed the laptop. My eyes still felt sore from staring at the bright screen, and I felt mentally exhausted. I got up from the couch and began stripping off my clothes as I made my way to the bedroom. By the time I arrived, Kitten was already sound asleep. The bedroom was lit solely by the light of the tv screen. Having lost my opportunity, I slid into bed and shut off the tv with the remote. Tomorrow would be better.


The next day, I’d made my presentation to our clients, and unveiled the start of our marketing plan. Overall, it went rather well. However, it only encouraged them to move forward with their plans and asked for an expedited completion of our strategy so it could be implemented ahead of schedule. As you can imagine, this meant another entire day spent working for me. That evening, I found myself sitting at the dining room table, documents spread out all over it. I sat there, working on final edits, and thinking myself into a frustrated anger.

I would have sat there and stewed for a while, had it not been for my precious girl wrapped around my leg. Kitten had become desperate for affection and took up cuddling my leg as I worked. I didn’t mind, so long as she didn’t distract me too much from my job. After all, I didn’t need my legs to look at papers and type.

I sat there, and I’m reading papers, and cross-referencing excel spreadsheets, trying to make sense of all the numbers. I was already developing a small headache just above my right eye. I almost didn’t notice it when my pants were unzipped, as I tried to keep everything else out of my mind. However, I sure felt it when Kitten slid her fingers into the opening, and gently stroked me. I tried to ignore it, thinking Kitten was just trying to get some attention, but I still had things to do, first.

Despite not moving, or even reacting, I still became hard to her touch. I was a man who desired his wife, after all. But even with that, I tried not to let it pull my attention away from the numbers. It had taken a lot of effort to remember where I was in my work, and which documents required my attention at that moment. I was completely in a zone when my cock was slowly pulled through the little gap in my boxers. For the first time that day, my thoughts were interrupted.

I tried to be nice about this, I really did. I gave the benefit of the doubt and assumed she wouldn’t try anything to deliberately distract me. But she broke that rule when I felt her warm lips wrap around my tip, and a sharp wave of pleasure radiate from the head, and through my body. I felt her take more of me into her mouth, moving her head slowly. Did she think I wouldn’t notice if she did it slowly? It wasn’t that I didn’t want it; my god did I want it. But she knew we couldn’t play until I was done.

I got up abruptly and pushed the chair back as I did. Kitten crawled out from under the table, popping up on the opposite side to me as I tucked myself back into my pants. I was quite upset with my little one, and her disregard for my rules. I saw the look on her face, she knew she was in trouble.

“I told you not to distract me while I’m working, Kitten,” I spoke firmly, but without raising my voice.

“I just wanna play, Daddy. Can’t you finish your work after?” she begged in her little, whiny tone.

“No! Not this time,” I responded quickly.

Kitten pouted and stomped away. I would have gone after her to punish her, but I had too much to do. Now all I could do was sit back down, and pick up where I left off. Only now, I had to do it with a hard-on. Luckily, I was able to remember where I was pretty quickly. I was able to work without interruption for about ten minutes before I started to worry. As soon as I found a place to stop and take a break, I stood up and stretched. Kitten didn’t usually spend this much time in the bedroom unless she was sleeping.

I quietly stepped down the hall, just in case she was napping and opened the bedroom door a bit just to check on her. As she came into view, it was clear she wasn’t napping. Kitten had her skirt lifted, and her panties were taken off. Laid out on the bed with her legs spread, two of her fingers had already disappeared deep into her glistening snatch. She held a pillow to her mouth and bit it as she tried to muffle her moans. I was quickly getting hard again as I watched her furiously finger herself, as well as getting more upset.

I barged into the room, “Just what do you think you’re doing, young lady?”

She immediately stopped and tried to cover herself with her skirt. As if I didn’t already see what she was up to. She said nothing but looked up at me.

“You know the rules: Kitten is expressly forbidden from touching herself unless instructed by Daddy. Remember?”

I saw her eyes quickly glance down at my crotch, and back up to my eyes. I’m sure I was visibly hard through my slacks.

“What are you gonna do about it, Daddy, punish me?” she asked taunting me.

I should have punished her, right there, even though I knew she only provoked me to get a rise from me. But I had no idea how much longer I would need to work before it was done.

“As soon as I’m done, you better believe there will be a punishment in store for you,” I turn to walk out, but I’m almost immediately struck in the back of the head by something soft. It didn’t hurt, but it certainly caught my attention. I looked down at the object and saw one of Kitten’s stuffies next to my foot. She’d thrown it at me. I turn my head a bit, “I’m serious, Kitten. Do not make things worse for yourself.”

I barely manage to take a single step when I’m struck again. This time she threw a pillow at me, “Kitten…,” I spoke in a low voice.

I turned to face her, she looked at me defiantly and sat on her knees as if ready to wrestle. That was it, she’d misbehaved past the point of my patience. I unfastened my belt, and pulled it off, holding both ends in one hand. Kitten needed to be punished.

I took one step towards her and saw her fret. She must have known I was serious this time, “Turn around,” I instructed to her.

Kitten meekly lowered her face and turned towards the headboard. She bent over and kept her butt raised, ready to receive her punishment. I hesitated for a moment wondering if this was the best time to be doing this, knowing how much I still needed to do before tomorrow morning. But I pushed those thoughts away and stepped closer.

With the belt in my strong hand, I pulled up her skirt with my free hand. The moment my eyes fell on her beautiful ass, a part of me wished I would just ravish it instead. There was still a small trail of Kitten’s aroused honey glistening from her womanhood and along the curve of one buttock. I picked up the scent of her arousal in my nostrils and felt my heart flutter as my mind reverted back to memories of times I would taste her. I held up the leather belt to my side, then swung it at her pale ass cheeks.

She cried out with a short yelp of pain but didn’t move. The soft skin on her has started to turn pink. I smacked her butt with my belt again, which was met by another yelp. After three more swats, her ass grew redder and swelled. And yet, I saw what looked like more of her juices dripping down the inside of her thigh.

“You’re not supposed to enjoy your punishment, Kitten,” I said matter-of-factly.

She wiggled her bottom at me, “Whatcha gonna do about it, Daddy? Spank it out of me?” she teased.

I was already hard, and I couldn’t be sure if it was pent-up lust or just frustration at Kitten’s disobedience, but I dropped my belt and decided to go with a different approach. Tucked underneath the mattress was a set of restraints I kept for situations like this. They were already attached to the bed frame, so all I had to do was strap them on. I took each of my babygirl’s arms and locked them by the wrist. She watched as I did, but didn’t resist, or protest.

With her arms spread open on either side of her body, and her torso resting on the pillow, her small body could do nothing but sit there, with her ass sticking up for Daddy to play with. I caressed her swollen ass with my fingertips and heard her wince at my touch. I draw my fingers further down, into the valley between her cheeks, and slide along the slick opening of her soaked pussy. I felt the whole bed vibrate as her body shook at the sensation.

“If you want to act like a little brat, I’ll treat you like one.”

“Daddy…” I heard her whisper.

Kitten knew the rules very well, and what happened when she broke them. I stood up straight, and unfastened my pants, letting them fall off my legs, and loosened my tie. I was already hard enough to push the fabric of my boxers to their limit. I had to adjust myself just to get them off. But now that I had, I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself right behind my Kitten.

Holding myself by the shaft, I made small movements, rubbing the head along the valley of her opening, “Is this what you wanted? To make Daddy tie you up and punish you, babygirl?”

“Oh Daddy, please…” she pleaded.

I scoffed, “No, Kitten. You lost the right to tell me what you wanted when you broke the rules. So, tonight, you’re Daddy’s little fuck toy.”

I watched her face laid on the mattress as she let out a whimper. I continued to rub my tip along her labia a few moments longer before I raised my hand, and smacked her rosy ass. She let out a pained yelp and wriggled in front of me.

“You don’t break the rules, and you don’t break them just to get a punishment. Understand?” I commanded.

Her little voice broke through her whines, “Yes, Daddy.”

“You’ll behave like the good little girl I know?” I said, slowly pressing the head of my cock past her opening. As aroused as she was, I had little resistance.

Kitten inhaled sharply, followed by a pleasured groan. Her body writhed as she felt the smallest amount of my length enter her, “Yes, Daddy. I promise!”

Without replying, I slowly pushed the rest of my length inside her. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her arms pulling on the restraints as she reacted to me. Her hips shifted backward, trying to swallow my shaft whole. I took a firm grip of her love handles with both hands, just enough to remind her who was in charge.

“Oh, please Daddy. I need it so bad,” she pleaded again. Truth be told, I wanted very badly to just plow into my babygirl. But I had to remind her what it meant to have a dominant daddy. Resisting her movements into me, I slowly pulled myself back out, then waited a moment. Kitten groaned and whined at me, which only made me smile. After what must have felt like a long time to her, I pushed myself into her again and pulled out. Kitten tried harder shift her hips back, and force me back inside her, but I had a firm hold on her.

I did this a few more times until she began to complain and sob. She begged me to fuck her, and I couldn’t hold back my lust for her any longer. I pushed my entire shaft into her, spreading her insides apart, and this time, pushed hard enough to make my hips slap against her swollen ass. I adored the way she cried out in that moment. With sheer ecstasy, and just a hint of decadent pain.

I loosened my grip and held her more freely. Just as I did, Kitten immediately shifted her hips forward, and away from me, sliding her hot snatch down to my head, then back into me. She moaned out again, then repeated her movements. I barely had to move as she rocked her hips into me. I began moving into her, hungry for the feeling of her tight hole around me. For the last few days, my desire for her had been building up. If I wasn’t careful, this would have been over too quickly.

