On Cuckoldry and Cuckqueanry

As I was doing some research for an upcoming story involving cuckoldry, I realized there was much more to this fetish than first meets the eye. As a writer of erotica, I like to understand why people take part in certain fetishes, and what appeals to them to commit to it. In turn, I like to share what I find with you, so readers can understand more about what arouses them, and writers can use the knowledge for their own work as well. It’s simple enough to proclaim that some people are just weak-willed, or easily manipulated because they’ll never do any better. But there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Cuckoldry is actually far more psychological than it is sociological, and is not at all limited to less than average-looking men. Nor is it limited to just men.

Men are often described as either Alpha, Beta, or Omega, and I’ll explain how this fits in a second. Alphas are generally the leaders of the pack, either superior in looks, strength, or intelligence, but all of them are goal-oriented. Betas are not as superior, but are best recognized for working hard to achieve what they want, despite what natural features they may lack. Omegas are the low men on the totem pole, and are neither superior, nor talented, in any regard. When most people envision a cuckold, the first thing to pop into their mind is the omega male archetype.

Now, given his appearance, lack of confidence, and low success rates, omegas have every reason in the world to submit to cuckoldry. Submission is in their nature, because they know they can never do any better than what they are given. The reason I’m stating all of this is cuckoldry is very much a play on an exchange of power within couples. But it’s not just the omegas who are in the power struggle. Beta males often take up cuckoldry voluntarily, to the point of taking the initiative to find a bull. I should clarify, a ‘Bull’ is an Alpha male who agrees to have sex with the cuck’s wife, often right in front of the cuck. But let’s start from the beginning:

A Cuckold is a man who passively submits to their wife, often called the Cuck Queen. The wife will normally voice her displeasure with her husband, and demand that she recieves the satisfaction she desires. The wife will then satisfy those desires with a bigger, stronger, more virile alpha male, known as the Bull. Sometimes, the wife will find a man to be the Bull, herself, and sometimes she’ll tell the Cuckold to find one for her. The Cuckold will usually do whatever she wants, because the wife is often much better-looking than the Cuckold could hope for, and would do anything not to lose her love and affection. Both Shakespeare and Chaucer have referred to Cuckoldry as “The Great Shame”.

In other cases, the couple agrees to strengthen their relationship by participating in Cuckoldry voluntarily. For these men, Cuckoldry is a form of psychological sadomasochism, and they get off on these types of relationships. For them, being on the outside is better than the act of sex itself. As the sex goes on between the wife and Bull, the wife will usually insult her husband, or humiliate him by describing how much better the Bull is. This kind of debasing is exactly what these Cuckolds are looking for. The worse they feel, the better it is for them.

Motivations for them to take part in Cuckoldry voluntarily tend to vary from person to person. Most of the time, it’s accessing the part of the male brain associated with mating competition. When males of any species detect that a male is with their mate, it drives them to copulate with their mate even more, or they risk missing their opportunity to procreate. Human males are no different in this regard: if another man has been with their woman, their jealousy and desire for her goes through the fucking roof, even though we have no idea why. This is especially interesting when you keep in mind that couples who perform cuckoldry are required to abandon the ‘ownership’ mentality beforehand.

If this particular fetish seems a bit one-sided to you, then you’d be correct. In fact, there is a form of this fetish that spins the roles in the completely opposite direction. When a woman chooses to become passively submissive to her alpha male husband, and allow him to satisfy his sexual desires with any woman he chooses, this is known as Cuckqueanry. The wife, or Cuckquean, will watch as her husband has sex with another woman, drawing arousal from the show. At the end of it, the husband will invite his wife to join in the sex, either with him, or just with the other woman, if the wife is bisexual, or she won’t be able to have sex at all.

Although not a requirement, the sexually dominant male may debase his wife, just as a wife would debase the Cuckold. In most cases, this doesn’t happen, but will if the husband and wife are trying to play out some kind of roles. Sometimes it’s chosen voluntarily, and other times, the wife may take interest in Cuckquaenry after experimenting with swinging, or wife-swapping. Overall, it’s very rare that a wife will take up Cuckqueanry.

Have any of you ever tried Cuckoldry/Cuckqueanry? What was the appeal in it for you? Who was the other man/woman you invited? Have you written any stories about Cuckoldry/Cuckqueanry? Tell me about it in the comments below, or in the “Wanna Chat?” tab at the top.

On Lingerie, and why men love it

Now here’s a subject I’ve been getting excited about for a while. The topic of lingerie has been hotly debated for years and years, from both men and women alike, regarding whether or not paying hundreds of dollars for something that will come off within thirty seconds is really worth it. Much of the time, the argument is broken down into topics of comfort, durability(does it tear easily?), accessibility, and of course, the cost. All of these things are good things to consider when getting lingerie for yourself, or for your lover. But, is that all there really is to it?

Just look at any woman who proudly buys and dons her sexy teddy and garter underneath her clothes. I promise, you’ll notice the cheerful skip in her step, her outgoing demeanor, and a generally suspicious attitude associated with full-blown confidence. There’s just something about wearing matching lace, along with a pair of stockings, held up with a couple tight straps. Even if none of it can be seen underneath the clothes you wear to cover it all, you know that if a man were to even glimpse at what hid underneath, he’d be helpless to resist you. You would have him kissing at your feet if it meant having you just for one night.

Since the 16th century, various types of lingerie have been invented, improved upon, re-created, and admired by both men and women. The earliest known forms of lingerie included the classic forms of Victorian corsets we’ve all seen in television and movies. Certainly, the very same design we still use to this day, if altered a bit to allow more comfort. Originally, corsets were built as a means to help ‘re-design’ the female figure. Even if women weren’t built with an hourglass shape, the corset was worn underneath garments to change their appearance. Though mostly to create the illusion, it was also used to reshape muscles, rib cages, and spines, so women would retain that appearance, even after the corset came off.

Equally as traditional as the corset, was the peep show that took place along with it. It wasn’t uncommon for ladies of wealth to invite a male visitor, or two, and depending on her wealth, even an audience, to a custom known as toilette. A time during a woman’s day, after her morning of luxurious bathing, primping, relaxation, and perhaps some time spent writing in her journal, to which she allowed herself to be observed as her handmaidens helped her put on her corset and undergarments, and getting dressed for the rest of her day. It was as much about entertainment as it was flirtation. Knowing this, it’s easy to see the drive behind the evolution of lingerie.

Since then, lingerie has evolved into many other forms, all befitting different types of women, and for various reasons. Gowns, drawers, open-crotch, closed-crotch, corselets, negligees, and teddies are among the spiritual successors to corsets, and all had a secondary purpose of signalling sexual availability. This went on until the 1920’s, when lingerie first started being made specifically for being seen by others, and not being afraid to show a little skin as well. Women who modeled in these alluring outfits were very popular among men, to the point of being pinned up on walls and calenders, hence ‘Pin up Girls’.


At this point, lingerie had begun to play a large role in the act of seduction, female empowerment, and even romance. It gives women confidence as they wear it, women wear it on special occasions and in times of passion for their lovers, and men are hopelessly smitten by a woman who wear it just for them. Hollywood has also proven this to be true in television or movies, when the female lead suddenly appears at the man’s door, only to drop her trench coat, and stun the man into silence.


Still waiting for the day a woman does this to me…

The bottom line is this: lingerie is meant to be seen. Whether it’s seen by your lover, or someone you want to attract is up to the woman wearing it. Men have always been very visual creatures, and we’re most turned on by the things we’re not meant to see. In many cases, the small bits of fabric women wear to conceal themselves can often be more alluring than the naughty bits it covers up. It shows us just how much effort you went into making us want you, and we’re only too happy to reciprocate those affections, when we get you to the bedroom, and never take our hands off your body.

Write me in the comments below. Do you wear lingerie? What kind of lingerie do you wear, and when do you wear it? Do you feel empowered, sexy, and/or confident? Do you wear it for yourself, or for someone in particular?

Erotic Romance, Smut, and the Line

I had recently read a blog post from another erotica author, like myself, who spoke about the differences between erotica and smut. Her explanation entailed there being very little, to no difference, between those genres at all. What you label your work is entirely up to your interpretation or preferences. After reading it, I found myself dissatisfied with her conclusion, and found it to be a little fluffy. Personally, I dislike when people try to blur the lines between distinct genres, and create this idea that what one person does is no different than what someone else does.

Genres exist for a reason, and the lines between them exist to create definition. When writers call their work ‘Erotica’ it’s most often used as an umbrella term that encompasses written works that involve sexual interactions, and/or deep, passionate connections. Many sub-genres of erotica also exist, but these can also be separated further into two categories: Erotic Romance and Smut. This is the blurred line I’m referring to.

As I said, these lines exist for a reason. That reason is primarily for the benefit of the reader, as their tastes differ greatly, and are subject to change at any time. Some people prefer to read Erotic Romance, and will avoid looking at any sort of smut, and vice-versa. Without the line, you run the risk of frustrating your readers with promises of one, and delivering the other instead. Please keep in mind, I’m not writing this to say that one is superior, or inferior, to the other. But I think, if people do generally believe there isn’t a difference, then it needs to be put on record what those differences are.

Erotic Romance

This category is the one many readers are familiar with, and is often the most popular use of Erotica. Erotic romance is almost always written in a way that connects it’s characters on an emotional level. Readers choose this style of writing because it stimulates them between the ears, as well as between the legs. When these stories are written, the writer focuses much more on a characters thoughts and emotions, giving the reader a bit more insight to their motivations, and reveals a much more complex character structure.

The plots of these stories are also much larger, and lead the reader through a complicated history, and series of events as a romantic relationship is formed between it’s main characters. When sex becomes involved, it can come in varying degrees, from a “fade to black” scenario to a detailed sexual interaction that could be just as vulgar as the fantasies of a 15 year old boy. In my search for answers to where the line is drawn, it seems to be agreed that vulgar sex scenes do not de-legitimize(is that a good word?) a story as a romance. Even the amounts of sex involved can vary, and could sometimes be as small as just a hint of sex, and still be considered erotica.


This category is one I am very familiar with, as it is my preferred writing style. Whereas Erotic romance tends to focus on stories that are emotional, smut focuses on the physical. Some people usually think of smut as just porn in written form, but this isn’t necessarily true. While the two do share many similarities, such as aiming to get the reader/watcher turned on, and even masturbate to it’s scenes, smut also provides more description into the people involved. While their backstory is very short, the characters are also acting in a way that isn’t scripted, or acted. It feels much more real than any sort of pornography, and in a way, is akin to literary voyeurism.

Whereas romance focuses more on the emotional relationships of characters, smut describes the passion and drive people naturally have to satisfy their sexual desires. All of us have, at some point or another, maybe even a couple times today, have had sexual fantasies that transcend any emotion. Stories will most often build with a little backstory, culminating to a passionate sexual fling. In smut, sex is always present, and always explicit. I would also like to mention, when I first looked up the definition of ‘smut’, the urban dictionary listed one of it’s synonyms as “cliterature”, which I thought was too funny not to share.

Now, this is really more my own opinion from here on, but I tend to prefer smut over erotic romance, as smut seems a bit more ‘real’ to me. I’m not saying romance doesn’t happen all the time, but it doesn’t always happen the way you imagined it. With smut, the stories are based off one’s fantasies, and exist to satisfy one’s desires. Both romance and smut allow one to live vicariously through it’s characters, but smut seems to give one a sense of satisfaction at the end of reading it. Romance tends to leave people wishing for more in their lives; wishing they could live the lives of the characters, and find the love they found.

Tell me down in the comments below, which one do you prefer, and why? Do you write one or the other, and why? What is it about these stories that appeals to you?

Beach Photography

This Erotic Bite is all about getting that perfect picture. Skilled photographers can usually manage to make any subject look amazing. But sometimes, the best subjects find the photographer. I’ve been bouncing this idea around my head for a while, and only just decided to make it into a story. Enjoy!

A flock of seagulls stood closely together, each pacing around, searching for any traces of food hidden in the sand. Knowing how skittish they were, I moved very carefully towards them. I stayed low, moved me feet closer and closer to them. A couple of them stopped and looked at me, before scurrying further away. It was a big risk for me to continue my approach, but I took that risk, and was justly rewarded.

I smiled to myself, held my body still, and waited a few moments before pressing the small black button under my finger. A series of clicks sounded from my camera, and I managed to get some amazing shots for my portfolio. Having gotten what I came for, I stood up quickly and stepped back as the seagulls scurried off away from me. I checked the screen on my Nikon D3200, and felt very satisfied with the quality of the shots. Not only did I get the angle and focus just right, but the setting sun created that effect you just can’t get at any other time of the day.

I slipped my dark sunglasses back over my eyes, and looked up towards the horizon. Without looking directly at the sun, I estimated I had about thirty minutes of golden hour left. Working as a freelance photographer seems like a dream job for any photography student, but it’s not as luxurious as it seems. You’re often stuck at your home office, only editing photos on the computer. When you do get a job to take some photos, it’s usually for condemned buildings, fundraisers, and occasionally a wedding. On the very rare occasions, you might actually get to go somewhere like a beach, and take pictures of models. Like today.

I was already done shooting photos of beautiful women, and wanted to take the opportunity to get some scenery shots for my portfolio. It wasn’t often I was able to go to the beach, so I figured I’d do this now before heading home. The beach was somewhat secluded to begin with, and was mainly owned by beachfront property owners. From where I was standing, it didn’t look like anyone else was going to be on the beach for the evening. I’d be able to take some scenic shots, and not have to worry about people being caught in the frame.

As I looked over towards the horizon, with the sun just about to dip over the line of ocean, I took the opportunity to get a shot of it. I had to change my settings quickly, and switched to a different lens. I managed to get the angle just right, with little interruption from the waves. The sea reflected the right amount of golden light to give the picture that perfect effect. I pushed the button, and smiled with satisfaction as the camera clicked. As far as landscape photos went, you probably couldn’t do better than that.

Without any other ideas for my portfolio, I grabbed my pack, and began to put my gear away. I quickly cleaned off some of my lenses before setting everything in the bag, and closed it up. As I stood up, and put the bag strap over my shoulder, something caught the corner of my eye. I turned my head to see an attractive, brunette woman walking along the sand. I was certain this area of the beach was private property. Did she live at one of these beach houses, or did she just not know? I already had permission to be here, myself, but she didn’t seem to care.

She had a slender body that was covered only by an orange, beach dress, and a pair of dark sunglasses on her face. The whole thing held up on her body by a pair of straps tied at the back of her neck. The wind wasn’t too strong, but a flowing dress like that blew around her with very little effort. As she walked past me, only a couple yards from where I stood, the light caught her dress in a way that let me see almost right through it. I hadn’t meant to stare at her, but I noticed she hadn’t been wearing a bikini or anything underneath.

She smiled at me as she passed, and I’m not sure she was aware of how transparent her dress was. Or she knew exactly how thin the dress was, and simply wasn’t expecting anyone else to be here right now. Looking at her from behind, it was certainly hard not to keep staring. She had a booty that was hard to ignore. As I kept watching her, the wind blew her dress up for only half a second, showing off her butt in it’s entirety.

My first thought after that was, ‘Man, I wish I got a shot of that’. But there was still a good chance it would happen again, so I opened my bag quickly, and pulled my Nikon back out. Keeping a bit of distance between myself and the brunette, I followed behind her. As far as anyone would be able to tell, I was just making my way off the beach, and happened to be going in the same direction. I kept my face down at the screen on my camera, looking like I was checking my saved pictures. In truth, I watched the woman from the tiny screen, waiting for the wind to blow just right as I kept my finger on the button.

I didn’t have to wait very long for my opportunity. The wind blew her dress higher again, and I took a few quick shots with no hesitation. Smiling again, I quickly looked over the photos, and was only somewhat satisfied with the results. At the risk of being discovered, I continued to  following her. A few minutes later, her dress flew up again, and I snapped the photos.

Still not satisfied, I took another risk by following closer behind her. I waited another minute for her dress to fly up once more, and snapped the photos. As the camera clicked, I saw her head turn ever so slightly to the side, then faced forward again. I worried she might have noticed me, but she hadn’t made any sort of reaction to my presence. These photos were actually pretty good, and I didn’t want to risk getting caught now.

I looked at the photos for a few more seconds, and was about to open my bag, when the brunette did something unexpected. Without turning around, or stopping, she grabbed her dress at the thigh, and lifted it up slowly. The fabric pulled up, and held against the small of her back. Her pert buttocks were completely exposed to me, and it seemed her pace had also slowed down. She didn’t say anything, or look towards me, or make any sort of sign, but I think she wanted me to take another picture.

I hesitated only for a moment, then raised my camera back up, standing still as I focused the shot, and snapped a perfect photo. The brunette slowed her pace more than before, and ran her free hand along her bronzed thigh. I moved closer to her, and took another photo. As soon as the camera clicked, her head turned, and I could tell she was looking at me from her peripheral vision. She had a wide smile on her face as she kept the fabric of her dress lifted.

It was no longer a secret what was going on between us. She knew I was photographing her, and I knew she was posing for me. At this point, I wondered if she might have been a professional model. She certainly seemed to know what to do, and she almost appeared to be playful about it. She grabbed her long, dark hair, and pushed it up as her hip swayed to the side. I smiled at her candor, and continued to take photos of her from behind.

She stopped at one point, and parted her legs, slightly, and bent over a little. I didn’t hesitate to snap a shot of that great view of her ass. As the camera clicked, she reached behind her, and grabbed one of her firm cheeks, spreading herself open a little, and leaning over further. Between her thighs, I just made out the small folds of her labia, and I froze in surprise. I knew I was being a bit voyeuristic trying to see more of her buttocks, but I never expected to get this kind of view.

Feeling a little twitch from within my shorts, I nervously brought the camera up again, zoomed the lens, and captured her womanhood. The sun had almost completely disappeared over the horizon, and I feared we would have to end this meeting soon. The sky would only remain lit for another fifteen minutes, at most. The brunette woman stood up straight again, and let the fabric of her dress fall to her knees once more, walking away. As I sulked at the short-lived adventure we were having, she stopped shortly after at a wooden staircase that led up to one of the beach house’s porches.

She placed a hand on the wooden railing, and turned to face me, waiting for me. Puzzled, I approached her, stopping just a few feet from her. She removed her sunglasses, and set them on one of the steps. She smiled widely at me, with the cutest dimples I’ve ever seen on a woman, and looked at me with hazel eyes. I was getting the impression she wasn’t done yet.

She tilted her head to the side, still smiling, and moved the orange material around her chest to expose her bust. I was very impressed with them; even if they weren’t the best I’d seen, they were still very nice. I wanted to take one of them in my hand, groping it, feeling it in my palm, but I held back. With a sly smile on my face, I photographed her again. I was still surprised neither of us said a word this entire time.

I took several more photos of her on those steps, each one with her in a different pose, and all of them with some part of her exposed for me. At one point, she untied the straps of her dress, and left the front open. I noticed her eyes constantly darting downwards, and back up again. I was also aware of the fact I was sporting a large bulge in my shorts. Neither of us were being very subtle.

She sat down on one of the steps, and lifted her dress once again. Her legs opened widely, and her womanhood was presented to me in all of it’s glory. Thus far, she hadn’t shown off more than a hint of her snatch to me, and now she showed it off, as if to a lover. My prick throbbed at seeing her puffing lips opened like that. Still, I wondered why she had taken this position now, if not for a picture.

Her hand traveled between her thighs, and her fingers slowly slid up the valley between her labia. She looked at me with a blush on her cheeks, and a look of attraction in her eyes. Her fingers continued to slide along her slit, becoming moist from her own pleasure. She slowly leaned back further, until her back rested on the next step behind her. Her eyes stayed locked on me, travelling up and down my body, as well as to my camera.

I snapped out of my mesmerized state, and readied my camera again. I took another picture of her every several seconds, while she touched herself. I wished I could be the one to bring her pleasure, to take her on these steps, and listen to her whisper my name as I entered her. But, we had only just met, and she hadn’t given me any sort of consent to touch her, so all I could do was capture her on film. These would go into my ‘personal collection’, anyway, and I would certainly enjoy looking at them later.

Her fingers slid inside of her, and she let out an audible moan. She moved two fingers in and out of her, and leaned her head back as I captured each lustful moment. My cock was almost in pain as I could only watch, but I persisted. I wanted every moment of this on film, all the way to the finish. Her fingers moved faster inside her, and her moans grew more rapid. I could tell she was getting close to her orgasmic finish.

I stopped snapping the camera, and quickly turned one of the dials to a different setting. I watched patiently as she she brought herself closer to climax. Without realizing it, I think I had my free hand reach down, and stroke my bulge over my shorts as I watched her. Her head finally tilted all the way back, and her voice clenched. I immediately held down the button on my camera, and activated the rapid shot function, sending out a flurry of clicks as it began capturing every frame of her orgasm.

Her hips jerked upward, and thrust up from the wooden step she sat on. The brunette rubbed her clitoris furiously as a stream of orgasmic juices shot out of her hot opening. I managed to capture the whole thing, but released the button the moment those juices sprayed all over me, and my camera! I took a step back as I got covered in her love juices, feeling it on my clothes, my face, my hair, and everywhere. By the time I was out of the line of fire, it was over.

After taking some deep breaths, and calming herself down, she looked back up at me, realized what she had done, and looked mortified. She struggled to get back on her feet, and approached me, “Ohmygod! I am so, so, so sorry about that!”

I tried to shake what I could off my body, then examined my camera. It was covered in liquid, “Oh no,” I spoke in a low voice.

“Oh, your camera,” she replied, noticing how bad it was, “Do you wanna come inside to clean it off?”

I looked at her, wanting to be frustrated by the potential damage, but I couldn’t be upset with her while she looked at me with those eyes. So I accepted the offer, “Yes, thank you.”

She took me by the hand, and led me up the wooden stairs. So, she really was one of the residents after all. The light was completely out of the sky now, and porch lights had flickered on. I suppose it was good that this happened, as I wouldn’t know how to part ways after that kind of excitement. The golden hour was over, but who knows, maybe my night was just beginning.


To be continued…?


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By Approval Only

Some of you may remember some time ago when I posted an Erotic Bites story called New Membership, I wrote about a couple who become members of a lifestyle club in downtown Nashville. I was inspired to write about this club after learning about it’s existence. Yes, it’s a real place, it’s in downtown Nashville, and it really is an exclusive club where people will dance, swing, and explore their own sexuality. It may seem surprising to the uninitiated, but these kinds of clubs are much more prevalent than you would think, with similar establishments in nearly every major city across the country. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Depending on where you live, there could be one just within driving distance.

Your first thought might be to worry over what happens behind the closed doors of these establishments. For some, the first image to come to mind is a modern rendition of an orgy scene straight out of Spartacus, with drugs, alcohol, and absolute debauchery rampant in some semen-covered room. The truth is actually much more sobering: safety is paramount in these establishments. The owners of these establishments hold their members to a high standard of conduct, etiquette, and even dress code. The biggest rule they have, their Golden Rule: consent is key. Nothing is ever done without consent and agreement, to ensure all parties involved have a good time.

Prospective members are normally put through a rigorous vetting process, to ensure no one who walks through their doors will likely cause a scene on their first day. This is sometimes achieved by having a friend, who is already a member, vouching for you. If you don’t know anyone there, you may be interviewed by members of the staff. These interviews can be quite lengthy, and are performed for the purpose of determining if, at all, your personality and lifestyle is parallel to what they look for.

Some clubs simply wish to provide a place for like-minded individuals to meet, and have a good time, make new connections, new friendships, and new relationships. For them, the vetting process may be somewhat easy to complete. Other clubs like the Ménages Club, the same club I used in my story, the establishment provides the same services, but also creates a place where those same, exclusive members, can explore those desires, and have a good time with new friends that same night. Obviously, the vouching you would need is equal to what these clubs will allow you to do on their premises. This couldn’t be more true for my final example:

Obviously NSFW

What you’ve just watched is an inside look in the extremely exclusive Dominus area of Snctm(spoken like “Sanctum”… I assume). This secret society was created by Damon Lawner, a 45-year old pioneer of sexual exploration. Curious as to how exclusive it is? Snctm only accepts the very best of clients, and their criteria is quite demanding. Criteria for consideration involves questions like: “If you could amplify an erotic trait in yourself, what would it be?”, “What will you contribute to the Snctm community?”, “Your greatest sexual fantasy has been brought to life, what is it?”, as well as information about your occupation and workplace. They wish to ensure members will help the society expand it’s knowledge and understanding of sexual appreciation.

If that’s not demanding enough, they also require a membership fee of $10,000-$50,000 per year, and an entrance fee of $1,800 at the door($1,500 if you bring a female companion as your guest, but a photo of her must be submitted ahead of time for approval). I’ve also heard rumor of some sort of ‘blood oath’ to be given, but that may be only a rumor. Guests who attend the parties at the Snctm Manor have a strict dress code as well: men must wear classic tuxedos and black tie, while women may wear lingerie, or a fitting cocktail dress. Every party is also masquerade style, so masks are a must.

What are you looking for in applicants?

Beauty, intelligence, wit, success, sexiness, wisdom, openness, non-judgement, desire to explore, fearlessness.


The entertainment for the evening is also as high-quality as it’s membership, ranging from exotic performances by fire dancers, to a live threesome for guests to watch, and even an individual known only as “Bunnyman”, who wears a mask and bunny ears, and demonstrates various, Japanese bondage techniques while sitting from his gold-painted chair.


When asked how Mr. Lawner finds his performers, he explains they apply to perform at his functions, and often choose the roles they play that night.

Our Devotees are like family, we watch over and protect each other, and push each other to explore deeper. My creative team and I block out performances, and create costumes and stories, but the performers choose their own roles within the theater on any given evening. It’s up to them what they desire to experience, and they often switch up roles, wanting to try new things. There is no question we give ladies the power and protection they deserve, and in turn as gentlemen we have the privilege of not only watching these ladies indulge their fantasies freely, but also have opportunity to indulge in our fantasies along with them.


The decision to even consider attending one of these exclusive establishments is a difficult one, and people have many reasons for choosing not to. Honestly, making the choice to try and gain membership is probably the harder option. If you’re considering applying, I hope the information I’ve provided will help you understand what you may be up against, and what you should be prepared to do. But before you ask, if I don’t know you personally, I’m not going to vouch for you. But if you do manage to get in, maybe I’ll see you inside.