My wife’s cries grew higher, and I knew she was quickly reaching climax. Sex was always more intense for her after receiving punishment. I wouldn’t stop her, of course, as I was too desperate to feel her cum on my stiff prick. I watched as my wife buried her face into the mattress, trying to muffle the loud moan she made when she orgasmed. But I kept thrusting, feeling all of her muscles contract all around me. Nothing ever felt better than that moment when you feel a perfect pussy contracting around you in ecstasy.

I never stopped moving, but I did slow my movements, allowing the pretty thing to come down from the intense reaction. It only took about three seconds before her body began huffing to catch her breath. Her thighs shook violently beneath me, before slowing down. She turned her head, and called out to me, “Please, Daddy. You need to cum too.”

As she spoke those words, Kitten resumed rocking herself into me again. I watched as her beautiful ass bounced against my hips, despite the redness and sensitivity. The way my cock was repeatedly swallowed up between the slick, pink lips of her labia. She always drove me crazy with the way she would call me ‘Daddy’ during playtime. I held her hips tighter and pulled her into me as I picked up speed. I felt myself approaching the edge and found myself desperate to reach it faster.

“I feel it, Daddy! Please cum for me,” she managed to say, mixed in with her moans of delight. I felt it as well, my prick hardening into steel, the way I always did just before releasing. The bed creaked loudly as I fucked my babygirl harder. My chest tightened, and I felt my veins nearly pop out as I went straight over the edge, and came hard into her. I felt my seed fill her up, mixing together with her own orgasmic juices as I made a few final movements into her.

I locked up, letting the final few seconds of my orgasm wash over me. Then felt every muscle relax as I regained control. I moved backward slowly, letting myself slide out of my wife’s core. I took a few moments to catch my breath, then released the straps from Kitten’s wrists. She rolled onto her side, rubbing the parts where she was bound and looked at me with a small pout on her face.

“Are you ok, sweetheart?” I asked her lovingly, sitting next to her, and stroking her hair.

Kitten made a tiny whine before replying, “My booty still feels sore, Daddy.”

“I know, pretty girl, but it’s over now. Daddy doesn’t like punishing you. But sometimes, you’re a bad girl,” I gently booped her nose with my finger, which made her smile, “Daddy’s going to bring you a treat, and some more stuffies, then you can let your booty rest until I’m finished with work.”

I got up, putting my pants back on, and made my way to the bedroom door. Just before I could open it, I felt something strike the back of my head. I stopped and looked down to find another pillow had been thrown at me.

“Oh, Kitten…” I murmured, pulling my belt off, once again.


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That Grapefruit Blowjob video

Recently, I tried looking into new topics I could write about, other than the usual alternative kinky lifestyles, or fetishes. Not that I have a problem with writing about them. But if that’s all I write about, I’m eventually going to run out of topics. My hope is to one day establish a regular stream of communication with my readers, so you can feel like you can ask me to look into different things, and keep the flow of topics going. Then, just the other day, I received an email from a reader with just such a request.

Some of you may know of the strange sex trick introduced to the internet by a sexologist by the name of Auntie Angel. In this demonstration, she shows us a ‘technique’ for giving a better blowjob by incorporating a grapefruit. The video below shows Auntie Angel demonstrating how to do just that. It’s mostly how to properly cut the hole into the fruit, but you can skip ahead to 2:42 to see the demonstration itself.

Forewarning: The sound of her going to town on the dildo she uses is nightmare fuel. You have been warned.

The video has since become the subject of many reaction videos on Youtube.

The big question on the reader’s mind was: Does this work, or is it a hoax?

According to some testimonies, it’s supposed to give the man the sensation of feeling a vagina, and a mouth, at the same time. I had actually never heard of the grapefruit blowjob technique before writing this, so I had no idea what to think of it. My first thought on this was the danger of the grapefruit juice on the urethra. Some of you may already know what it feels like to get lemon juice, or orange juice, on an open sore or wound. This is caused by the acidity found in citrus fruits. Upon checking this, I found grapefruits have some of the highest acidity of citrus fruits. This only heightened my fear of exposing it’s juices to the urethra. I imagined a guy trying to stick his penis inside one, only to pull it out quickly, and start screaming in pain as his penis burned like hot soup.

I started to wonder if anyone had actually tried this technique already. I checked for porn videos from amateur actors who did this, and found a small handful of actual grapefruit blowjob videos. One particular video stood out for a very specific reason. At 1:34, you can clearly see the juice of the grapefruit being squeezed out, and dripping directly onto the head of the penis. The man in the video didn’t seem to react to it at all, which makes me think the burning sensation you’d expect doesn’t actually happen. You can see the extremely NSFW video Here.

So, does this technique actually work? I also read about grapefruits containing very large amounts of water as well, which makes them great for hydration when eating. I suppose, if you were to use it for sex purposes, the high water concentration would allow the fruit to feel somewhat ‘flesh-like’. Which means the technique would actually have some merit.

So, is it something you should try? Meh, I’m still on the fence about it. Personally, I think you’d be better off buying a silicone masturbator from your local sex shop, and incorporating that into your oral pleasures. There’s less chance of something going wrong, and can be used over and over, versus only being used once. That being said, if the grapefruit blowjob is something you happen to have listed on your sexual bucket list, I don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a try, if only once.

They’re not even expensive…


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What’s your kink?

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day about a writer’s voice, when it comes to creating short stories. I mentioned my friend might be in their mid twenties, based on the voice of their writing. To my surprise, I was a bit off, but I was also not the first to make that guess. My friend admitted to feeling like they are still in that stage of their life. Off the top of my head, I guessed it could be because they didn’t have much opportunity to explore their own sexuality, much the same way young twenty-something people do. My friend agreed with me, and that’s when I began thinking more about why sexual exploration is important for understanding sexuality. Before I begin, there’s something I really want to get off my chest first. It’s a constant bother, and I feel like I need to let this rant out.

Sexuality is a right that belongs to all of us, and not a privilege granted to us by complete strangers. Every person has the freedom to explore their sexuality to the extent that each of us chooses. In this point of human history, the number of people who greatly enjoy sex has outnumbered the people who are more conservative about their own. And, frankly, I’m tired of the majority having to pander to the sex-sneering minority that insists we keep ourselves covered, or not be vocal about our sexual adventures, all in the name of some imagined sense of decency. Only those of us, who own our bodies, can decide how we choose to advertise ourselves. If a woman wants to embrace her sexuality, and let herself be seen, it is no one else’s place to tell her to ‘cover up’. If you know someone who likes to engage in casual sex, it’s not your job to tell them promiscuity is a sin. If someone wishes to explore other ways to have sex with their partner, especially if those methods aren’t ‘vanilla’, they should have that right, and be able to do so with their heads held high. So long as they do so safely, and in the company of people they are comfortable with, then I couldn’t care less if Chad and Tiffany from two doors down don’t approve.

Moving on…

If you’ve reached this point in your life, where your sex life has started to feel a little stale, or you just want to add excitement to your bedroom games, or if you’re just curious, then I wish you congratulations on reaching this point in your sexual discovery. I promise you, there is much more, and decadent, things to appreciate out of sex than just vaginal intercourse in roughly three positions. A cornucopia of sexual delights awaits you beyond this point, and they each have their own difficulty level, so you can either jump in the deep end, or just dip your toes in the water. At the same time, I know how daunting it can be to make that first move into a new lifestyle choice. I wish to make your transition as painless as possible. And with that, comes the ironic, first thing you’ll need to know…

Many kinks involve some kind of pain

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, per say. Just because pain is a factor, doesn’t mean it will be displeasurable. It’s much like the paradox of why it hurts when you bite your tongue on accident, but not when you bite it on purpose. In both cases, there’s a difference in the experience when it’s done so intentionally, rather than in a way that is unwanted. Don’t allow the prospect of a little pain to turn you away to what pleasures may come. Aside from the sting and soreness of, say, a paddle across your bum, there’s some physiological and psychological benefits to receiving pain.

For starters, your body naturally releases endorphins to counter the pain, and causes pain receptors and nociceptors to begin firing much more quickly. This means you’ll begin feeling naturally high, while also becoming more sensitive to other kinds of touch. Suddenly, that little caress against your bum begins to feel much more arousing. But it’s about more than just pain. It’s about what you and your partner share in this experience. A level of trust, a thirst for a little punishment, a desire to give yourself over and allow someone to make all of your decisions for you, if only for a few minutes.

This isn’t to say all kinks are based on pain. But it does help to become a bit more accustomed to some intentionally-inflicted beatings. For those of you looking into kinks to begin your exploration with, I suggest you look up, and experiment with, the following acts: spanking, light bondage, vibrator play, blindfolding/gagging, voyeurism/exhibitionism, Master and slave roleplay, and perhaps some light BDSM. Each of these can easily branch off into other acts you’ll find yourself enjoying more and more as time goes on. If you’re looking for more advanced kinks, I suggest creating a FetLife account, and explore the groups they have to offer.

Getting Started

Whether you’re in a commited relationship, or you’re single, and enjoying casual sex, there’s ways for you to approach this exploration, even if you’ve never tried it a day in your life. The first step, as I mention earlier, is to look up different kinks that may interest you. Resources are available everywhere, and there’s many perspectives on each one to answer any questions you may have.