Good luck.


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Wishing I was writing…

Well, here I am, at my laptop, with a half-finished story on my screen, and I can’t think of how to continue it. I find myself suffering from that great frustration known as writer’s block. I keep telling myself I can push through it if I just sit down and think, but I do so, and I remember why I stepped away in the first place. It’s especially frustrating as I’ve made a promise to you, my readers, that I would provide regular posts, and a new short story every week. I fear I may not be able to guarantee every week at this point.

I was really worried that might drive people away, but is it really such a bad thing?

Everybody gets writer’s block sometimes, right? it doesn’t mean we’re failing as writers, it just means the muse is taking a day or two off. I do apologize if I’m not able to bring you guys a new story this Saturday, but I’m still working on bringing all of you stories as they come to me. I’m also working my butt off to get a book published for you guys, but it’s taking longer than I expected, and I’m running low on ideas. In a nutshell, I’m working to publish an anthology of stories in the occult/witch/succubus/incubus/etc. genre. I want it to have somewhere around 8-10 short stories, so it’s worth the value. At the moment, I have 3 done, 2 started, and maybe 2 more planned out.

It’s been somewhat difficult to do, as it’s not how I usually create my stories. My stories are usually based on experiences and fantasies shared with me from friends and other readers. I want you all to know, you’re always free to send me suggestions based on what you want to read, as well as share whatever fantasies you have. There’s a good chance I’ll turn it into a story that brings it to life, and I have something new to post.

Again, I’m sorry if I don’t give you guys a new story this weekend, but I am always working to write new stories. When I get writer’s block, it’s always just a passing phase. At some point, I’ll just sit down, and pour out a couple thousand words in a single night. Until then, keep being the sexy people you all are.

Dealing with the boss’ daughter

This week’s Erotic Bite features two characters who disliked each other since they met, but find themselves becoming closer when circumstances force them to remain in the same, small room. Enjoy!

Still dark, and the parking garage was still empty. A lone car pulls into one of the spaces and shuts off. Crickets were still chirping while the streetlights buzzed overhead, and only a hint of blue formed in the night sky, signaling that dawn would soon rise. The driver door of the car opened, and a tall, black man exited. His head was shaved, and his designer suit was crisp and pressed.
Tyler was a very ambitious man, known to many people to be very resourceful, and very sought after. Furthermore, he was very good at what he did, acting as the assistant to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, as well as his concierge. His boss, Brandon Maddow, hired him two years ago to help him manage his time, and take care of the day-to-day events Mr. Maddow was unavailable to do himself. If Mr. Maddow needed his meetings arranged to fit everyone’s convenience, Tyler would be on the phone all morning, trying to negotiate schedules. If Mr. Maddow forgot about his anniversary, Tyler had a gift already wrapped, and dinner reservations at the ready.
Tyler closed his car door, and made his way to the office building, the clicking of his designer shoes echoed through the empty area as he walked. As he approached the doors, he left the glow of the orange lights in the parking garage and entered the fluorescent lights of the office building. A blast of air conditioned air welcomed him into the building as he opened the door, and the light-blue walls made him feel more comfortable. He marched down the hall, then made a turn at a junction, finding the elevator halfway down. The elevator came down and took him up to the main level of the building.
When the elevator opened, Tyler entered the atrium of the building. The floor was a shimmering tile, and walls were gilded with brass plaques. Glass doors sat at the front of the room for employees and business partners. After that was a desk where a security guard sat, and the front desk during business hours.
“Morning, Mr. Hill.” a man from behind the desk spoke to him as he walked through. He wore a blue security uniform and watched a small television.
“Morning, Jim,” Tyler replied. He gave the security guard a polite smile and nod as he passed by, as he did every morning.
At the other end of the room, where Tyler was walking, there were several sets of more elevators. Most of them were there for employees to reach the higher levels where they worked, but the one at the end of the hall was the executive elevator, reserved only for the higher-ups, and their guests. Tyler stopped in front of the executive elevator and pressed the button to call it. Within a minute, the elevator arrived, and Tyler stepped inside,
He pressed the button for the forty-fifth floor and waited as it ascended, listening to the musak he practically memorized. When the elevator stopped, and the doors opened, Tyler had reached the executive hall. The place was the epitome of luxury and business, even in the dark. With a flip of the light switches, Tyler lit up the area into its full glory. At the end of the hall was Mr. Maddow’s offices and Tyler’s desk.
The work day had begun for Tyler as he sat at his desk, going over messages, emails, and schedules. When he had a few moments, he went online to check the news. He was often the first one to arrive at the office, always making sure to be ahead on everything, so he would have the time to take care of the menial things that made Mr. Maddow’s life just a little bit easier. While others would say he was doing too much for his boss, his hard work was always rewarded when the yearly bonuses would come around. Last year, Tyler made enough to remodel his kitchen.

As business hours began, the executive hall came to life with secretaries, board members, and management delivering reports. Tyler was still hard at work, filling out paperwork on behalf of Mr. Maddow, extrapolating information he got from reports, and preparing them for filing. When his boss would come in, the only thing he’d have to do is sign each one. He heard the executive elevator ding all the way down the hall, and could almost sense it was his boss arriving on the floor. He quickly organized all of the paperwork, grabbed the planner, and stacked the slips of phone messages he’d written down earlier.
Mr. Maddow arrived in the executive hall wearing one of his best designer business suits, always made special-tailored just for him. He also had a weakness for shoes made from the best Italian leather, and always remarked on how people always looked at shoes last. Therefore, having excellent shoes make your outfit look even better by comparison.Mr. Maddow was a man approaching his fifties, with sandy blonde hair that was already graying, but always well kept. His age definitely showed, but his body still seemed rather fit.
“Good morning, Mr. Maddow.” Tyler welcomed him with a confident, husky voice.
“Good morning, Mr. Hill.” his boss replied, sounding rather chipper to begin his day, “How are you today?”
“I’m feeling well, sir. Thank you.” Tyler replied, following his boss into his office, “Johnson & Moore called, they’ve agreed to a meeting on Thursday, I’ve already scheduled it. Myrtle Beach called, and we’ve gotten approval to break ground. And I got an email from the board at VCD. They want to renegotiate the terms you gave them, but I already told them your offer stands, and none of the terms will be altered.” Tyler explained quickly and succinctly.
“Excellent work, Mr. Hill! That’s why I pay you the big dollars!” he replied, very happy with his associate, “Hell, sometimes I wonder who’s actually running this company.” he joked.
Tyler chuckled with him, “Well, your coffee is on your desk, and your first meeting is at ten o’clock sharp. Here are the reports for you to review and sign, and I’ll file them later this afternoon.”
Mr. Maddow took the pages from him, but stood a moment and looked at him with a fascination for a moment. “I gotta say, Mr. Hill, you have been quite the windfall for me these last couple years. You know, before I hired you, I had hired this bimbo to work with me as a favor, and she didn’t even last two days. There’s always a bunch of young women looking for a secretarial job, but then I found you. I was hesitant, to be honest, but I took a chance on you. And you turned out to be a great asset, and a great friend.” his boss seemed to be very earnest. He’d never mentioned this to Tyler before.
Tyler was flattered by his boss’ kind words. He knew his boss was really a nice guy, and they did spend time together, chatting whenever they went to the gym or had lunch together, or when Tyler went with Mr. Maddow on a business trip. After two years of his employment, Mr. Maddow never said that to him before. Still, it made Tyler’s day, and he felt like there wasn’t anything that could ruin his day now. His boss made his way into his office, eager to take care of the day’s tasks.