Understand there is nothing wrong with your kink

The only reason this new kink you found sounds so strange is because it’s new. It’s not because it’s indecent, or to be looked down upon if anyone found out you were doing it. It’s really no one’s business but your own. As long as you feel a strange pull towards this kink, that’s all the permission you need to investigate it further. You’re certainly not the first to take an interest in this, and there are many who are already finding more fulfillment in their own lives because they partake of it.

If you find yourself confused by why you seem to like watching others perform your new kink, I recommend reading up on The Origins of Fetishes, where I discuss the paradigm in which kinks represent a sexy solution to a real-world problem you may be experiencing.

Discuss it with your partner

Whether you’re in a committed relationship, or single, and have someone you like to fool around with from time to time, communication is paramount. Sit with your partner, establish with them the purpose of this conversation, which is to talk about what kinks you’ve been thinking about lately, but without the assumption your partner needs to do these things right away, or at all. What you both need to do is get everything out on the table. You could suggest a kink that involves including another partner, or two, and that idea never makes the final cut. But, your partner is now aware of it, and could revisit it, should they ever suddenly become curious about it in the future.

This kind of open communication creates an open environment for you and your partner. And giving them the option to say ‘no’ allows them to feel like it truly is a choice, and not something to keep hidden away. You might be pleasantly surprised when your partner suddenly begins thinking about it, rather than just blurting ‘no’ right away.

Look up options

Once you and your partner have laid out your wants and desires, and have agreed to give it a try, it’s time to seriously sit down and find out how you plan to accomplish fulfilling these kinks. Some need special equipment like: floggers, specific clothing, tools, rope, etc. Most of which can be found at your local sex shop. Find out what it is you need, then find out where your local sex shop is located. If it’s an online store, check for the prices, and if it’s a bit expensive, look for alternatives. It’s not much different than having a hobby, so you should treat it like one.

Watch first

I guarantee you, no matter what you’re into, there are people who have done it on video, expressly for your entertainment. You should take advantage of these videos, and watch them with your partner, just to get a feel for the mindset you should have when you begin, as well as the procedure. Many acts carry the Master and slave dynamic, so you should become accustomed to how you play that role as well. Pay attention to every movement, every pause they take, how the implements are applied, and where. All of these little details are more important than you think. Things like anticipation and what parts of the body are most sensitive to implements all play a role in how best to perform these acts.

Take things lightly

There’s no reason to jump right into your new kink as if you’re already a pro. There’s a certain delicacy in kink that you need to be mindful of, so as not to inadvertently harm your partner. Let’s use BDSM as an example, specifically with spanking/flogging. There are certain parts of the body that have more pain receptors than others, and pain tolerance is something that needs to be learned. Keeping this in mind, it would likely turn you off to the idea if your partner started off with a heavy swing at your bum. Instead, take some baby steps in the beginning, and ask your partner to do some light swatting. If it helps, do so with your clothes still on, to soften the blow to your skin. Then progressively harder, and with less and less clothing.

Communication is still key here, so keep your partner up to date on what’s working for you, and what isn’t. Tell them if you like it more on certain parts of your body, and not on others. Soon, the two of you(or more) will develop a routine to go with when integrating it into your bedroom games.

Now you’re a kinkster

If you’ve made it to this point, and find yourself having even more wild orgasms, and/or feeling much more fulfilled, then congratulations! You’ve joined the rest of the majority in owning your sexuality, and should continue your journey to define how you express yourself as a person, and as a sexual person. There are those who will try to call you out, and say that what you’re doing is indecent, and you’re some kind of freak(and you are, but in a good way). But do not allow their negativity to bring you down. As long as you always keep things safe, and as long as both(or all) participants are consenting adults, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy each other however you like it.

With this, I hope you all find the satisfaction that you’re looking for. There’s enough kinks out there for you to enjoy throughout your entire lifetime, and there’s no reason to just settle on one. Personally, I feel every kink should be experienced at least once. Worst case scenario, you go out of this world with no regrets, knowing you tried everything. Best case scenario: nothing ever feels boring again, and you find yourself with plenty to write about one day.

Lunch for Primals

This Erotic Bite comes from a reader, known on Fetlife as GirlFromPeterPan. I want to thank her for giving me permission to publish her wonderful story here. I’d been curious to see what a story about Primals would read like, and I certainly enjoyed it. I hope all of you will as well. You can find GirlFromPeterPan’s profile link at the end of this post. Be sure to visit her, and share some love.

They were looking each other straight into the eyes. The anticipation of what was to come was growing. They did not touch, not yet. And while they were standing, leaning at opposite walls of the small elevator in his apartment building none of them dared to speak. They had completely entered the state of non-verbal communications. It nearly seemed they had unlearned language with all its constraints and expressions. Enough of imagery, societies own masturbation.

In the small space of the elevator she feels the hair on her arms rising, she feels like she can hear the sound of his blood rushing through his veins. No touch, no word begins to create a tensed atmosphere. “I have nothing to say,” she thinks to herself still holding a firm stare at his face.

Tonight she was not shy. Looking at him, scanning him from top to bottom with hungry, desirous eyes. He is not aware that she looks at him like this most of the time they spend together. The elevator doors slide open. In a swift motion he strides passed her, opens the door to his apartment. The silence of the empty room covers their skin. With his back to her, he is aware that she observes every move he makes. He could turn, look up into the mirror, but he waits head down for her to make her move. Awaiting that she will lose her self-control on the hunt. A transformation to end between the sheets.

She strikes now. Attacking him from behind, she bites his neck and thinks of the mark it is going to leave on his skin. Sliding her hands from behind on his chest, she unbuttons his shirt and with every pore she breathes in the smell of aftershave that covers him. Her teeth seem to lock onto his shoulder. The groan that leaves his mouth satisfies her. She pushes him against the wall and slides her hand down his pants just to be pushed back herself. Again the two find themselves standing apart waiting for one of them to make the next move. The air can be cut with a knife, thick with arousal. When he pulls her arm towards him, shutting her dangerous mouth with his other hand, pressing her against him to feel his erection, she knows he wanted to win the showdown this time. She bites his finger as hard as she can, an attempt to free herself. But he throws her over his shoulder in a swift motion to drop her onto the bed.

Her look makes fun of him, asks him to come closer if he dares. Like a lioness preparing for her attack on all four is she approaching, they are both prey for one another.

He could not let her ride him tonight, he will not give her this triumph. There is no doubt that he will in the end over-power her. The look in her eyes is forceful and her finger nails digging deeper and deeper into his shoulders in this position, she scares him a bit. But, he will win this fight.

A smooth turn, twisting her arm behind her back makes her into the antelope. He pushes her down, face down, chest down, into the mattress while he himself finishes inside her ass. She attacked him, but now he finds his triumph in her exhaustion. A beaten animal, heavily breathing lies next to him. Like a peacock feather to his hat, he wants to grace himself with it.

When he opens his eyes after a few minutes of bathing in his glory. She is already on her feet. She gathers her clothes, dresses swiftly. She checks the time on her phone: 13pm. While she straightens her hair and puts it up, she turns around and says, “That was fun.” She winks, picks up her books from the floor. “I have an exam soon. Again, that was fun.” The door shuts behind her. He leans against the wall sitting on his bed when he realizes that she had gotten what she wanted once again.

GirlFromPeterPan’s Fetlife profile

Thanks for reading! Check the “Erotic Bites” link at the top for more stories like this one. Also, find me on Twitter @Charlton_Tod for updates, or if you just want to chat. See you next time!



Forbidden Writings is now official!

Not long ago, I made a decision to finally invest into this site, and into my own writing, and bought a domain for my blog. I made the decision after mulling it over the last few days. I thought to myself, I don’t exactly have a large following, nor do I post as often as many other bloggers do. I’ve looked at a few other blogs, from writers who have been doing this much longer than I have, and tried to see what’s working for them. Things I may not be doing myself.

As I looked, the first thing I noticed was the layouts they used. Their blogs have a much more traditional layout, and leave a sidebar open for a multitude of things, like sponsors, navigation, links, etc. But those are all things I dislike about blogs, because they always make everything seem so cluttered. As if they want to draw your eye to too many places at once. I thought I was doing things the wrong way, not following the same pattern. I thought I would need to change the layout of mine, if I wanted to be taken seriously. Then I came to some revelations.

Why should I think they’re doing things 100% right? Sure, they post more, so of course they’ll get more overall views per day. They talk about many of the same things I do, but usually only as it pertains to their own lives. Not to mention, I’m already at a disadvantage because men are taken less seriously in the erotica genre. Furthermore, many bloggers break up their writing into small chunks, where I like to post the entire story upon completion. It’s not that other bloggers are doing things better than I am, but that they run their blog in a way that works for them. I like to write in-depth lifestyle articles, book reviews, and full short stories for you all to enjoy.

If I dislike the clutter in sidebars, who’s to say other people don’t as well? My layout, and my blog, work to bring my content to you in a way that best matches how I want it delivered to you. And now, I’ll stop talking about it, because I’ve gone way off script for what I wanted to talk to you all about: The blog is now hosted! And, given the increasing rise of the new TLD, I decided to make this a ‘.blog’ website. I hope this will help with my branding, make me more discover-able, and get rid of the ugly, basic domain that was difficult to remember, or promote.

is now

Ads are removed, of course. And that’s for your convenience. I do well enough in my day job to afford not using them for my own profit. But, I’m happy that I’m investing in myself as a writer. I feel a new stream of confidence, now that my blog is official. Of course, as I write for all of you, I’d like to know what you think. Are you excited to see more? Is there anything you’d like to see me write about more often? Any topics I should touch on? Any features I should try? Let me know in the comments. See you next time!

The World of Littles

I received a request some time ago for a story involving a Daddy Dom, and his little. At first, I didn’t think it would be too hard to do, as I’ve seen Daddy dom/little relationships in the past. As I began doing some research into this particular BDSM lifestyle, I found that this lifestyle is actually far more complex than I initially though. In my prior experiences, I had only ever seen the sex side of the relationship. At the time, I assumed that’s all there was: two consenting adults enjoying sex with each other, and each roleplaying their part as the sweet, innocent girl, and the protective, dominant male. In reality, there is far more to it than that.

I initially began writing a short story for the reader who requested it, and was nearly half-way through, when I had to stop and consider how this ‘little’ was supposed to behave in response to her Daddy. After reading page after page of info on Daddies and littles, I scrapped the story. It was clear I knew next to nothing about them. I couldn’t, in good conscience, write the story that was requested until I knew, for certain, I understood well enough to do the reader’s request justice. I still don’t think I have a full picture, but allow me to break down all that I’ve learned about them.

Dynamics: each needs the other

The most important thing to remember is that this relationship, like any relationship, exists to fulfill the desires and goals of each participant. If both parties don’t find satisfaction in their arrangement, then neither of them can make it work. A DD/lg relationship, like any BDSM relationship, requires a certain amount of trust and communication. If it’s not familiar to you, the acronym “DD/lg” stands for Daddy Dom/little girl. So, from here on, I will be referring to them as DD and lg.


For the DD, their greater desire is to fulfill the role of caretaker, provider, and cuddler, as well as a variety of other little roles he may need to perform at various times. The need to be a provider, and have someone who looks to you for care, is deeply embedded into all male genetics. Even with the current generations fighting to take down traditional gender roles, as they were, it’s still not an easy thing to completely stop someone from doing what they are genetically programmed to do. For many men, we can hold back our desire to pay for meals, take care of the bills, fix furniture, or even build new ones. But, for a DD, it’s a part of them they do not wish to give up. It would hurt them too much to not be relied upon, to not have someone who comes to them when a task needs doing, and to be shown gratitude when they do.

To be clear, DDs do not think of themselves as a father to their lg, nor does the lg see him that way. The title of ‘Daddy’ begins and ends right there, as a title alone. Similar to a Master role in a BDSM relationship, but there are a few important differences: a DD must have a softer touch, he must encourage his submissive to be the lg she is inside, and he must be nurturing and playful at all times. A good example of his role is his display of dominance over his submissive lg. Most DD/lg relationships come with a list of rules for both parties to follow, almost always written by the DD. The rules may be as strict as “Daddy’s word is always final”, to something as specific as a procedure for when, and where, an lg can go out with friends.

This serves a dual purpose: it establishes dominance, so the lg is always aware of who’s in charge in the relationship, and the consequences of disobeying those rules. It also serves to help the lg feel cared for, by accepting responsibility for her actions, and knowing that her DD will continue to take care of her as long as she obeys the rules. But, in addition to laying down the law, a DD must also be soft. he must always be cuddly, willing to brush her hair, give her a bath, provide her with coloring books, sweeties, stuffed animals(stuffies), pretty clothes, and other things she may desire. All of it is in the pursuit of making sure his lg feels loved, and cared for.


As for the lg, they are the polar opposite of a DD. Some would even say the other half to them. Whereas a DD yearns to be a caregiver, an lg loves to be cared for. Often times, the first thing anyone thinks when they see an lg is how she must have some deep-seated daddy issues that need to be resolved. I’ve done enough looking to know, this couldn’t be further from the truth. An lg isn’t looking to receive the attention they never got with their biological father, but instead, find that stage of their life more preferential. Most lgs actually go through their lives as any other person would. They have jobs, responsibilities, friends, family, and they take the role of the responsible adult in those areas of their lives. But, when they cross the threshold of their homes, and into the arms of their DD, they return to that world of innocence, and care, that they love so much. They know that Daddy will take care of them, and they know how much Daddy loves them.

When it comes to their daily lives at home, they will react as any little girl would. They will play make-believe with their stuffies, giving each one a name. They sit, and try to concentrate as they color inside the lines of their coloring books, they want to be held in Daddy’s arms, sit in his lap, watch Disney movies, go shop for more stuffies, eat ice cream, and cuddle with Daddy when they go to bed. They crave affection, and are happiest when Daddy gives her compliments.

Getting intimate

Despite all I’ve previously mentioned, the lifestyle does not remain constant in all aspects of their relationship. When it comes to sex and passion, the adult side tends to show itself a bit more. Like any other BDSM play, a DD/lg couple likes to engage in the bedroom games many of us enjoy too: light bondage, spanking, some sexy lingerie to show off to Daddy, and maybe just a touch of roughness. After all, anything Daddy wants, Daddy gets, right?

Another aspect that’s often adopted in a DD/lg relationship is Age play, in which two consenting adults roleplay as though one is a much younger age. This is, of course, only ever done in a roleplay sense, and never used outside the consent of the two adults who take part. In addition to the lg letting out the little side of herself, she may also want her Daddy to take on extra responsibilities associated with caring for a little girl. This may include(but not limited to): diapers, binkies, bottles, and feeding them. However, not all DD/lg couples engage in all of these. Some may only engage in one or two, some do all, and some do none of these things. The specifics are different from couple to couple, and is always negotiated beforehand by both adults. There’s even more to Age play than what I’ve listed here, but much of it is quite specific, and detailed. If you’d like to know more about Age play, I recommend making a search online. There’s lots of great information out there, written by people who live the lifestyle. They could probably explain it to you way better than I can.

In closing…

To you, dear reader, who requested the story: I’m sorry it’s taking so long for me to finish it. I’m just trying to make sure I get all the facts right, and write your story in a way that does the sub-genre justice. I appreciate your patience, and I promise, I haven’t forgotten you, or the help you gave me.

I’ve been anxious to write another post about another lifestyle, ever since the huge attention I’ve gotten from my last one: The Mystery of Primal Play. That post has received a ton of attention, and is still the most read post every day since I posted it. If this post also receives a lot of attention, I may do more of these.

Thank you for reading! Tell me, are you in a DD/lg relationship? What’s it like for you, and what do the two of you like about that relationship? If not, is it something you’d like to try? Share your thoughts with me below. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter by following the links in the footer below. See you next time!

I got a Twitter account!

That’s correct ladies and gents, I’ve finally taken a step towards catching up with the hip things the kids do, and signed up for Twitter. Up until this point, I always thought of Twitter as more of a gimmick-y social network, so I never used it. I was already well into adulthood when it was first created, so I didn’t see a point in using it. But, I have one now, so I suppose I’ll have to get used to it. I don’t have much idea on how to utilize it best, so I welcome anyone with advice on how best to use it.

As far as what I’ll be using it for, I hear it’s great for marketing, so I’ll probably use it to update followers with what I’m working on. I hear it’s also a great way to connect with readers, so feel free to message me once in a while! However, due to the adult nature of my future tweets, followers are set to approval only. Worry not, I will certainly approve your request as quickly as possible.

You can find my twitter here:

So, as far as my usual question goes: What are some good ways to use Twitter? Do you know of any clever techniques you’d be willing to share?

Revenge is best served three-ways – part 2

Not long ago, I had an idea for a sequel to my story about the woman who gets revenge on her sister. This is the result of that idea. It took me longer to finish it than I anticipated, but I hope it lives up to it’s predecessor. Enjoy!

Sunset had already passed over the horizon as an older-looking Mazda pulls up in front of a cheap apartment building. As it sputtered to a stop, the driver set the parking brake, and exits, with high-heeled shoes hanging from her feminine fingers. The brunette woman closes the door behind her, and unfastens the two buttons of her medium blue blazer. She hated wearing it, but it was practically required to be worn at a job she recently just started. Hiding just underneath of it was her white blouse, and a knee-high skirt which matched the blazer in color. She walked barefoot to her apartment, careful not to step on any rocks along the way.

Her apartment building was like many of the others on that road, but each one overlooked the nicer, fenced houses that lined the opposite side of the street. The brunette had always wished she could afford to live in a place like that. Where she could walk around in her own home, and have several yards between her and her neighbors. Her sister had already achieved this dream first, after stealing her ex-boyfriend in high school, and marrying him only a couple years after. She tried not to think about it, as the thought made her mad every time.

Finally reaching her door, she fumbled with her keys until she managed to unlock her apartment, and stepped inside. As cheap as the building looked outside, it looked just as cheap inside. The basic white walls had a hue of yellow mixed in from age, and the carpet had been matted down from years of being walked on. The lights flickered as they turned on, and the hall seemed to get narrower every day. This was home for the petite brunette, who dropped her inexpensive heels next to the door, and slipped out of her blazer. Making her way to her bedroom, hung up the blazer, and peeled off her white blouse.

She stopped for a moment, and took a deep breath of exasperation, frustrated over everything that had happened to her earlier that day. It wasn’t as though she disliked her new job with the company. In fact, it was much less physically exhausting to work in customer service, rather than being the lowly employee who spent all day folding clothes for the chain department store. No, it turned out the only downside to the job was all the extra attention she was getting. Being in her position, she had to attend to the needs of customers who clearly wanted more than help finding something that fits.

Every day was nearly the same: she would help find a shirt, or some pants, for a guy in his forties or fifties, and was either still single, or divorced. It was almost too easy to predict the ones who would hit on her immediately after finding them what they were looking for. They were rarely subtle about staring at her tits, and every time she turned around, it was obvious they were looking at her ass. A couple times, some would even proposition her with promises of money, in exchange for being their little ‘pet’ for the evening. The very thought sent a sickening shiver up her spine every time.