As the afternoon began, Tyler had left the office for lunch. Upon his return, he felt a bad vibe in the office area. Something had happened on the executive hall that made the air feel uneasy and filled Tyler with anxiety. Sure enough, as Tyler walked into the room, he saw the cause of it sitting on one of the lounge couches. A woman who was notorious for giving Tyler a rough time was sitting down, texting on a smartphone.
She had bottle blonde hair, and a designer outfit that was more expensive than fashionable, and radiated the privilege of a nineteen-year-old spoiled brat. She had a bit too much eye makeup and seemed to be trying to emulate some kind of celebrity look. Conversations with her in the past have always left Tyler feeling as if he’d lost a few brain cells, yet, he didn’t have much choice. As part of his job, he sometimes had to deal with this young woman, who happened to be Mr. Maddow’s daughter, Nikki Maddow. As much as he wished she wouldn’t notice him, her brown eyes looked up and locked with Tyler’s as soon as he crossed in front of her.
Left with no options, he faced the issue head-on, “Good afternoon, Ms. Maddow. Are you here to see your father?”
She gave a coy smile, and cocked her head back, “Yes, but he’s in a meeting. So, now I have to wait out here with you. I’m not happy about it either, but I would appreciate a coffee from downstairs if you don’t mind?” she asked, looking back down at her phone.
“We have coffee up here, too.”Tyler tried to explain.
Nikki looked back up at him, her face seeming almost offended by his words, “I don’t like the coffee up here.” she stressed her words to him, “I prefer the coffee they have in the atrium. Black, two sweeteners.”
Tyler sighed, exasperated. In truth, the coffee in the executive hall was far better than the coffee from the small kiosk in the atrium. They both knew it, but the boss’ daughter liked to push him around, and have him do things that were unnecessary, just to annoy him. Still, Tyler did as she asked because she was his boss’ daughter. So, he turned around and headed back for the elevator.
Down in the atrium, he found the coffee kiosk and ordered the coffee as the young lady asked. She didn’t come by her father’s office very often, but when she did, she always did whatever she could to make him miserable, if only for a few minutes. The barista handed him the black coffee, and he paid for the cup. Tyler went back to the elevator and ascended back up to the executive floor to Mr. Maddow’s lobby. As soon as he gave the coffee to Ms. Maddow, she took it without saying a word and set it on the side table next to her.
With a sigh, Tyler returned to his desk to resume his work. He kept on eye on Ms. Maddow, making sure she wasn’t planning some kind of prank, or cause any trouble. As he suspected, ten minutes had gone by, and Nikki didn’t even take a sip of the coffee he brought her. As he watched her, Nikki crossed her legs, and Tyler looked at them for the first time since he’d really known her. She may have been a pain in the butt, but she looked pretty good.
After nearly half an hour of waiting, Nikki seemed to be fed up with waiting and stood up to walk to Tyler’s desk. He braced himself, knowing she was about to make a scene.
“Is my father going to be done soon? I’m not gonna sit here all day.” she almost shouted.
“I’m sure his meeting will be concluding soon, Ms. Maddow.” he tried to calm her.
She scoffed at him, “Don’t give me that crap. You’re his assistant, you should know when he’s gonna come out. Are you just covering for him, or are you just stupid?”
Tyler almost rolled his eyes at her but resisted out of professionalism. Instead, he took a small breath and calmly replied to her, “I don’t know if his client will have additional questions, or maybe they’re having a conversation. In any case, I’m sure it won’t be much longer. If you’d to take a seat and wait, plea–.”
“Oh, fuck off, man!” she blurted out. A few people in the hall heard the commotion and stopped to watch from afar. “Like your job is really that fucking hard! I tried to get my dad to hire one of my friends, then he just fires her and hires you the next week. Like you’re so much better than her, but you’re not!”
“Ms. Maddow, please!” Tyler almost had to speak over her. She stopped talking but crossed her arms defensively. He continued, “I’ll call his phone, and find out if he’ll be out soon. Until then, please have a seat.” he told her, his voice frustrated.
Nikki didn’t look pleased that her father’s assistant talked back at her, but after a moment of her staring at him, she turned and sat back down in the lounge chair. Tyler knew it was wrong for him to interrupt Mr. Maddow’s meeting, but if it would get the bitch off his back, he’d bite the bullet. He took another deep breath and reluctantly dialed the extension for his boss’ meeting room. It rang a few times before the call was picked up.
“Yes, what is it?” Mr. Maddow answered, sounding a bit annoyed.
“Sir, your daughter’s here, and she’s anxious to know when you’re meeting will be concluding. What should I tell her?”
There was a long sigh, and Tyler knew the news wasn’t going to be good. He expected his boss to say something along the lines of another hour or so, but his answer was worse.
“Damn it, she’s getting a new apartment in town for school. I’m supposed to be there to sign for her lease, but I may be busy for a while.” he explained, “Hey, you’re already co-signed to my business account, right? Can you do me a huge favor and take her to the apartment building for me?”
“Uh, sir, I–” Tyler tried to protest.
“It’ll be fine, just take her there, make sure she likes the place, then approve the lease for me. After that, you can take the rest of the day off. Can you do this for me?”
Tyler was very conflicted. On one hand, he didn’t want to have to deal with Nikki any more than he needed to. On the other hand, it was his job to take care of tasks like this when he could.
“Yes, sir. You can count on me,” he replied.
He heard a sigh of relief from the other end, “Thank you, and please express my apologies to her.”
Tyler hung up the phone, and sat a moment, mentally preparing himself for his afternoon babysitting the brat. After a few moments, he stood up from his desk, walked over to Nikki, and stood in front of her a moment before giving her the news.
“Your father won’t be available for some time. He’s asked me to take you to your apartment building, and approve your lease on his behalf. He also wanted to tell you he’s sor–”
“Whatever,” Nikki replied nonchalantly, getting up and taking her purse. “Let’s go, then.”
Tyler led her to the elevator, and through the building to the parking garage. To Tyler’s surprise, his boss’ daughter didn’t say much during the trip. Even while on the road, and the moments they were stuck in traffic, Nikki didn’t say a word. He expected her to try to berate him along the way, and yet, she didn’t. Was she troubled that her father didn’t take her, or did she just not care?
Against his better judgment, Tyler decided to say something to her. “You’ve been pretty quiet so far.”
“Am I supposed to talk?” she asked casually.
Tyler tilted his head, “No, but I just want to make sure things are ok between you and your dad.”
Nikki scoffed at him, “Honestly? I just wanna get this over with, so I don’t have to see him as much. Once I get my own place, I can finally do what I want.”
“I see.” he replied, “So your dad doesn’t let you bring boyfriends into his house?”
“I don’t have a boyfriend. And that’s not all I wanna do, either!” she insisted to him.
Tyler smiled, knowing that for once, he was annoying her this time. “I do apologize, miss. So, you’re excited to be on your own then?”
“Yes, now shut the hell up and drive,” she told him and turned her head away from them. Neither of them said anything further for the rest of the drive. It wasn’t much longer before they had arrived at the address of the apartment building. Stepping out of the car, Tyler looked up and saw how the building must have been at least thirty stories. The craftsmanship of the walls outside gave it a clear feeling of high society. Tyler admired it but saw Nikki already hurrying inside, so he followed her.
The lobby just inside was very nice, if empty, and featured some knock-off artwork on the walls to give it a more sophisticated feel to it. Tyler followed Ms. Maddow down a hall that turned off from the lobby and reached a room that must have been the building manager’s office. Nikki was already at the front desk, asking the receptionist about her apartment. The lady behind the desk was middle-aged and wore a blue blazer over her white v-neck shirt. She informed Nikki that the manager was already waiting for her on the floor of her apartment.
Nikki thanked her, and the two of them went back down the hall to the lobby where the brass elevators waited for them. Tyler noticed the lady seemed to be in a hurry. She had mentioned having plans later, but for a girl her age, that usually meant just meeting a friend at a club somewhere. Perhaps her plans for later included moving into the apartment before nightfall, he thought. The elevator dinged, and the doors opened, showing no one currently inside.
The two of them stepped inside, and Nikki pressed the button for her floor. Tyler didn’t see which floor it was, but it was somewhere halfway up the building. The elevator itself was very clean, carpeted, spacious, and didn’t smell of urine, the way many apartment elevators usually did. The doors closed, and the room seemed to ascend slowly. Tyler noticed the walls were a clean, stainless steel, and this elevator seemed to play the same muzak as the one at his office building.
The ascension was slow and boring, but after six floors, the two of them heard a creaking noise. There was a loud noise, and the elevator shook violently, causing both of them to lose their footing. Then the room calmed down, but no longer seemed to be ascending. Tyler immediately opened the small panel just beneath the floor buttons and picked up the emergency phone.
“What the hell happened?” Nikki asked, sounding a bit scared.
Tyler shushed her, “I’m trying to see if I can get a hold of someone.”
There was still no answer on the phone for over a few minutes. They were getting quite nervous about their situation until the phone finally clicked.
“Hello?” a woman’s voice answered.
Tyler seemed a bit more hopeful, “Yes, we’re stuck in this elevator, can you get us some help?”
“Oh, hold on, let me call the building manager. I’ll be right back.” the voice replied, then clicked again as they hung up. Tyler gave Nikki a hand gesture signaling for her to keep calm. However, she still seemed to be rather on edge about being stuck in a small room. He wanted to reassure Nikki they would be fine, but had to stay on the line until they knew what the plan was. It was nearly ten minutes before the phone clicked again.
“Hello? Are you still there?” spoke a man’s voice this time.
“Yes,” Tyler answered, Nikki’s face also shot up in suspense, “We’re here.”
“I’m the building manager, I came down as soon as I heard and called the maintenance crew to come get you out. Is it just you in there?”
Tyler was pleased by this good news, “No, there’s a young woman in here with me too.”
“Ok, well, for the moment, you two are perfectly safe. The elevator locks to the shaft if there’s a problem, so you’re not going anywhere. The bad news, however, is that the maintenance crew won’t be here for at least an hour. But I promise you, we’ll get you out as soon as possible.”
Tyler let out a deep sigh, “I understand, thank you.”
“Just hang in there, ok?”
“Yeah.” and with that said, the emergency phone clicked once more, and Tyler hung up on his end. He looked over at Nikki, who had been watching in suspense, waiting to hear some news.
“Get comfortable, we’re gonna be here a while.” he told Nikki, his voice monotonous and deep.
“Is someone coming for us?” she asked in a panic.
“Yes, but it’s gonna be at least an hour, he said.”
Nikki seemed to be in more of a panic. Her hands began to shake, and fear was on her face.
“Hey,” Tyler tried to get her attention, so he could calm her down, “We’re locked to the shaft, now. We’re not gonna plummet to our deaths if that’s what you’re worried about.”
The young lady’s face seemed to be calming, “Are you sure?”
Tyler nodded, looking confident. His response seemed to relieve Nikki’s tension, “We’re not in any danger, we’re just gonna be stuck in this room for a while, that’s all.”
The next few minutes were spent in silence. The two of them were still getting used to the idea that they were going to be there for a while. At the very least, Nikki had calmed completely and just sat silent. She tried to check her phone, and held it up in the air, moving it around. It looked like getting a signal in this elevator was nearly impossible.
“Well this is just great,” Nikki said, breaking the silence, “I just wanted to get my new apartment, and have this cute guy help me move my stuff in tonight. But instead, I’m stuck in here with my dad’s assistant, and now I can’t even call him to let him know what’s going on, so he’s gonna think I’m blowing him off!” she was clearly frustrated as she ranted on about it.
Tyler could only chuckle as he sat on the floor across from her, “So you were planning on bringing a guy up here.”
Nikki looked at him with a look of shock and outrage, “How dare you! You’re supposed to show me more respect than that!”
Tyler knew she was right, and he would probably get an earful from her father later, but he didn’t care at the moment.
“And what do you have to laugh at? At least I can have a date. You can’t because you’re always working for my dad.” she tried to berate him.
Tyler clicked his tongue, and looked away from her as if to give the impression that he didn’t care what she had to say. She was always either having him do meaningless chores for her or just berating him at his desk. He was in no mood to put up with her now.
Nikki then decided to take things up a notch, “I bet you’re probably in love with my dad, aren’t you? You probably jerk off to his picture, too.”
“Hey!” Tyler almost shouted. This time, she was taking things too far, “I’m not in love with your dad. And not that it’s any of your business, but I’ve been with plenty of women. And they’re a lot classier than those savings bond chodes at your private school.”
Nikki scoffed, “Whatever, I can probably fuck better than any woman you’ve been with.”
“Sure,” Tyler replied.
Nikki could tell he didn’t believe her, and she stood up, “I’m serious, there’s not much that shocks me. And what would you know about the guys at my school? Some of them probably got a bigger dick than you.”
“I doubt that.” he replied, amused.
“Oh? Back it up, then. Let’s see it!” she challenged him.
Tyler looked at her pretty shocked now, “I’m not going to show my penis to my boss’ daughter, especially not in an elevator.”
“Why not?” she instigated, “We’re stuck here anyway, and we got time to kill. And you know what? I won’t even tell my father about this. So let’s see it.”
Tyler was flabbergasted by her change in attitude. He’d never seen this side of her before. Usually, she would just throw her status at him to push him around, but now, it seemed like she had something to prove. He hesitated, thinking it would be better not to risk his job over this. However, if she was telling the truth, this would probably be his only chance to put this brat in her place.
He stood up, watching her face for a few moments. There didn’t seem to be any sign that she was lying about keeping it between them. Slowly, he unfastened his belt, and her reaction didn’t change. After it came undone, Tyler unbuttoned his trousers and reached into his boxers. It was the point of no return, and Nikki still looked serious about her offer. Her face only changed when Tyler finally pulled out a thick, black cock nearly seven inches in its soft length.
Nikki’s eyes grew a bit, while her face tried to hide the surprise she felt inside. She may have done some big talking, but when Tyler’s rod came out, she blushed a little. She tried to speak while attempting to hide the fact that her eyes were fixated on his dick, “It’s… I-It’s not quite the biggest I’ve seen.” she spoke in a low, somewhat embarrassed voice.
“Well,” Tyler said, now feeling full of confidence, having humbled the brat, “It’s even bigger when it’s hard.”
“Why aren’t you hard now?” she said, not sounding so big anymore.
Tyler chuckled quietly, “Because I’m not as excitable as the boys at your school. And, there’s usually a sexy woman in front of me who can get me hard.”
Nikki looked almost offended, “Are you saying I’m not sexy?” her big voice was coming back, “I can be fucking sexy, too.”
Tyler raised his eyebrows, “Well, since we’re not going to say anything about what happens in this room anyway…” he challenged her now.
Not wanting to look like she couldn’t back her own words either, she opened up her top and showed off her breasts to him, her face looked determined. She looked up at the large, black man, and massaged her own breasts as he watched, and slowly moved her hips. Tyler smiled, amused by the poor excuse of a striptease, yet, he thought she had nice tits. He’d never seen this much of them before, but they seemed to be a large C-cup.
Nikki saw that there was no change or reaction from his dick. She took the lack of growth as a personal offense, “What? Not sexy enough for you?”
Tyler laughed, “Like I said…”
“Yeah,” she interrupted, “I know what the fuck you said.”
She stepped closer to him, and Tyler couldn’t tell if the look on her face was resentment, or some kind of lust, or both. She lowered herself down in front and grasped his soft cock in her hand. Tyler was alarmed but didn’t stop her as she began to stroke his shaft.
“Is this what gets you hard? Huh?” she said to him. Her voice was sultry, but somehow, seemed to still have a bratty tone about it.
Tyler had to admit, it was hard not to enjoy this kind of foreplay. He was slowly starting to get more and more hard for her. In the back of his mind, he prayed she would keep her word about this staying between them. Within seconds, Tyler was fully erect, and the stroking slowed down. He looked at Nikki, who seemed to be in a state of awe as she stared his dick, now standing firm at nine inches, and a greater thickness than before.
“Oh my god…” she whispered. There was no denying how impressed she was at this point. Blushing again, Nikki seemed to hesitate as she held it in front of her face, then opened her mouth, taking his shaft.
Tyler was in utter shock of her actions and exhaled as he felt her mouth over his length. She was barely able to take more than the head into her mouth, but she sucked on it with determination. “Why are you doing this?” he asked her.
Nikki pulled her mouth off and looked up at him, “I told you. I can be fucking sexy if I want to, and I’m gonna prove it.” she said, going back to sucking his head.
Tyler felt it was safe to say that this would be their little secret, and looked down at her, watching her, enjoying her. He watched as her breasts swayed as her head moved on his dick. She looked up at him and noticed him looking at her chest.
“You like them, don’t you?” she asked, her voice now completely sultry, “You wanna touch them? Then do it.” she went back to pleasing his cock again.
He reached down, and tenderly grabbed her left breast. He massaged it, and brushed his thumb over her nipple, moving in circles around her areola. She must have liked it too, as she moaned in the back of her throat, and sucked on him harder. He massaged her breast more, seeing just how much she liked it. While he watched her, he noticed her free hand had disappeared under her skirt.
It excited him more to know she was becoming very aroused by him. Strangely, he found himself really wanting to fuck her. He couldn’t stand the little brat, but his discontent for her only seemed to make him want to fuck her more.Did she feel the same way, with his large rod in her mouth right now? Tyler ran his fingers through her hair, and grabbed it, pulling her mouth of his member. She groaned a little from the pain of his rough pull.
“How about you stop playing with yourself, and let me show you what I can do for your pussy.” he spoke to her with a tone he often used when speaking to a lover.
Nikki blushed again, her eyes showed she was nervous, but also excited. Tyler placed his hands on her hips and stood her on her feet. Then he turned her back to the wall and pushed her against it. She gasped, but didn’t resist him, and said nothing as he pulled her skirt up higher, and slowly pulled her panties off. Her breathing was becoming heavier as he knelt down in front of her, and lifted one of her legs by her thigh, and his face barely inches from her shaved cunt.
Nikki kept her arms on the steel walls to keep her balance. She watched as he rested her leg on his shoulder, and felt his lips touch her moistened opening. She gasped as his tongue came out, and slither on her. She felt his tongue slide up and down her labia, sending waves of lust through her body. Each time it touched her little pleasure button, her hips bucked a little. Her heavy breathing escalated into moans as her pleasure was brought higher and higher.
Tyler had only been teasing her at first, but as her lust was building, he focused his efforts on making her orgasm. Her thighs began to quiver like she was going to lose balance, but her moans were becoming louder. He held her thighs steady, knowing she was going to clench them as soon as she climaxed. Within a few seconds, her body tensed, her thighs tried to close together, and her labia became hot on his tongue. She hollered as she orgasmed for Tyler.
Nikki’s chest heaved as she came down from her lusty high. She massaged her own breast slowly as Tyler let her leg down, and he stood up again. He thought this might have been the end of their little, forbidden adventure, and expected to see his boss’ daughter get dressed at this point. Instead, she only looked up at him, her brown eyes were still full of lust, and she didn’t stop massaging her breast. She said nothing but just looked up into his eyes, waiting for him to do something more.
If she wanted more from Tyler, he wasn’t going to pass up this chance. Her face was saying, ‘what are you waiting for?’ and he still hadn’t gotten off yet. He grabbed her by her waist, and pulled her away from the wall, just so he could turn her around, and push her back into the wall. She let out a groan of excitement from the rough treatment. She wanted him to be rough, just as much as he wanted to be rough with her. The moment she made a thud on the wall, she arched her back to raise her butt higher, offering herself to him.
Tyler teased her backside at first, spreading her tight ass cheeks, and running a finger up and down her hot womanhood. Nikki looked back at him, biting her lip as her eyes begged for his cock. As Tyler brought his throbbing, black phallus to her opening, she gasped in anticipation. She’d probably never had a dick this large inside her before this moment. She called out his name as he slowly entered her, moaning like a beast in heat for him.
Tyler kept pushing his length into her but found that he could go no further with only a couple inches remaining. He slowly began to move inside her, feeling her walls clench around his shaft. She continued to moan in utter ecstasy as she felt every inch of him stretching her insides. Her breasts pressed against the cold, steel wall. Gradually, he began to thrust faster inside her.
Very quickly, Nikki began to orgasm again, unable to take constant stimulation Tyler was giving her cunt. Her honey flowed from inside her, and coated his cock all over, lubricating him more as he continued to thrust. Nikki was losing all control of herself as her mind began to go blank. Tyler loved the fact that he had the little brat whimpering for him, but he wasn’t satisfied with just fucking her like this. He wanted to take it just one step further, just to make sure she was brought down by him.
With his dick well-lubricated by her orgasmic honey, he pulled out from her pussy, and slowly pushed the head of his member into her anus. She clenched up, shocked by what he’d done, but he’d taken a hold of her and didn’t pull out right away. Her breaths strained, clearly never having taken a cock in her ass before. Tyler didn’t relent, and Nikki never actually protested it. Little by little, her body began to relax, and Tyler was able to push in a little deeper, and begin to thrust slowly.
Nikki groaned the way any anal virgin would, but Tyler saw that her hand had returned between her legs, rubbing her own clit furiously. Even though this had been her first time, she seemed to be enjoying herself anyway. It encouraged Tyler to keep ass-fucking her, and he finally felt like he had dominated her. Before this day, he’d never thought he would get this kind of satisfaction. He began to really enjoy fucking the brat’s brown hole, probably more than any other partner he’s been with.
He was finally beginning to feel it. His own orgasm was approaching, so he kept working his cock into her, hoping to finish before the maintenance crew would arrive. As he got close to the edge, Nikki cried out again. She had been pleasured so much that she was climaxing again, only this time, there was a small spurt of juices shooting from her womanhood. Her whole lower half clenched, and it was enough to make Tyler reach his edge. He quickly pulled his large dick out of her ass, and he stroked himself hard, grunting as he shot long strings of cum onto Nikki’s ass cheeks.
The blonde brat looked behind her again as she felt the hot spunk on her skin, and saw that Tyler had finally been spent. She turned around with her back against the cold wall and slid down onto the floor, exhausted, used, and very satisfied. The two of them looked at each other as they caught their breaths, and laughed. Neither of them could believe the acts they had just done and knew things would have to change between them.
Before they could even get dressed again, the emergency phone rang. Surprised, they looked at it for a moment, and Tyler got up to answer the call.
“Hello?” Tyler asked.
The building manager’s voice was on the other end again, “Hi, are you two doing ok in there?”
“Yeah, we’re fine,” Tyler replied.
“Great! Listen, the maintenance crew has just arrived with the emergency gear. They said they can get you out in the next twenty minutes. So, that’s good news. Just hang in there.”
“That’s great,” he replied, “We’ll see you then.”
As Tyler hung up the phone, he told Nikki the news, and in a panic, they hurried to get their clothes back on. The maintenance crew arrived sometime later and got them out of the small room. Needless to say, Nikki blew off the guy she was planning to meet that night and invited Tyler to come by instead. He agreed; after all, he had the rest of the day off.