Part of her wanted to report what was happening to management, but there wasn’t anything they’d be able to do about the customers. They would likely end up relocating her to a different department; or worse: back to her old position folding clothes. Besides, she was a firm believer in fighting her own battles. As she made her way to the kitchen wearing nothing but a bra and her skirt, she opened the fridge, taking out a cold can of cheap beer. It was probably the only thing left in this world that could help her get rid of the images of creepy men wanting to touch her.

Pulling the tab back, the can made a release of gas. The sound it made always felt like ‘welcome home’ to her. Taking a sip, it was time for her usual damage report. Sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter was the answering machine for her phone, with several messages waiting for her to hear. Thinking it was better to get it over with, she pushed the button marked ‘play’. With a long beep, it began the recordings.

“This is an automated message. Your cellular balance is at zero dollars. Please make a deposit to avoid overdraft fees.” Well, that one’s not so bad.

The next few messages were roughly of the same caliber. Just people reminding her she owed them money. Then there was this message:

“Hey Beth, it’s Brad. I know you’ve had a lot going on lately, but if you’re free tonight, I’d like to take you out for drinks. See where the night goes. Whaddya say?” the machine beeped once more, and finished with, “End of messages.”

You could almost hear Beth’s eyes roll as she listened to his request. Brad had been practically obsessed with her for the last several weeks, leaving multiple messages on her machine, and forcing her to awkwardly turn down his advances while in public. Ever since what happened a while back, he’s had this belief that Beth secretly wanted him. She wondered how many more times she would have to let him down before he finally ended his pursuit of her.

Finishing off her beer can, she chucked it into a small waste bin, and shuffled into her bathroom. A hot shower might not wash away the memories of every creepy comment she received that day, but it might get rid of the smell they left on her. After turning on the hot water, she stripped off her remaining clothes. Her brunette hair had been tied into a tight little bun on top of her head, and she stopped to examine herself in the mirror. She may not have been as petite as her sister, but she considered herself a desirable woman, and carried a rack she could be proud of.

Stepping into the shallow bathtub, the hot water felt relaxing on her lightly tanned skin. Once she was fully under the water, and felt the heat run over her chest and back, she could begin to feel the stresses of her day begin to melt. With a bit of soap, she lathered herself, feeling cleaner already, and let it all rinse away. Her hands moved around her abdomen, and along the undersides of her breasts, before cupping them.

Gently fondling herself, the heat and steam began to put her in a particular mood. With a flirty smile, she playfully plucked one of her own nipples, and her hips faintly squirmed in response. She watched as her nipple began to harden, before mildly pinching it again, and again, her body responded. Her dominant hand reached lower, and felt for the small valley between her thighs, and rubbed along her labia. Craving some real satisfaction, she thought back to her favorite, go-to memory to get off to.

Two months ago, Beth had fulfilled her greatest fantasy when she spent an obscene night having sex with her high school boyfriend, being in the middle of an orgy, and spiting her bitch sister, all at the same time. Carrie had stolen Nathan from her when they were both in school, simply by fucking him before Beth had gotten the chance. Since then, her sister tried to ‘make it up to her’ by trying to set Beth up with guys ever since. It seemed fair, on the surface, but Carrie had a tendency to set her sister up with losers.

Bethany had gotten her revenge, however, when she spent a night out with her sister, Nathan, and a couple of his friends one day. Nathan drank too much, and said a few things that upset Carrie, and she left. Seizing the opportunity, Beth came back to the party early, and offered to let the guys fuck her together. They were taken aback, but soon enough, they were all over her body. Never in her life, had she been taken so completely, felt so filled and sated, and pleased in the knowledge that she satisfied every cock in the room, including her sister’s husband. The moment those memories began flooding back, she raised a leg, setting her foot on the edge of the bathtub, and started rubbing her clitoris.

She closed her eyes, remembering back to when Nathan insisted on being the first to fuck her. Beth had waited years to hear him admit how much he wanted her. She remembered how big his cock was the first time she pulled it out of his pants, and how eager she was to take him in her mouth. Nathan liked it so much, he no longer cared that he was married to Beth’s sister. Her wet body began to squirm to the rhythm of her fingers.

She remembered how she encouraged Nathan’s friends, Joe and Brad, to join in. Both of them seemed nervous at the thought of being invited into an orgy, but it wasn’t long until their hands were on her body too. She remembered how nerdy, but cute, Joe would fondle her breasts, while Brad hovered over her ass, and fingered her hot folds. As annoying as Brad had become now, Beth did enjoy the way he touched her that night. It would be dishonest to say Brad hadn’t been the subject of at least one or two mastabatory fantasies.

Her body was already heating up as her pleasure began to rise. There was a slickness on her fingers that let them glide over her sensitive little nub, and made her hunger for more. As she felt her nub grow firmer, so she slipped her middle finger inside herself, and moved it in and out of her folds. She yearned to have someone who could do this to her every day, to satisfy her needs in ways she only ever experienced a few times. If she hadn’t kept agreeing to the blind dates her sister, Carrie, set her up with, maybe she would have found one already.

Her core grew ever more hot when she thought back to how Nathan felt the first time he entered her. She dreamt of that feeling ever since the day her sister stole him in high school. He filled her so completely, and it felt like total bliss. And then he began thrusting, and her mind went crazy with lust. She’d finally done what she always wished she did back in high school. Her fingers now moved inside her rapidly, while her breathing increased. Small moans began to escape the back of her throat.

Beth would have loved nothing more than to finish this little fantasy, and bring herself to a satisfying climax under the hot water. However, after several minutes, the water was already starting to grow colder. She cursed her low capacity water heater, and shut the shower off. Grabbing a towel, she scoffed at the thought of her ruined orgasm, and patted herself dry. Her frustration drove her to hurry to the bedroom, where she could put on one of her favorite pornos, and finish herself off.

Her bedroom was fairly small, but still had enough room for the essentials, and even a small window with minivenetiain blinds. As she climbed into her full-size bed, and pressed play on the dvd player on the dresser, she reached into her nightstand drawer to retrieve her little, green, lover. The video that played on the small screen, which sat just next to the dvd player, showed a muscular, tattooed man, climbing onto a sexy woman, ready to take her rough. The woman seemed eager to receive it as she purred at him.

As Beth watched this, she looked at her green toy, and came to the realization that it wouldn’t be enough for her. She needed something more substantial, something more real. She needed a real cock to satisfy her, just as the woman in the video had. She groaned in frustration, thinking of how the hell she would find someone on short notice. It’d take too long to pick a guy up at a bar, or club, and she didn’t have any friends with benefits to call on. However, on that thought, she realized there was no reason she couldn’t set one up right now.

Returning to the kitchen, still nude, and picking up the phone, she dialed the number of a guy she knew would want her enough to come running. She hit ‘call’ and waited for him to answer.

“Hello?” a man’s voice answered. Beth could hear club music playing in the background.

“Hey, sexy. It’s Beth.” she answered, almost giggling.

“Oh, hey,” he sounded legitimately surprised, “How ya doin’? Haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“Yeah, well…” she tried to sound flirty, “Do you feel like coming over and seeing me?”

“Seeing you?”

“If you’re not busy. I’m just craving some company right now, and I kinda want it to be you, so…” she hoped he would get the clue at this point.

“Absolutely, I’ll head there right now.” it was clear he was holding back some excitement, judging by how eager he sounded. She gave him her address, and how to find her apartment, and hung up. Not long ago, the idea of calling someone up for a hook-up was ludicrous. But now, after shedding her well-behaved demeanor, she found herself feeling more empowered, and in control of her sexuality. With an accomplished grin, she returned to her bedroom to put on a robe, so she could at least open the door without the neighbors seeing her.

Within less than ten minutes of laying on the bed with nervous, and excited, anticipation, there was a knock at Bethany’s door. She quickly moved to her door, and stopped for a moment, checking herself, making adjustments, and making sure her hair looked good. She wasn’t sure why, but she suddenly cared a lot about how he would see her at this moment. With a deep breath, she opened her door, and grinned wide at the man who was there. He was tall, and handsome for a nerdy IT guy. Since the night of the orgy, he’d been the subject of more than a few mastabatory fantasies.

“Hey, Joe.” she greeted, motioning him to come inside. He smiled wide, and stepped through her door. He’d been wearing cargo shorts, and a blue graphic tee. Beth thought it was cute how he would always dress the same, whether he was going to get groceries, or to the club with friends. She closed the door behind him, and hesitated as to how to proceed from here. She’d never had a friends-with-benefits deal before, so this was all new for her.

The first thing she did was move in front of him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and locked lips with him in a passionate kiss. She worried it might be weird, but his lips felt soft, and warm, and sent a pleasant feeling down to her groin. Satisfied, she broke the kiss, took him by the hand, and led him to the bedroom as she bit her lip. Just inside, she turned to look at him, and noticed he looked just as nervous as she had been. Clearly, he’d never been in this situation either. Best to put everything on the table now, she thought.

“To be clear, I called you over because I’m horny as fuck,” she annunciated, “and I just really need to get laid. I’m not looking for a relationship, or anything. But if you’re ok with it, we can still get together for sex every now and then.” she laid it all out so casually, even she was surprised with how easy it came out.

Joe looked at her, wide-eyed, and making quick, tiny nods at her as she just gave him the grandest of offers any guy could receive from a woman like her. He may have been more shocked at the fact she had chosen him, rather than someone like Brad. Beth made a quick glance at his pants, and already made out a huge bulge poking out of his tanned shorts. She couldn’t help but do a double take, feeling her chest flutter at the thought of what waited for her underneath the fabric.

“So, we’re good?” she inquired, though her voice suggested she would let him take her whether he agreed or not.

He nodded once more, and responded with, “Yeah, I can do that.”

With that, Bethany had no other reason to hold anything back, and gave him another lustful kiss, pulling at the hem of his t-shirt. Their lips broke only momentarily as it came off over his head, and Beth hadn’t hesitated to immediately work on his belt and shorts next. Joe was completely nude in a matter of seconds. With a yank on the sash of her robe, it fell off her shoulders, and she was just as bare as him. Her body was already burning with desire as his hands explored her body. Her porn still played at the other side of the room, but neither of them really seemed to care.

As Joe took hold of her bust with both hands, cupping them, and brushing his thumbs over her hardening nipples, Beth reached down to grab his prick. Once her fingers had wrapped around it, she remembered another great quality he had. Her eyes quickly went wide again, almost forgetting how big he was the first time she’d seen his hard rod. It excited her even more, and her legs quivered as she thought about how he felt inside her the last time they met.

Having no patience for kissing and heavy petting, she turned his back towards her bed, and pushed him onto it. He looked up at her with a surprised expression as he got comfortable, and waited for her to make the next move. Beth’s eyes looked up and down his body. He wasn’t exactly muscular, but he wasn’t scrawny either. Looking back at her, around six inches, and thick, was his hardened cock standing almost straight up.

She leaned forward, resting a knee on the edge of the bed, and hovered over his lap. She held her hair over to one side, and grasped his member in her hand, stroking it as she looked up into his eyes. She craved him in a way she’d never known until this moment. Breaking eye contact with him, she parted her lips, and took him into her mouth. Though she wanted to take every inch, she found she could barely get her lips past the head. Regardless, he reacted with a long sigh of excitement.

Beth had never experienced this kind of control in her life. She felt dominant, empowered, and finally in control of her sex life. She wanted Joe’s large cock, and now she had it in her mouth, and at her command. It thrilled her to continue, letting it slide out just to the tip, and taking it back between her lips. She continued slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed as she felt fit to. Joe started breathing heavily, and Beth could feel his eyes watching her every movement. Her breasts felt fully aroused, and hot with redness. She felt her core burning with hunger, and it begged to be touched.

She could feel him getting stiffer the more she continued. For the rest of his shaft, she compensated by stroking it to match the rhythm of her mouth. Joe had been trying his damndest to keep still for her, clutching the sheets until his knuckles turned white, and holding back from squirming too much. If Beth hadn’t just started, you’d almost swear he was about to bust right this moment. She wouldn’t relent, however, and continued.

Her center was throbbing, and she was less than two seconds away from sliding him out of her mouth, and sliding him inside her cunt. Then, the worst possible thing that could occur, did. There was an interruption, in the form of a clatter coming from within the apartment.

“BETH!! Where the fuck are you?” a voice called out from the hallway. The two lovers got up quickly, and fretted at the sudden disruption. They both recognized the voice that shouted as  Beth’s sister, Carrie. Before they even had a chance to react, or answer the call, her sister barged into the bedroom, stopping when she saw the two of them in bed, nude.

The sister with the chestnut hair looked straight at Beth, “Did you fuck Nathan? I want the truth!” she demanded.

“The hell are you doing?” the brunette sister rebuked, “Get the fuck out of my apartment.”

“No, I want to know the truth. Did you fuck my husband in my own home? Yes or no?”

Her first instinct was to lie, and say ‘no’, but someone had clearly blabbed, and Beth knew it couldn’t have been Joe. Instead, she redirected.

“W-who told you that?” Beth asked.

Carrie stood there with black and gray leggings, and crossed her arms in front of her blue tank top. Beth just barely made out the word ‘Naughty” scrawled on the front. Although it seemed inaccurate at this point. She explained, “After Joe left us, Brad got pissed because you didn’t call him, instead. Then got wasted, and admitted you all had an orgy after I left, that day.”

Carrie bit her lip in furious irritation. If Brad was upset she wasn’t giving it to him, he was certainly never going to get into bed with her now.

“So it’s true?” Carrie queried.

Beth smacked the bed, “Where’s Brad now?”

“Probably getting his ass beat by Nathan right about now. Why would you do that to me, Beth?”

“Oh, you know damn well why I did it. And you know you had it coming too.” Beth retaliated, as she pointed her finger at her sister. Beth had almost forgotten she was still naked through this argument.

Carrie stood there a moment in vehement contemplation, her leg fidgeting restlessly before she finally spoke again, “Fine. Since we’re fucking each other’s boyfriends now, I’ll fuck yours, too.”

Before Beth could make a response, her sister had already started pulling her tank top off over her head, and dropped it on the ground. Her bra quickly followed right after. Beth hadn’t seen her own sister’s tits since high school, but they were surprisingly perky, and only a little bigger than Beth’s. As she slipped her leggings past her hips, Joe finally spoke up.

“Uh, we’re not actually dating.” he chimed. Beth didn’t even turn to look at him when she rolled her eyes. As if that information would even make a difference right now. It just encouraged Carrie to make a smart-ass remark.

“Oh, good,” she answered sarcastically as the leggings and panties came off her ankles together, “It won’t be a problem, then.”

“You can’t be serious,” Beth scoffed at her boldness.

Carrie strolled over to the bed, right past Beth, and climbed right onto her bed, straddling Joe’s chest. Beth watched in disbelief as her sister threw herself at the man she intended to sleep with that night, and in her own home, no less!

“Don’t you wanna fuck me too?” Carrie purred at Joe, practically shoving her bald vagina in his face. The sexy nerd was at a loss.

“Hey now, I don’t want Nathan to–”

“Nathan’s not gonna do shit,”Carrie interrupted, “because none of us are going to tell him.” she turned her head, looking back at Beth, making sure she’d made herself clear. When she faced Joe again, she scooted herself closer to Joe’s head, this time literally shoving her vagina in his face, “Now, lick my fucking pussy.”

Beth’s jaw dropped as she watched. She couldn’t see if Joe was going to do as she said, but a small moan from behind the cascade of curly brown hair revealed the answer. Joe had given in, and was performing fellatio on Carrie. She couldn’t be sure if she was more pissed at Joe for doing as she said, or at Carrie for trying to steal a man from her again! Her first instinct was to punch her sister in the face, and tell them both to get the hell out; but remembered how getting upset was the reason Carrie got away with stealing Nathan. This time, Beth would have to play hardball.

Channeling all of her anger into conviction, she grasped Joe by the shaft, once more, and slid him back into her mouth, stroking him rapidly as her head began bobbing deliberately on him. She had almost caused herself to gag when she attempted to take him as far as her throat would allow. But the more she worked him, the more her sister seemed to wriggle and coo.

“Oh my,” Carrie spoke between lusty breathes, “whatever you’re doing back there, keep it up. It’s making him try harder!” she kept her back towards Beth.

Beth wasn’t stupid, she knew her sister was just trying to psych her out, make Beth think Joe wanted her more. Beth would have none of it, and refused to be ignored. This was now a competition of who was the better fuck, and Beth didn’t plan on losing. Taking her mouth off of him, but still stroking, she took things a step higher when she climbed up onto his lap, straddling the sexy nerd, and rubbed the tip of his shaft along the soaked valley of her core. She still desperately needed to be satisfied, now more than ever. With her body already burning with lust, she lowered herself onto him, and felt him penetrate her, slowly filling her up completely.

Up to a point, Beth felt a familiar kind of pleasure she knew very well, but after passing a certain point, Joe’s member had reached places that were rarely stimulated. She cried out in bliss as she took as much as she could handle, and felt wonderful just to have him inside her. Joe groaned as he felt her wrap around him too, which stopped him mid-fellatio. Carrie turned her head to see what her sister was doing. The two of them exchanged looks, both refusing to back down.

Carrie turned back to Joe’s face, running her fingers through his hair, and looking down into his eyes. She knew, with her perky breasts, and how well she took care of her body, Joe had a hell of a view from down there. If Carrie was going to get back at Beth, she would have to use it all. She reached down to her own swelling lips, and spread them open for his tongue to glide along. Using her middle finger, she teased her own tiny nub, and felt her hips gently buck in response. She cooed from the combined pleasure of Joe’s tongue and her finger, and kept watching as he licked her.

Joe seemed reluctant to do this, at first, but seemed to warm up to it quickly. His tongue slid along her opening, tasting her arousing honey, before letting his lips wrap around the folds of flesh surrounding her clitoris. His tongue slithered past them, and teased the tiny button, sending sharp shocks of pleasure through Carrie’s pelvis, and up her spine. She shuddered and bucked at the sensation, unable to endure the assault on her clitoris.

Without her realizing, Joe’s hands had reached up and grasped her breasts. Carrie watched him massage them, and shivered ever-so-slightly when he grazed his thumb over the tips of her nipples. The sensation was half-teasing, and half-tickling. Carrie had grown accustomed to the way her husband would grope and pull on her mounds, but feeling Joe do it was something entirely new, and naughty, and brought her a strange enjoyment from it. She smiled as she felt her body getting hotter, and delighted in the idea of being pleasured by him.