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Caught by the babysitter

This week’s Erotic Bite tells the story of a couple who finds themselves needing a babysitter for their son. They find Adria, and agree she’s perfect for the job. Soon, Adria begins to remind the father of a younger version of his wife, and finds himself drawn closer and closer to her.

The bright glow of morning began to shine through the blinds of the bedroom window. Although it did not shine directly onto the bed, it was still enough to stir the sleeping, brunette man that laid in bed, asleep. As he took his first deep breath of the day, his arm reached up above his head, and shifted his body to stretch his muscles. The grey sheets slid down his body, revealing a fit, shaven abdomen. It was almost a very relaxing wake-up, until the alarm went off next to him. Rick turned his head quickly, and reached over to shut it off with a slap, cursing it.

He laid his head back on his pillow, and rubbed his hand over his face. There was a good amount of stubble, and he’d need to shave before work. His eyes began to focus, staring at the ceiling, after rubbing the sleep from them. Just next to him, he felt his wife begin to stir, but settled again, not too disturbed by the sound of the alarm. He couldn’t see her face, as she laid with her back to him, but her silky, black hair rested on the pillow. Rick slowly pulled the covers off of his body, and quietly got up, making his way to the adjacent bathroom.

His skin began to feel a bit cold as he relieved himself, and moved quickly, but quietly, back into bed to warm himself up again. As he climbed back under the covers, his wife turned over onto her back, and gently cooed, still half asleep. He smiled, looking at her, admiring how beautiful she looked, even when she was just waking up. Carmina was an exotic woman with olive skin and the most beautiful almond-shaped eyes Rick had ever seen. The sheets had been pulled down a bit, and showed off her thin, white nighty barely able to cover the larger, natural breasts Rick was so fond of.

Rick watched her, and knew he had to make sure she was going to wake up, but he was drawn to her dark nipples, barely covered by the nighty. He was already feeling himself getting a bit hard as he licked his lip, and bit it. He’d been married to Carmina for eight years, and her body still had a huge effect on him. He gently brushed the hair from her face first, thinking it might draw her from her sleep, but barely affected her. Looking back down at her chest, he couldn’t resist gently taking one of her breasts in his hand, and slowly massaged it.

His exotic wife squirmed a bit, and cooed for him again. She wouldn’t open her eyes, but she slowly bit her lip as he continued to tease her breast. He knew his wife was waking up, and she was getting in the mood as well. He felt her nipple becoming hard under his fingers, and gently squeezed them between his forefinger and middle finger. Carmina inhaled sharply, and bit her lip more as she squirmed a bit more, but still refused to open her eyes. Rick took it as a challenge to see just how much he could tease his wife before she would give in and admit she was conscious.

Although, it seemed two could play that game, as Rick felt his wife’s hand grasp his hardening shaft, and started stroking him. There was no denying she was awake, but she clearly wanted to play this game just a little longer. Rick doubled down, and massaged both of her breasts with both hands, putting in more effort to tease them. Carmina was loving it. She bit her lip, and put some extra effort into getting him good and hard as well. It was too soon to know which of them would give in first.

Just under the covers, Rick could see the her legs begin to part more and more, and there was movement around her crotch. His wife was rubbing herself, and Rick knew it was about to come to a head very shortly. Her breathing was picking up, and she seemed to be trying to hold back letting out some very erotic moans. Her eyes were beginning to open as her cheeks flushed with arousal. Her honey-colored eyes looked up at him, and she smiled at him seductively, emboldening him to take her now.

He rolled over onto her, holding himself up above her, watching her eyes beg for him. Her legs had spread even further apart, and she used her fingers to open up her glistening womanhood, inviting him into her. Rick’s wife had always been a very sexual person, and never passed up a chance for great sex with her husband. He brought his stiff, hard rod to her opening, rubbing the head along her juices, coating the head, and pushed his hips forward. Carmina tilted her head back, and made a low groan as she felt his prick inside her.

Her insides always felt like warm silk wrapped around Rick’s cock. He moved slowly inside her, getting his whole shaft lubed with her honey. His caramel-skinned wife wrapped her legs around his waist, and she used her ankles to push him deeper into her as she moaned quietly. Rick could feel her body getting hotter with excitement, and was about to really give it to her. But his efforts were extinguished completely when a soft knock on their bedroom door was heard.

“Mommy?” a young boy’s voice spoke from behind the door.

In that one moment, Carmina’s libido had dropped like a stone. When she was in the bedroom with only her husband, she was the exotic, sexual animal that only Rick could sate; but as soon as their son, Michael, entered the picture, she was ‘mommy’ first.

“Yes, sweety?” she called out to him from bed. The two of them had stopped moving completely from the neck down. Rick sighed in frustration, knowing neither of them were going to get to finish that morning.

“Mommy, can you make breakfast for me?” Michael asked, not opening the door. Rick and Carmina made it a rule that their son was never allowed to open their bedroom door when it was closed, for obvious reasons.

“Ok, baby. Let mommy get dressed, and I’ll make you some cereal.” she answered to him. She looked up at her husband with apologetic eyes, “I’m sorry, hun.” she whispered.

Rick groaned as his wife pushed on his chest, and his softening prick slid out with a tiny ‘plop’, rolling onto his back next to her. She got up, and let her nighty slide back down over her hips and shapely, latina butt. Rick looked her body up and down, and still couldn’t help but wish they could finish what they started, but all he could do was say, “Damn…”

“I know, hun.” she said, putting on her morning robe, “But he starts school today, and I need to make sure he’s prepared, and finds his class. We can always pick this up again tonight, once he’s in bed.” she smiled, coming back to kiss him, and left the room.

Rick had always imagined things would get easier once Michael started school. The first few years of having a child are always difficult, of course, but he’d always thought he would learn to have more independence once he started school. But Carmina was also the type to be super advocating for Michael. She had high hopes for him, and encouraged him to get the best educational experience he could get. Rick wanted the best for his son as well, but also believed he and his wife needed some time to themselves once in awhile too.

The day had gone very well for the family. Carmina made sure their son looked good with his new school clothes, his hair brushed, his lunch packed, and all his supplies in his backpack. He was already a good-looking boy, with his father’s good looks, and his mother’s eyes and tanned skin. Rick and his wife watched with pride as they took their son to his first day of elementary school. Rick had to urge his wife to leave afterwards, worried she would wait in front of the school all day if he didn’t. Needless to say, she was a bit emotional as they left for work afterwards.

Later that afternoon, Carmina had left work to pick up Michael from school, but not without consequence. After Rick had come home that night, his wife had described how her supervisor was none too happy that she had to leave so early in the day.

“Well, doesn’t he know that you need to pick him up from school each day? What does he expect you to do then?” Rick discussed.

His wife shrugged, “I asked him that too, he only reminded me that I made a commitment to a specific quality of work, and I can’t do that if I have to leave early each afternoon.”

Rick scoffed, “Your boss is an ass. Probably doesn’t have any kids of his own.” It was a conflicting situation. Carmina worked in advertising, which paid very well for them, but was also very demanding. She couldn’t just quit to be a stay-at-home mom. Rick looked into the next room, and watched his son playing with his toys by himself, and considered his options.

“What about a babysitter, just for the afternoons? Someone who could pick him up from school, and watch him until we come home from work each day?” he suggested, “I mean, he was going to daycare before, this shouldn’t feel any different for him.”

Carmina looked up at him, looking intrigued by the idea. She twirled her finger through her ebony hair as she considered it, as she always did. She curled her lip, “Can we afford it?”

Rick nodded once, “We should. It’s only for a few hours each day.”

His wife didn’t give a reply, but turned towards the computer on the table, and did a search for local babysitters. A slew of results came up almost immediately, and there was no shortage of available babysitters. Carmina checked each one, and quietly muttered their qualifications and ratings, filtering through them all. Rick stepped into the kitchen nearby to pour himself a cup of coffee while his wife worked.

“Here’s a good one! Adria Sommers.” she called out to him. Rick returned to see a picture of a young woman on the screen with her profile next to it.

“She’s very highly rated, lots of prior experience, specializes in child education, and she’s available for hire.” his wife described her, enamored.

“How old is she?” Rick asked, leaning closer to examine her picture closer. Her face looked rather young for someone with as much experience as she did. He noticed she was quite pretty, and also rather exotic-looking. Her skin tone was a medium tan color, with dark hair.

“Umm, she’s twenty.” Carmina answered, “Oh! It says here she’s been working in childcare since she was fifteen.” she seemed to like this babysitter more and more.

“I’m sold,” Rick declared, standing up straight again, and taking a sip from his mug. His wife was already pulling out her cell phone, dialing her contact number. A few seconds later, she was speaking to her on the phone. Since it was a bit of an emergency, they agreed to an interview that evening. Carmina shared their details, and how to find them.