Just behind her, Beth took a breath as she felt Joe’s pulsing member spreading her open, and sliding every inch into her. Her honey coated his length as she raised her hips up a few inches, and brought them down again, feeling him fill her up. Joe felt blissfully good just sitting inside her, but feeling him move in her was absolutely electric. She couldn’t be sure if it was just how long it had been since she last got laid, or the anticipation, or her sister getting her riled up, but every nerve in her body was alive, and responded to him. The more she rode him, the more slick he felt, and the better it became for her.

Her heavy breathing turned into loud moans very quickly, and began to reverberate against the walls. She didn’t want to share him with her sister. She wanted to keep Joe her’s, and keep his wonderful cock for her own enjoyment. Beth moved faster, bouncing in his lap hard enough to make smacking sounds as her ass hit his pelvis. Her lust grew rapidly, and it felt like she could explode at any moment. She’d become so sensitive, Beth hadn’t realized she had crossed over the edge, and was climaxing, until it had already begun.

“Oh fu–uck, I’m cumming!” she cried out hoarsely. Her back arched forward, her legs shaked, and she could feel the muscles of her snatch contracting around his length. She could barely keep moving along his shaft when his torso tightened, and he let out a heavy groan from underneath Carrie. He throbbed inside her as she felt something hot filling her insides.

She tried her best to keep still for a few moments until their bodies calmed down. Still huffing, Beth raised herself off Joe’s prick, feeling extra sensitive as he slid out of her. For a minute, she forgot the world around her, and let her mind fill with the euphoric high her orgasm gave her. Her pale skin glistened with a layer of sweat, her breasts were swollen, and her core felt spent, at least for the moment. Her mind was brought out of it’s haze when something caught her attention.

Carrie had climbed off Joe’s face, and now seemed focused on his softening member. She sat on her knees, bent over his lap, just next to Beth, looking at it like some tasty treat she desired. She nonchalantly grabbed the nearest piece of cloth, which ended up being Beth’s bathrobe, and used it to wipe his dick clean. Then, tossing the fabric aside, took his semi-limp prick in her hand, and started stroking him. Joe raised his head, confounded by how all of this could be happening to him. In one quick motion, Carrie took half his length in her mouth with a delighted, “Mmmm…”

Carrie’s boldness seemed to know no bounds, as she began sucking Joe’s prick just after her sister had it inside her. The more incredible thing was, Joe was becoming hard again. It seemed he had a bit more stamina than Beth first thought. He was still sensitive post-orgasm, however, and shuddered as she orally pleased him. Beth watched as she worked him, holding her hair back with one hand, and her breasts gently swaying underneath her.

Beth was strangely entranced by it. The thought of watching her sister get fucked by a man who wasn’t her husband had a strange appeal to it. Her sister insisted no one ever say anything about this, and yet, she could still hold this over Carrie’s head forever. She wondered, did Carrie think of that, or did she simply not care? Regardless, she let her sister have some fun with her lover.

Getting up, Beth stepped to the head of the bed, next to Joe. He looked at her bewildered, and still making small shudders as Carrie had her lips wrapped around his tender tip.

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do in this situation,” he whispered to her, jokingly of course. Beth giggled and grinned, before leaning down to kiss him lustfully.

“You’re gonna fuck her,” she whispered back to him. Joe’s eyes widened further. Beth could tell, behind his eyes, Joe never imagined this could happen to him in his lifetime. After a moment’s hesitation, he replied with a nod, and looked back down at the lightly-tanned booty that hung over him. A small sheen of honey covered the lips of Carrie’s labia, and seemed to call out for attention. Beth took this opportunity to take charge of the situation.

She tilted her head, gesturing for Joe to take action. Then placed a hand on her sister’s back, and one on her shoulder, gently beckoning her to stop her oral gratification. Carrie looked up at Beth, and made a face, ready to rebuke her for trying to tell her what to do. Before she could speak, Joe had slid out from under her, and had sat up onto his knees. Carrie seemed at a loss when Beth shifted her sister’s position, putting Carrie on her hands and knees. Beth smiled, appreciating the irony, even if it was being orchestrated by her own hand.

Joe took his position just behind Carrie, and stroked himself slowly before holding his length right in line with Carrie’s opening. Just as his large head made contact with her center, Carrie gasped, anticipating his size. Then, her head shot up as she felt every inch spreading her open. She cried out in sweet agony as she endured his girth, and slammed her hand into the bed, clenching the blanket within her fingers. Beth laughed inwardly, wondering how much it must have shocked her, only ever knowing how Nathan felt inside her, and then to feel something even bigger.

Taking her hands off her sister, Beth got back on the bed, sitting on her knees just behind their mutual lover, and wrapped her arms around his body. Joe had already begun slowly thrusting into Carrie’s snatch. Carrie’s heavy breaths were highlighted with moans of ecstasy. The brunette sister watched everything as she peeked around Joe’s shoulder. Her lips were raised close to his ear, and she whispered, “Fuck her good, for me…”

At her command, Joe had started moving his hips faster. Beth felt every movement against her body, her mounds pressed into his back, her arms mildly wrapped around his torso. Carrie rested her head on the blanket, moaning loudly, but muffled by it. Beth’s eyes became entranced by the small jiggles of her backside when Joe thrusted into her. The heady smell of sweat and sex was quickly filling the room. She could feel her lover’s chest heat up, and redden, under her hand. The assault on the senses drove Beth wild, and she felt a need to touch herself, again.

Her eyes remained locked on the two people having sex on her bed as she let one hand travel down to her pelvis, and let her fingers slide along the valley of her core. The sounds of squishing and smacking of their hips was very erotic to her. The comparison was shockingly similar to her favorite porno. Her sister, in almost complete submission; and Joe, the handsome hunk who dominated her. Both of them were under Beth’s control right now. It sent her into a frenzy, compelling her to finger herself furiously.

Carrie’s moans were reaching a higher pitch, and she started bundling the blanket around her face. She was approaching climax quickly, and Joe hadn’t slowed down at all. Damn, did that boy have some stamina! With an arch of the back, and a heavily muffled scream, it looked like Carrie had been pushed over the edge, and exploded around Joe’s cock. It wasn’t more than a couple thrusts after that Joe groaned, pulled out of Carrie’s snatch, and started stroking quickly.

“Oh, shit!” he cried out. His face contorted as if in agony, as small spurts of semen erupted from his large prick, and landed on Carrie’s bum. Beth’s own pleasure had been interrupted when the two of them suddenly collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and spent. With nothing to watch, Beth stopped masturbating, and looked at the two of them with pitiful displeasure. With nothing more that could be done, she joined them on the bed, snuggling with Joe.

After a couple minutes of catching their breaths, Carrie was the first to get up. She said nothing to either of them, or even bothered to look at them. She just quietly retrieved her clothes, put them on, and left out the door. Neither Beth, nor Joe, said anything to Carrie as she did. It was silently agreed no one in the room need speak of what happened. Beth had gotten revenge on Carrie, and Carrie had gotten some semblance of revenge on Beth.

“I’m not sure how I feel about all this,” Joe remarked finally.

Beth turned onto her side, looking at him, “About what, exactly?”

“Having sex with both of you, the possibility of Nathan finding out.”

Beth placed a finger over his lips, “There’s no reason for anyone to say anything.”

The two of them kissed, Beth biting her lip as it broke, “Now, I think I know a better use for that mouth of yours…”

Muse missing

Has anyone seen my muse? I can’t seem to find my muse. She’s small enough to sit on my shoulder, and spends her days whispering naughty ideas in my ear. She’s been missing for a couple months now, and I’m starting to get a little worried. If found, please return her to me. I still have incomplete work that needs to be finished, and I need new ideas for blog posts.

Caught touching, caught watching

I’m sorry if it’s been a long time since I posted anything. I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut over the last several weeks. Things have been changing, and it’s been kind of depressing to have less time to write. I’m working on finding more time to just sit down and just let the words flow out of me. But enough of my whining, let’s get to the subject.

What is it about watching someone masturbate that appeals to us so much? It is, by far, my biggest turn on to watch a woman masturbate before my eyes. More than big breasts, more than redheads, more than any other kink or fetish, nothing makes me more aroused than watching as a woman touches, teases, and pleases herself into a writhing orgasm that is decadent to the eyes. But why is watching masturbation even more erotic than sex? Why is it so much more exciting to watch people find pleasure on their own, than as a couple?

You may not share my views on masturbation, but chances are, you understand how masturbation plays a role in your daily life. I used to think it was difficult to say for certain how sexual the general public is, because no reputable study could be done. When these polls are normally conducted, they are done in online forums, or niche websites focused around sexual lifestyles. As the majority of people who frequent those sites are those who already lead active sex lives, they cannot be counted as an accurate representation of the general public.

However, in 2008, a study was conducted by Gossard Big M involving 1,000 randomly-chosen women between the ages of 18-30, and were surveyed as to whether or not they masturbated, and if so, how often. In a shocking revelation, 92 percent of women admitted to regularly masturbating. Of that 92 percent, roughly two-thirds of them did so an average of 2-3 times per week, with some answering as high as 5-8 times. That’s almost more than men jack it!

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The more I thought about it, the more I had to wonder why it was so entrancing to watch. I did some searching around, and I found a lot of information about women, masturbation, whether they like to watch, or be watched, or both. What I found was pretty broad. Some like to watch men masturbate, some like watching women, some get off on being watched, some don’t, some like watching but not being watched, some vice-versa, and some prefer only if they’re watched/watching with their partner. You could make a spreadsheet out of preferences. Ultimately, everyone has their own comfort zone, but I already spoke on this before with my post on Watching, and being watched.