Around twenty-five minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Carmina practically leapt up to go answer the door. Rick followed close behind as she opened the door. Standing there was the lovely, young woman from the picture. However, Rick hadn’t expected to see that the babysitter also had the rockin’ body of an exotic dancer! She was very slender, with a perky chest underneath a light blue, short-sleeve top, and long legs that stopped at a tight pair of booty shorts. Her dark hair was tied back in a lazy ponytail as she smiled at them.

“Hi.” she spoke, her voice full of youth and spunk, “I’m Adria.”

Carmina stepped to the side, “Hello, dear. Come on in.” she replied, sounding pleased. The young woman stepped inside, and looked around at the interior.

“I’m Carmina Atherton, we spoke on the phone. And this is my husband, Richard.” his wife introduced him.

Rick extended a hand to the pretty, young woman, “You can call me ‘Rick’.” he said, smiling at her. Adria shook his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you both.” she answered them, “Your house is lovely, by the way.”

Carmina smiled wider with pride, “Thank you, I’ve worked hard on it.” she joked, and they both giggled. They continued to make small talk while Rick brought them something to drink. After several minutes, they proceeded to business.

“So, I figure since it’s only a few hours a day, and I live fairly close to here,” Adria began, “I suppose I can do about… twenty-five dollars per day?”

Rick and Carmina looked at each other, non-verbally considering her offer. They both made small nods to each other, then looked back at the exotic young woman. “Yeah, that fits right into our budget,” Carmina answered, “Would you like to meet Michael?”

Adria nodded with a smile. Rick stood up, and instructed her to follow him. He led her down the hall into Michael’s room, and knocked on the door before opening it. Michael was playing a game on his handheld device when he looked up and saw the new lady with his dad.

“Michael, this is Adria. She’s going to be picking you up after school, then watch you until we come home.”

“Mommy’s not gonna pick me up?” he asked with a small, shy voice, looking up at the pretty girl.

“I’m sorry, buddy.” he said softly, kneeling down in front of him, “Mommy and daddy need to work, but we’ll come home before dinner time. She’s really nice, it’ll be like when you used to go to daycare.”

“Hi, Michael.” Adria spoke, kneeling next to Rick, “I hope we’ll get to be friends. Whatcha playing with?”

Michael showed her the handheld gaming device, and showed her how it worked. Rick could see she was working on establishing a friendly relationship with his son, so he left them alone to get to know each other. He came back out to the den where his wife was already staring at a notepad, playing with a pen between her fingers. Rick figured it was likely his wife was writing out a checklist for Adria, listing her responsibilities, emergency contact info, rules, etc.

Fifteen minutes afterward, Adria bid them both farewell, and Carmina instructed her to arrive early tomorrow, and gave her the spare house key. Once she left, Carmina went back to setting up the checklist for Adria to see tomorrow. Even after Rick had taken a shower, his wife was still working on her list. He ended up going to bed alone that night, disappointed they couldn’t finish what they had started that morning.

Several days had passed since the couple had hired Adria to take care of their son after school. It was the middle of the afternoon, and Rick had just finished work for the day. He was employed as an accountant for a rather laid-back firm, and was allowed to head home early if he’d finished his paperwork sooner than expected. It didn’t happen often, but he would be able to spend more time with his son when it did. His wife wouldn’t be home for another two hours, so he had some time to kill as he pulled into his driveway.

Stepping into his house, he announced he was home, but there was no one around. Setting his briefcase and coat on a chair, he looked at the table, and saw Michael’s backpack open, and a sheet of paper with his homework already finished. Confused, he searched around the house.

“Adria?” he called out, but there was no reply. Then he heard Michael’s voice shouting something from somewhere. It sounded like it came from the back yard, so he headed out there. Stepping out back, he saw his son and the babysitter running around in the grass with their bathing suits on, while a sprinkler shot water all around. The two of them ran back and forth through the tiny streams of water, chasing each other, laughing, and playing.

Rick laughed as he watched the two of them having fun, which caught their attention.

“Daddy!” Michael shouted as he ran towards Rick. He knelt down to give his son a hug, albeit a wet one.

“He finished his homework, and wanted to play outside.” Adria told him, “I figured, since it’s a hot day, why not run through the sprinkler?”

Rick chuckled, “It’s fine, Adria.” he said, just as Michael jumped through the streams of water again. He and Adria looked at each other for a moment, and he thought, for a moment, that she looked a bit embarrassed. He wasn’t sure why, but his eyes began to travel further down her body, noticing her more. She wore a simple, black bikini that seemed to accentuate her exotic, tanned skin. The water seemed to bead off her, and the wet fabric caused her nipples to become hard, and poke through the fabric. Which made it difficult to leave anything to the imagination.

Catching himself, he quickly brought his eyes back to her’s and smiled, hiding his thoughts, “That’s fine, I just got off work early is all. You two can still play for a bit, if you want. I’m just gonna go change out of my clothes.” he replied, holding up his arms, and showing off the wet blotches on his shirt where his son hugged him.

Adria giggled, “Ok, Mr. Atherton. I’ll make sure he’s dry before coming inside.” then she turned and started playfully chasing Michael once more.

Stepping back inside, Rick had to exhale, and reached down to reposition his prick through his pants, making sure he didn’t have a bulge showing. Feeling himself become flush, he went to his bedroom to put on some comfortable clothes. Once he removed the wet work shirt he’d had on, he took a second to relieve himself in the bathroom first. After finishing up, he gave it a good shake, and was about to go when his eyes became drawn to something. Above the toilet was a small, tinted window at about chin height, which had a view of the back yard.

He watched as Adria chased and danced through the water with his son, and observed her body closer. He watched as her breasts bounced a little when she ran across the grass, and looked at her petite ass when she bent over. He quickly became fully hard as he watched her, and couldn’t resist the temptation to grasp his prick, and slowly stroke as he watched. In his mind, he saw Adria in her black bikini, water falling all around her, soaking her. Her hands running through her ebony hair as she watched him, and he stroked harder. He imagined this young woman slowly untying her bikini top in his mind, and seeing her perky, soaked breasts, and he stroked faster.

Rick slowly closed his eyes and bit his lip, feeling his face heat up. He no longer watched Adria playing outside, only the Adria that teased him in his mind. He could see her dark, hardened nipples on her two perfect tits, just before she turned around for him. He saw her look back at him, watching him as she slowly bent over, and pulled down her bikini bottoms. Her perfect, little ass taunted him, and he felt himself build towards cumming as he saw her puffy cunt lips peeking between her caramel thighs. He couldn’t hold back, and grunted as he released a huge load of spunk onto the bathroom wall; stream after stream bursting from his tip.

After feeling a much needed release, Rick calmed himself, and grabbed some toilet paper to clean up the mess he’d made. All the while, realizing that he wanted to fuck the babysitter. He couldn’t be sure if it was because he and Carmina hadn’t had sex much recently, or if it was because Adria reminded him of a younger version of his wife, but he wanted her. The fact that he could never have her in that way only seemed to make him crave her more.

Nearly a week had passed since Rick began fantasizing about his son’s babysitter in her bikini, and he still couldn’t stop thinking about her. Even in the middle of the day, sitting at his cubicle, going through paperwork, he was semi-hard for her. His only hope for taking his mind off of her was to try and focus more on the tasks at hand. He didn’t allow his mind to wander towards anything other than the numbers on the page, and the arithmetic that followed. He was brought out of his trance, however, when his cell phone rang. Checking it, he saw it was his wife calling.

“Hey hun.” Rick answered.

“Hey babe, it’s me.” Carmina began, “Listen, I’m excusing Michael from school for his dentist appointment.”

Surprised, he checked his calendar, realizing he forgot to mark it, “Crap, that’s today?”

“Yeah. It’s ok, I forgot too. I only just got the call from the receptionist today, so I’m taking the rest of the day off.”

“And what did your boss think of that?” Rick asked.

“Well, he wasn’t happy, to say the least. But he let me off anyway. I’m visiting my mother today as well, so I’ll just take Michael with me.” she explained.


“Also, I can’t seem to reach Adria. I need to let her know she doesn’t need to work today, but maybe her phone’s on the charger or… I dunno.”

“Well,” Rick checked his watch, then his paperwork, “I’m actually about to finish in a few minutes. I can tell her myself when I get home.”

“Ok, sounds good. I love you, I’ll see you when I get home.” Carmina finished.

“Love you too, bye.” Rick replied, hanging up.

True to his word, Rick managed to finish up the few extra reports in a short amount of time. He filed them out, and grabbed his briefcase to head home for the day. While entering his car, and driving to his house, he became aware of the fact that this would be the first time he and Adria would alone together. Although the thought of that made his skin hot, and his chest flush, he was a married man. He was going to be professional about it, and just tell the young lady she could take the day off, and that would be it.

Within a few minutes, Rick had pulled into his driveway, and saw Adria’s car there as well. It seemed she had already arrived, and was probably making preparations for the day. Rick was starting to get a strange feeling, like something was trying to send him a warning as he walked towards his front door. Ignoring his instincts, he opened his front door and stepped inside, setting his things down on the table. He didn’t see Adria anywhere, and hoped she wasn’t already standing outside the school waiting for Michael.

Just to be sure, he checked around the house, wondering if she was perhaps sitting around somewhere. But before he got too far, he did a double-take at the table, and noticed his personal laptop wasn’t where he left it. He checked the den, the kitchen, and the backyard, but Adria was nowhere around. Where was she? And where was his laptop? His confusion was about to frustrate him until he heard a noise coming from his bedroom. It was faint, but he definitely heard a whisper or murmur coming from there.

Slowly, Rick stepped down the hall towards his bedroom door. The door itself was cracked open, so he only had to push it to see inside. The door opened only a small ways in, and Rick nearly gasped at what he saw. Sitting on top of the covers was Adria, stark naked, laying on her back while his laptop sat next to her, playing a porno on the screen. He saw her hands already between her legs, and her knees up in the air.

Her body squirmed ever so slightly as she touched herself, letting out small, soft moans. It appeared she had earbuds in her ears, which would explain why she hadn’t heard him in the house sooner. She looked exactly as Rick had imagined she would look naked, with dark nipples that made her perky breasts so enticing. Her mound looked cleanly shaven, even if he couldn’t see her puffy lips very well from this angle. His manhood stiffened to attention almost the instant he looked over her body.

Unable to help himself, he kept quiet while he watched her, and shifted his view to the video on his laptop, wondering what was making her so horny on his bed. His mouth fell agape when he saw what was playing on the screen. The image was kinda hard to see from this distance but he recognized the sex tape he and his wife made a long time ago.He’d held on to it, and watched it when he wanted some alone time, and felt rather exposed knowing Adria had found it. That thought was quickly pushed aside when he realized half a second afterwards, she was masturbating to him!

He thought about saying something to Adria, perhaps storming in and scolding her for invading their privacy. Or perhaps, walking in, and taking advantage of the situation, except he was a married man. Out of tension, and unsure he would be able to scold her while having a hard-on, he decided he would take the safer route, and do nothing. He just turned around, closed the door back to a crack open, and would sneak out, acting like he hadn’t seen Adria doing what she was doing. Rick’s heart was beating rapidly, and he felt his skin go flush like a man leaving a strip club.

“Ho-ly crap…” he whispered to himself as he made it out the front door. His plan was to  go out somewhere, maybe a coffee house, wait a bit, come back when he guessed she would be done, act like he saw nothing, then rub one out later that night. It would be difficult to wait that long, however, since he was developing blue balls already. His cell phone surprised him as it rang in his pocket. He took it out, and the caller ID read: Adria.

Rick was worried at first, thinking maybe he’d been caught, but he was sure she didn’t notice him. Maybe she was already done, and just catching up on her missed calls? He took a moment to compose himself, and made sure he would sound casual, then answered it.

“Hello?” he answered, sounding almost too casual.

“I know you were watching me.” her voice answered, sounding sultry and seductive.

A sensation shot through his stomach, like a punch in the gut. His eyes widened in shock, and he was speechless for a few moments before he managed to reply, “I-I’m sorry? I don’t know what you mean.”

He heard her giggle on the other end of the line, “Yeah, you do. Why don’t you come back in here? I don’t mind if you watch.”

The phone clicked, and there was only silence. Rick was dumbstruck where he stood, wondering if this was all just a very lucid dream he was having. What was he to do in this situation? The tightening feeling in his stomach only persisted, and proved to him this wasn’t a dream. The right thing to do was go in there, and tell her they couldn’t do this, that their relationship needed to remain professional. But could he do it?

Not seeing any other options, he stepped back into his house, and slowly walked back towards his bedroom to confront the seductress he was paying twenty-five dollars a day. He stopped in front of his door and hesitated, trying to psyche himself up, and convince himself he was only going to tell her that they couldn’t do this. A moment passed, he took a breath, and pushed the door open. He saw her, still lying naked on his bed, and still touching herself as she made small, lewd noises. His laptop, however, was already closed, and had been pushed aside to the foot of the bed.

With a deep breath, and an inevitable erection in his pants, he spoke, “Adria, We really can’t do this. I’m married, and you’re my son’s bab–”

“Come closer.” she interrupted him.

Rick was silent a moment, and normally wasn’t one to take orders, but she had a strange effect on him. He stepped further into his room, and stood just in front of his bed.

“Do you want me?” she asked, looking up at him while her hands slowly moved up and down her body, going over her breasts, and along her thighs.

Rick shuddered at her words, but calmly tried to respond, “Adria, please.”

“I know you’ve been looking at me, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been thinking about my body.” she sat up, and shifted closer to the edge of the bed, sitting with her legs hanging over the edge. She looked up at him with hazel eyes, and ebony hair draped over her shoulder.

“I can’t.” Rick replied meekly, it took all of his strength and willpower to resist her. The only real sign to prove otherwise was the large bulge pushing through the fabric of his pants.

She reached up and rubbed his bulging prick, “If you don’t, I’ll tell your wife you did anyway. But if you do, it’ll be our little secret.” a smile crossed her face as she spoke those last few words. She was clearly not going to stop until she got what she wanted, and Carmina would probably believe her over him anyway. He found himself with very few options, and gave in. Adria began to undo his pants, and Rick did nothing to stop her.

With a look of victory on her face, Adria pulled his pants and boxers down, looking at his hard member with a lusty stare.

There was no denying how much Rick wanted her right then, and the only thing that really held him back was the fact he was already married. He watched her take his throbbing prick, and wrap her mouth around the head, sucking on it to tease him. Rick’s breathing picked up, in utter disbelief that this was really happening to him, that he was at the mercy of this young babysitter. Becoming gradually encouraged, he unbuttoned his shirt as her mouth made small movements over the tip, and her hand stroked his shaft. If he was going to be blackmailed into having sex with her, he may as well enjoy it, and not have to hold back.

He ran his fingers through her hair, and grabbed a chunk of it. Adria seemed to enjoy the feel of his pulling, and moaned a little on his shaft. He thought it was peculiar that she would do this, and even go so far as to ‘borrow’ his laptop just to see a video of him and his wife having sex. While Rick fantasized about her, apparently, Adria had been fantasizing about him as well. If she was bold enough to threaten his marriage just to get a good fucking from him, then he would give her what she asked for.

Rick reached down and grabbed her perky breasts, massaging and groping like he would to Carmina. The feeling was encouraging Adria to take more of him into her mouth, and Rick moved his hips forward so she would take as much as she could. She made some small gagging noises as his prick began to hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t want to stop. The little slut really him to give it to her, and seemed really persistent. The feeling was amazing, but Rick wouldn’t last much longer if she kept going with oral, so he had to milk it now.

He pulled her head off his cock, and pushed her down onto her back. Grabbing her legs, he brought one over his chest, with her ankle up on his shoulder, and spread the other one to her side. Her cunt was opened wide, and already glistening with her honey.

“Yeah baby, fuck me.” she spoke in a low voice, almost in disbelief that he was about to enter her. She reached down and rubbed her juices all over her labia, and spread them open for him. Her pussy was already puffy, and begged to devour his cock. Her opening was a beautiful, cleanly shaven, piece of heaven, with a perfect balance of caramel and pink.

He couldn’t wait any longer. Rick brought the head of his dick to her spread opening, and pushed it straight in, her juices lubing him instantly. She let out a loud moan of complete ecstasy as she tilted her head back, and clenched her eyelids. Her pussy felt tight around his shaft, and felt amazing for him. She had a clench that came from having orgasmed once already, but she clearly wanted more than that.

Once he was all the way inside her, he began thrusting into her snatch, feeling her walls slide back and forth along his length. Adria moaned like a horny slut, grasping her own breast with one hand, and reaching above her head to grab the covers with the other. His worries were beginning to fade as he watched how much she was enjoying his cock. He started working into her more and more, pushing deeper and deeper. He could feel her womanhood getting hotter with lust as she was getting close to an orgasm.

Rick groped her breast as he continued to plow into her, determined to make the little brat cum on his cock. Her moans began turning into high pitched cries as her body started tensing up. Her legs were pushing closer together, and her back started to arch higher, and her mouth open for a silent shout. A hot stream rushed through her insides, and coated his dick as her slit clenched him hard. The tight sensation began to send Rick over the edge as well, and he couldn’t hold back a large stream of his cum from shooting inside her.

Lights began to flicker in his eyes as his orgasm took over. His body tightened up, then went limp. He was breathing heavily, and grunting as he unloaded inside the babysitter, and reached his sexual high. After a moment, he slowly pulled his now softening shaft out from inside her, and collapsed, laying down on the bed next to Adria.

As both of them laid there, breathless, it was clear they were both a bit disappointed at how quickly they had both reached orgasm. Rick had imagined having a lot more fun from this experience, but it had been some time since he’d had sex with his wife too. He just hoped that Adria wasn’t too disappointed to the point of breaking the deal anyway. He turned his head towards her and saw she was looking up at the ceiling with euphoric eyes, and hoped he’d at least brought her some satisfaction, at least.

She turned towards him, and suddenly gave a very mischievous grin. At that point, Rick felt a pang of fear at her expression, and wondered what she was considering. Adria quickly got back up, and stood in front of him, leaning down to grab his half-soft prick, and started stroking it again. Rick was still quite sensitive from having just orgasmed, and jolts of sensory overload shot through his body, making his limbs jerk slightly. She took his dick back in her mouth, and focused on her oral game with him, bobbing her head up and down on him with a purpose.

“What are you doing?” he struggled to say.

She took her mouth off him to reply, but stroked him as she answered, “I want more.” then put him back in her mouth.

Even after releasing his load, she was making his cock grow hard again, and Rick could only lay there as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through him. Once Adria was satisfied he was good and hard again, the little minx climbed onto his lap, and mounted him. Keeping one leg up, she grabbed his rod, and positioned it right back at her opening. She let out a lascivious groan as he lowered herself onto him, and shoved his cock inside her. Her expression made her look insatiable as she started grinding on him, moving her hips back and forth, gyrating her cunt on his hips.

Rick was lost in sweet torture, the sensory overload alone was a bitter-sweet punishment for finishing so quickly only a minute ago. Now he had to endure the task of staying hard until this exotic goddess fulfilled her sexual fantasy of him. Riding him harder and harder, her body began to glisten with sweat, and her breathing became labored until she suddenly stopped. Her legs closed against Rick’s sides, and she tilted her head back with her nails digging into her chest. She had reached another orgasm, letting it wash over her, then immediately started riding him roughly again.

Rick didn’t know how much more he could take, but it was only moments before she tensed up, and orgasmed again. Was it possible that she actually was insatiable? How much was she going to take before she would get her satisfaction? Her love juices were starting to soak Rick’s lap, and he was about to reach a point where she was about to make him cum a second time. No one had ever done that to him, not even Carmina.

He held her thighs with his hands, and started to join the bratty babysitter in her movements. She seemed to be very turned on when she saw he was about to cum inside her again, and locked her eyes with his. Both of them never breaking their eye contact as Rick strained his body, and felt himself release another orgasm, and another shot of cum unloading inside the exotic princess. At the same moment, Adria seemed to almost explode with what must have been her strongest orgasm.

Rick blacked out at that moment, only Adria’s face as she experienced that final orgasm was locked in his mind. He awoke again a couple minutes later, with Adria collapsed next to him. His only thought was that this was probably the single greatest sexual experience of his life, and it was at the hands of a babysitter. Once he was able to stand again, he got up and told her she needed to go before his wife returned. They both got dressed quickly, and Rick walked Adria to the door.

He said nothing of what happened to his wife, and luckily, neither did Adria. Every once in awhile, Rick would use his lunch break to go to Adria’s place for some more fun behind his wife’s back. They were sure to be careful, and never gave any reason for Carmina to suspect anything. Adria continued to babysit Michael during the day, always smiling at Rick whenever they passed.

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Time for a spanking

I can still recall the first time I raised my hand up, held my palm open, and swung it down onto the tender flesh of a woman’s buttocks. The room rang with a sharp, satisfying tone, followed by a whimper of pleasure and pain. The pale skin on her rear was already turning pink, and formed the shape of my hand. She took a breath, dipped her head, looked back at me with her brown eyes, and said, “Again”. Ok, so maybe that was how my second experience in spanking went.

My first experience isn’t as satisfying to read as how it happened later. The first time, we had been making out on a couch. She straddled me wearing only a t-shirt and panties, and my hands were already holding her ass. She seemed to enjoy having her buttocks fondled the way I had been doing so, so in my mind, smacking her butt was the next step up from there. I was very nervous about it, because I didn’t want to end up hurting her, so I went easy on her. So much so, it wasn’t so much a smack as it was a good butt patting.

She stopped, and gave me this bewildered look, and I immediately thought I had just killed the mood.

“What are you doing?” she asks me.

“Uh, I’m sorry. I thought…um.”

She smirks, and giggles at me, “You don’t know how to smack a girl’s ass?”

I was utterly embarrassed, and thought I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Instead, she immediately took the role of my teacher. She climbed off my lap, and bent herself over me, like I was about to discipline a child. She held her ass up, as if presenting it to me.

“Try again, but harder,” so I tried a little harder.

“I’m not gonna break. Go harder.”

I’ll be honest, I was still worried I’d go too hard, but I did as she said, and smacked her ass harder. It made a good sound, but apparently not enough.

“Ugh, dammit. HARDER!!”

At that point, I had lost all my inhibition to not cause her harm, and swung my hand at her round cheeks with the force I remembered feeling on my own ass when I had stolen something from my parents. At first, I was certain I’d gone too far. But as she rocked forward, and I felt the rising heat in my palm, she let out this cry I’d never heard before. It was a combination of whimpering, and an aroused moan. My first instinct was to apologize, but hers was to pull her panties down.

From that moment on, I discovered a lot of things about spanking, and the effect that it has. I learned that not only is spanking a very real fetish, but that it’s also one shared by more people than you would think. I also learned how much it varies from person to person, vis-a-vis: strength preferred, location, and tolerance. Furthermore, there’s different reasons for wanting to be spanked.

For a lot of people, it comes down to the feeling of that sting, the growing warmth that comes shortly after, and the tingling sensation on their skin. Some enjoy the amount of bodily contact that goes with it, while others do it for the punishment roleplay. The punishment roleplay usually comes from those who are more passive, or submissive, or just like seeing their partner acting more dominant.

As I mentioned, preferences in spanking vary in different regards. Although some like to be spanked in different parts of their bodies, I do know of a particular ‘sweet spot’ that is often adored by all. The section where the buttocks and upper thigh meet is particularly enjoyable, and if done right, isn’t exactly painful at all. This is due to the fact that the nerve endings on that part of the buttocks are directly linked to the same nerves in a woman’s vulva or man’s scrotum.

Now for the really tricky part: what if you’re into being spanked, but your partner is not? Or, what if you don’t know if you like to be spanked, but still curious about it? Well, I may be able to help you out with that. The first step, of course, is to understand what you’re getting into, and why. I mentioned earlier about people having different reasons for wanting to be spanked. Does the punishment roleplay entice you, or is it just the feeling you’re hungry for?

giphySpank me, dammit!

Take some time with your partner, and look up some videos on youtube, or some porn site, where spanking is involved. Watch it together, and discuss if this is something you want to do. Keep in mind, even though you may be scared as the spankee, your partner is also just as nervous being the spanker. They will have fears about hurting you, or going to hard or too far, but make it a point to start gentle at first, and coach them along until you both find your sweet spot. If you know the reason for your desires, be sure to let your partner know too. If you tell them you like to be punished, your partner can focus on their role as ‘punisher’, or if you just like the sensation, your partner knows to focus more on just doing it right. Finally, trust your spanker, and trust they will go only as far as needed to get you to that point of maximum excitement. If you’re still worried, establish a safe word beforehand, something to let them know to cease immediately.

If you want to take things a step further, there’s a few things you could try to make it more exciting. The easiest, but probably scariest, is to visit your local sex and lingerie shop, and invest in a new paddle, or flogger, or my personal favorite, the riding crop. It may seem daunting at first, but believe me when I say it adds a new dimension of sensation and excitement.

Next, if you’re in the mood to be spanked, but feel like it might be a little awkward to simply approach your man and ask, “Will you spank me?”, there’s some things you can do. Take a pair of your panties, and use permanent marker to write something like: ‘Spank me’, or ‘I’ve been naughty’ on the backside. These will be designated as your ‘spanking underwear’, and will cue your partner to your desires. Just slip them on when you’re in the mood, and make sure your partner sees them. Another less subtle, but very effective, way to communicate your desires is to dress in something sexy, lay out a collection of implements to use for spanking(floggers, paddles, riding crops, belts, etc.), and assume your favorite spanking position. Your partner will come in, and everything is already at their disposal. It will also build tension as they try to decide what to use on you.

Hopefully, this will help you in discovering, or developing, your interests in spanking. Understand, this is not some twisted pleasure, and your interest in giving, or receiving, this kind of pain does not indicate there is something wrong with you. As long as it excites you, and you can do so safely and consensually, then you should do so without regrets. And, may I say, I’m always available for a demonstration, should you want one 😉

Feel free to comment below, and tell me about one of your experiences in spanking, or being spanked. Do you have any other advice when it comes to spanking?


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Revenge is best served three-ways

This week’s Erotic Bite tells the story of a woman with a sister who constantly sets her up with bad guys. She discovers an opportunity to get back at her sister, once and for all, and then some. Enjoy!