There was articles and forum posts about how much women like watching, what they like to masturbate to, how often they like to do it, ways to add it into your sexual rotation, but less to do about why masturbation, itself, is more exciting to watch for many people. Until, finally, I got my answer. It seems obvious, in retrospect, but the simple answer is: you’re getting to watch something that’s normally meant to be seen by no one else. Sex is intimate, of course, but it’s also been public eye for decades in the form of pornography. Masturbation, however, is a private affair, where participants seclude themselves from the rest of the world for the sole purpose of fulfilling their own needs on their own terms.

How delightful is it, then, to discover, either accidentally, or as a voyeur, someone you find attractive touching them self in a way that brings them the best satisfaction, but the method is known only to that person? Your skin tingles and warms as you watch their technique, and see their face reflect a kind of ‘true’ satisfaction. You wonder, at that point, ‘Can I bring them the same kind of pleasure, if I were to do the same thing to him/her?’ Suddenly, you begin to fantasize about being the one giving the pleasure, and you find it difficult to keep your own hands off your body, and even more difficult to resist stepping into the room, and joining them.

Ultimately, masturbation is beginning to step out of the realm of discretion, and breaking the stigma. A Skype show is, essentially, just two individuals masturbating next to their laptops as the other person watches. Eventually, this evolved into masturbation porn, homemade masturbation porn, and even women choosing ‘cam girl’ as a legitimate career path(Apparently, it pays very well).

I feel as thought there’s not much point to this post, but I think I needed to write it as a way to get my thoughts out of my head, and onto a page once more. I know my site has become rather stagnant for the last few weeks, and I think this is just my way of easing myself back into it, and proving to myself that I’m over the rut that I’ve found myself in. As such… look at that. I wrote all of this in just over two hours. Hopefully, I’ll have some more posts and stories for you guys soon. Some of you have contacted me, wondering where I’ve been, and whether I’m alright, and if I’m going to post anything new. I assure you, I’m fine, and things are fine in my life, but I really appreciate your concern.

But, I won’t leave you without my usual ‘question for the audience’, so to speak.

What are your preferences when it comes to masturbation and watching? Do you like to be watched, or do the watching? If you’ve never tried it, have you thought about trying it? Have you ever walked in on someone playing with them self? Did you say something, or did you prefer not to interrupt them? Let me know!

Photo credit: o-wagen via VisualHunt /  CC BY-NC-ND

On Matters of Men, Romance, and Insecurity

I was recently challenged by a reader, and fellow lifestyle blogger, by the name of Katya Evangeline. The comment was on one of my earlier posts, On Female Perspective, and challenged me to show that men can desire women the way they are portrayed in romance novels, or at least, what they really think as far as romantic relationships go. Keeping in mind, the insecurities that women have towards whether a guy is actually into her, or just looking for another orifice. So, I went to work, jotting down my own thoughts on the matter, as well as researching articles on male ego, and the psychology of men as it pertains to relationships. The following is a summary of everything I found.

The first, and probably most important, thing I realized when reading an article from Psychology Today, is of how misconstrued the difference between men and women is perceived. I recalled back to a comedian I watched once, who explained how the simplest way to explain it is this: men are simple, women are complicated. I’ll admit, for a time, I thought the same way as well. Then I considered who I am now, and how much I’ve grown, both as a person, and as a male. That’s when it hit me: looking at who I was before, who I am now, who my friends are, the other men I’ve had interactions with; it became clear to me, men are just as complicated as women, if only for different reasons.

So, I dug deeper.

I was intrigued, of course, but I had to remember the reason I had begun this journey in the first place. So, how do men really view women, and their relationships with them? My answer may be a bit more complicated than you might think. The whole explanation is very detailed, and includes several parts that kind of run tangent from the subject matter, so I’ll stick to the key points. At our most basic of instincts, we’re very romantic creatures. Although we may talk a big game, and act like we don’t need anybody, the truth is: we’re absolutely terrified of being alone. Anything we may say, or do, that may prove otherwise is nothing more than an act we put on for the society that expects us to behave this way.

Everyone, from those who raise us at early boyhood, to the women we pursue, all play a part in our behaviors, and yes, our egos. Of course, we’re becoming much more aware of the cultural stigma of boys being taught to always ‘man up’ and not to show emotion, but it’s more than just our upbringing, it’s those around us during adulthood who play a role as well. If you think back, there has probably been several instances where you, or someone you know, has made some dramatic exclamation about the opposite sex. Whether it be a guy who rolls his eyes, muttering, “Women, huh?” or a lady groaning in frustration, shouting, “Ugh, MEN!!!” What this does is further build up the stigma of every person of the opposite sex only ever behaving in a particular fashion. “He can’t help it, he’s a guy” or, “What more can you expect from a man?” they all play a role in creating this image of what a man is supposed to be like.

So, naturally, when a man tries to act a particular way, outside of this expected behavior, they’re immediately shamed by friends and family, and called a woman, or the most popular phrase, a “vagina”. Some argue that being called a woman implies that women are seen as weak, and I agree, women are certainly not weak, but the insult has more to do with not finding acceptance within the group. What else can we do, but act within the expected behavior? We have to, we’re too scared of being alone.

Because of this, we never really got the chance to be open about our emotions. Men are not incapable of telling you how we feel. In truth, we know exactly what our thoughts and emotions are, but never got to practice saying them out loud. We have to keep them pressed down. I feel like I’m starting to tangent, so let’s get back to it. Just as how we conform to fit in with the group, we do so during courtship as well. At the start of adulthood, men begin as very sexual creatures, which I’m sure I don’t have to convince you of. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sexual arousal, and men produce it in droves. Just as women are still adjusting to the painful cramps, mood swings, and other unpleasant side effects of periods, guys are also still learning to ride the dragon.

Yes, at the beginning, sex plays a major role in finding a mate, but it’s not the only one. You need to understand that men also see their sex drive as a problem, and we’re insecure too. Some of us may act like sex is the only thing that matters, but that’s also to find acceptance in a society that expects us to fuck like rabbits to prove our manliness. Currently, it’s talked of how men’s egos are so sensitive, which is true, but given how we’re treated, it’s also all we know.

When you break us down, to our very core, behind the egos, behind the fist-bumping and high-fives, we want you to love us for the person that we are, and not the person we’re expected to be. We worry you might want us only for what we can do for you, to be your bread-winners. We wonder if you’ll love us even if we go broke, and you have to get a job to support the household. As young adolescents, our first concern may be for sex, but we also like to discover more about you along the way. Sometimes, we discover you’re not the kind of person we want in a relationship, so we end it, and we’re seen as pigs who used you for your orifices. But, sometimes, we like the person you are, and it becomes more than just the sex. We’ll adore the person you are underneath, and, maybe not right away, but we’ll start to go to bat for you. We want to surprise you, we’ll fight for you, we’ll take up new habits to help out around the house, just so you don’t have to work so hard, we’ll start doing several little things you might not notice, because we adore you. We’ll walk along the street, going past the flower shop we never looked at twice, and we’ll stop for the first time, and think to ourselves, ‘Maybe I should get some flowers delivered to her work’.

Moving on, I hope this can clear up any confusion on how we really see women. We can be just as insecure about why you want us, and whether you desire us, just as much as you do, if only for different reasons. We can both try to prove to the other how much we desire you, how much we appreciate you, how much we cherish you; but we live in a society that expects us to behave and react in pre-defined ways, so we end up always suspecting the other of faking it. Sometimes we do, which is terrible, and sometimes we don’t. Insecurity is a fickle beast that sits on our shoulders, constantly whispering doubts into our ears. Only when we can have the confidence to stop listening will the other person notice, and feel confident with themselves to be honest with you. That confidence carries over, and will fan the flame that fuels our desire for you.

I hope this answer is to your satisfaction, Katya. If it’s not quite the answer you were looking for, I hope it can provide the insight to help you find it. To make the long story short: men have every chance and ability to be the romantic book boyfriends you want, but perhaps not in the form you might hope for. Just as women portrayed in smut isn’t a realistic image of what women really are like, men aren’t exactly the romantic fools found in romance. But in both cases, each can become that person, in their own ways, and only if they feel their partner deserves it.

The wrench in creativity

Hello, sexy people. It’s been a while since I wrote anything new, and I do apologize for that. It hasn’t been easy lately, with the dreary weather, my landlord only just now getting around to renovating my floors, and work being especially hard lately. Depending on what you believe, you could also blame planets going retrograde recently. Whatever combination of things it is, it feels like someone has thrown a wrench in the machine that is my creativity.

Believe me, it’s not that I have just quit. I’m figuratively climbing up the walls, wishing I was writing something new for you guys. I keep telling myself each night, ‘I’ll write something tomorrow.’ Yet, weeks have gone by with nothing. I figure an update is better than nothing, and I can let you guys know I’m still around, and still trying to create new stories for you guys.

My book is coming along well, if you’re wondering. I’m planning on an anthology of ten premium stories, and five are already written, with two more planned out so far. Just gotta power through and come up with three more that fit my theme(which is going to be a surprise). I have other stories planned out for you guys to check out in the future, as well as a couple requested by some of you. Which, thank you guys for the suggestions, and I will write those stories, I assure you. I’m just not certain of when.

But, I just wanted to get on here and let you guys know. I’m still thinking of you guys, still eager to write stories that make it hard for you to keep your hands out of your pants. Oh, also, I wanna give a shout-out to my newest fans in the amazing country of Australia! You guys are awesome, and I’m glad you guys are enjoying my work. It means a lot to me that you guys have been spreading the word.


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