A yellow taxi stops in front of a cheap, little apartment building. A long row of fair-looking houses sit on the opposite side of the street. Each one was closed off by it’s own wire fence, and all lit by yellow street lights. The taxi door opens, and a petite, young woman steps out in a violet and blue, patterned sundress. Her brown hair was styled, and it was clear she had spent a good amount of time on her make-up.

As Bethany exited, a young man who was barely dressed to go out exited from the taxi door on the other side, and called out to the young woman.

“Aren’t you going to ask me to come in?”

“Not likely.” the young woman replied, not looking back. She only kept walking towards her apartment door. Part of her had been hoping tonight’s date would go much better, but she was beginning to realize the local men were all single for a reason. As she unlocked her door, she heard the taxi drive off. The guy probably thought she might change her mind before she got to the door, as if her need for sex would overpower how bad the date was.

Bethany closed the door behind her, and let out a long exhale. She cursed her sister, Carrie, for always setting her up on blind dates with losers like him. Every guy she’d dated in the last couple months seemed like they might be nice guys, but had some major flaws. There had been one that worked as a grocery bagger who complained his job was too hard, then the guy who was texting his ex the whole dinner. Then there was this guy who still lived with his parents.

Bethany knew her sister only had the best intentions for her, but jeez. At the very least, she thought Carrie could at least try to find out a bit more about these guys before setting them up. Bethany kicked off her heels, and grabbed a cold beer from the refrigerator. She took a long swig from her drink before deciding to collapse on her couch, and take some time to just decompress. Her apartment was rather small, and modest, but perfect for a single woman who worked in a clothing store at a local shopping center.

She had aspirations of greater things in the past, but it didn’t work out the way she’d hoped. She thought she could have been further up the corporate ladder after a few years, but still found herself as a sales associate who spends a lot of her time folding clothes. She even had a boyfriend in high school she was really hoping to spend her life with, but he broke up with her shortly before graduation. Still, she thought about him a lot, especially on days like this.

After chugging her beer, she tossed it like a basketball into a small trash can a few feet away. There was only one sure-fire way to relax and unwind after spending a couple hours listening to some loser explain his plans for the future, yet made no real preparations for. Bethany got in her bedroom, closed the blinds, and got undressed as she turned on her dvd player. The film that began playing was the same one she’d been watching every other night for a while now. She laid in her bed, completely nude, her medium-sized chest freed from her cheap bra, and watched a slender woman on the tv screen getting grabbed by a nude man with tattoos.

The video was one of Bethany’s favorite pornos, and featured dominant men getting rough with women who enjoyed that kind of treatment. She immediately began rubbing and groping her own chest as the video played, while her slender legs slid up and down her sheets in desire. She bit her lip as she stared at the tattooed man’s ripped body, and for a moment, she tasted a bit of the lipstick she was wearing that night. Bethany loved guys with tattoos, they always drove her crazy. Her ex-boyfriend, Nathan, got a bunch of tattoos shortly after they got out of high school, and she found it hard not to be attracted to him anymore.

The man on the screen had now gotten the slender woman on her knees, and brought his erect member to her lips. The slender woman eagerly took it into her mouth, and began sucking on him, clearly not afraid to take a good length in. Bethany couldn’t help but fantasize about taking Nathan’s cock in her own mouth as she watched the video. Since she couldn’t have Nathan, she had to settle for the next best thing, which was stowed away in a drawer in her nightstand. She opened the door and reached in, retrieving a sizeable, green dildo.

She’d bought it on a dare a couple years ago, and found herself using it more often than she cared to admit. It had a twistable knob on the back end to turn on the vibration function, which she only ever used on it’s lowest setting. Bethany wrapped her lips around the end of her toy, and sucked on it. She enjoyed putting something phallic in her mouth. It gave her the sensation of knowing she was driving a man wild with lust for her, and made her feel empowered to control how badly someone wanted her.

She took more of the green, fleshy latex in her mouth, a small moan of excitement emerging from the back of her throat as she pinched her nipple. She held the phallic toy in place, and bobbed her head forward and back, trying to recreate the sensation of working a man’s cock in her mouth. Her legs slid along the bed, and parted on their own, impulsively. She could already feel her womanhood warming up, and tingling in anticipation. But she couldn’t let herself give in to temptation quite yet.

She pulled her little, green toy from her mouth, and saw it glisten with her saliva. Spreading her legs further apart, she turned the small, black knob on the bottom, and heard the hum of the toy vibrate to life. Bethany quivered in excitement, and tilted her head back slightly as she brought the head of the vibrating phallus to her small hood. Jolts of pleasure shot through her body the moment it made contact, and another small moan escaped her lips. She loved to tease herself as she watched porn.

The tattooed man on the video began fingering his slender lover, his hand moving in and out of her with a rapid and ravenous rhythm. Bethany’s breathing picked up as her pleasure increased, and the head of her toy moved up and down her labia. A strong shock of bliss shot through her every time it came in contact with her little nub. She could feel the toy beginning to glide over her opening as her honey began to coat it. It was getting harder and harder to hold back, she wanted to bring herself to release.

The tattooed man brought his stiff cock to the slender woman’s opening, shoving it inside her, and Bethany heard the woman let out a moan of pure ecstasy. Bethany could hold it no longer, she needed to feel the same sensation. She held her toy in line with her opening, and pushed the green member deep into her cunt. The walls of her womanhood already began clenching it in desire. She let out a long moan as she immediately started moving it in and out of her opening.

She’d been wanting this all day, she wanted someone who was man enough to take her like the tattooed man in the video. To grab her and take her, make her submit herself to his pleasures. She doubted any of the guys she’d gone on blind dates with would even last a minute with her, or even try to take control. She tried to get a guy like that, but only ever had one guy who could take charge the way she wanted. She lost that guy back in high school to a total skank.

Thinking about it drove her into a jealous frenzy that made her want it rougher. She pumped the toy into her even more rapidly, and pinched her nipple with her free hand. She started moaning more as she did, and for a moment, worried the neighbor in the next apartment might hear her. Bethany looked up at the video, and saw the tattooed man pinning the slender woman’s legs down as they sat spread wide open for him. The man was driving his cock into her cunt like a jackhammer.

Bethany worked her toy into her pussy even more, she used her other hand to grab the back of her knee, and pull it closer to her chest. She started to feel her sex building to a climax, and persisted with the rough treatment. Her vaginal walls started to tighten around the toy, and she could feel a hot rush building inside her. Her neck began to crane, and her mouth opened up in a silent scream as she felt herself orgasm. The hot rush pushed through her, and she had to pull out her toy as a splash of hot, orgasmic fluid shot out of her opening.

She kept rubbing her fingers into her hot button, trying to ride out her climax, her legs lifting her pelvis above the bed. Finally, she could take no more, and let her body go limp and rest. She breathed heavily as she tried to recover. The air in her room was heavy with the scent of sex, the thin layer of sweat on her body, and the trace of perfume she’d been wearing that night. Bethany managed to open her eyes, and still see the video playing with the tattooed man still plowing into the girl. Not wanting to just let it keep running, she grabbed the remote off her nightstand, and turned it off.

Though she was feeling satisfied, there was always the disappointment of not having a someone who could make her feel this way. It just wasn’t the same doing it alone, no matter how hot the porn was, or how good her dildo was. Her thoughts came back to her ex, Nathan, and how he could have easily given her that kind of satisfaction. If he hadn’t left Bethany, she could have been enjoying him right now. Instead, Nathan was now married, and to Bethany’s sister, Carrie, of all people.


The next night, Bethany was just getting off work, and checked her phone as she was getting into her car. She had a missed call from her sister, Carrie, and let out an exasperated sigh. Every time Carrie set her up on a blind date, she would call the next day to find out how it went. Sometimes, Bethany wondered if Carrie set her up on dates like this on purpose, just to salt the wound of stealing Nathan from her. Bethany figured she may as well rip off the band-aid, and call her sister back.

“Hello?” called the voice on the other end of the line.

“Hey, girl. It’s me.” Bethany replied.

“Oh, hi!” she began, sounding elated, “So, how did things go with Tony last night?”

“Ugh, I needed a long shower after that train wreck.”

“Really?” her sister’s voice almost seemed genuinely confused, “I was sure he would have been a good match for you. He’s usually a pretty nice guy.”

“Carrie, his mother gave him money to pay for our date. I don’t think there’s any real future there.”

“Oh well, I’m sure there’s someone out there for you.”

Bethany rolled her eyes.

“Well, why don’t you come with me and Nathan to Maverick’s tonight? He’s bringing a few of his friends, and I’d be happy to have you with me as well. It’ll be fun!”

Bethany, thought about her offer a moment. It had been a while since she saw Nathan, and she loved to see how sexy he was whenever she could. If nothing else, she could ogle, and try to sneak in some ‘innocent flirting’ with Nathan.

“Alright, what the hell. It’s ladies night anyway.” Bethany replied, trying not to sound too excited.

“Ok, we’ll be there around seven. And, hey! You might even find a hot guy there.” Carrie replied, before ending the call.

Bethany snorted, doubting something like that would happen. She put her phone in her purse, and started her car. She pulled out of the parking lot, thinking about what to wear that night. She wanted something that would catch Nathan’s eye at the bar, but not give her sister any reason to think that was her intention. She would figure it out when she got home.


As seven o’clock rolled around, and the sky turned gold from the setting sun, Bethany pulled into the parking lot just behind Maverick’s. As she found herself a parking space, she spotted Carrie’s car in a space not far from her’s. She was relieved to see she wouldn’t have to wait for them, and got out, making her way to the front door. She decided to put on a small, dark purple dress she’d been holding on to for a while. It hugged her figure, and the back was almost completely open. She put on some matching heels, and some basic make-up.

As she passed the threshold of cool air from the interior AC, she was met with a large, dark room, lit partially by black lights. Mechanical light balls and laser machines always made Bethany giggle as she often remarked how the place reminded her of a strip club, without the strippers. She scanned the crowd, searching for her sister, along with Nathan and his friends. So far, all she could see was a large group of people dancing to some mediocre hip-hop. A bar, lit by blue lights, sat on the far end, and had several people already ordering beers and other small drinks.

There was also a seating area with several booths, and a couple small couches for couples to sit at. Looking at all of the booths, Bethany managed to spot Nathan’s short, blonde, spiked hair. She moved to their booth, and found everyone gathered there. Carrie and Nathan sat at one side, Nathan’s friends were sitting on the other side. The group greeted her excitedly as she arrived, and Carrie scooted over to let Bethany sit down next to her.

Nathan almost looked exactly the same as he did in high school, with the same hairstyle and very fit body. Nathan was on the wrestling team in high school, and still had the muscles that came with it. He was wearing one of his black, graphic tees, and a pair of blue jeans. Carrie, on the other hand, wore a strapless dress with a white bust, and black waist. Her hair was tied back and curly as always.

Bethany looked at the two men on the other side, and recognized them as well. Joe sat on the right, and wore a white, graphic tee and glasses. He worked as an IT guy for a business office somewhere, but he was rather good-looking, in a nerdy kind of way. On the left was Brad, wearing a white button-up shirt with a gray blazer. He apparently had a very successful online business, and liked to show off his money by occasionally paying for the round of drinks.

The conversation was starting up again, and Carrie was explaining some cheesey story about a friend of her’s from work. Bethany was barely half listening to what she said as her eyes drifted off and moved up and down Nathan’s body. He had some very nice tattoos on his arm, and seemed to have gotten a few more since the last time they saw each other. Nathan seemed to notice Bethany was looking at him, and smiled as he started looking back at her. For a few seconds, Bethany thought some of the attraction they had for each other was beginning to come back.

In the middle of the conversation, Carrie had been casually looking back and forth between Nathan and her sister, and decided to steer the topic somewhere else.

“So why didn’t things work with you and Tony last night?” she asked Bethany, abruptly.

Caught off guard, she broke her gaze off Nathan, and stumbled over her words, before replying, “Well, it’s like I told you earlier, he was just too much of a momma’s boy. I wasn’t about to get in the middle of that.”

“That’s a real shame,” Carrie feigned concern, “I really thought he was the kind of guy you would be into.”

Bethany tried to mask her annoyance with a grin, “Well, you’re judgement has been questionable in the past.”

Carrie raised her eyebrows, “I’m just trying to do what I can to find you a good guy, sweetie.”

Bethany was beginning to feel her face turn a bit red, Carrie knew she hated to be called ‘sweetie’, “Well, I think we all know what you do when you find ‘nice guys’.”

Joe and Brad had been sitting silently during this conversation until this point, when Bethany’s last remark was met with a low, synchronized, “Ooooh”.

The cattiness was becoming harder and harder to keep subtle, so Carrie dealt a heavy blow, “If you’re still sore about what happened in high school, I can’t imagine why. It’s all in the past. I just happened to be older, and a bit more experienced, at the time. I just happened to have what Nathan was looking for.”

The air around the booth suddenly felt a bit more awkward, as nobody seemed to have any sort of reply for that. The only thing anyone could hear was the barely entertaining music in the club. With no other defense in her arsenal, Bethany had no other recourse, but to resort to alcohol.

“I’m gonna get a drink.” she calmly announced, getting up from the booth. Bethany could only handle her sister in small doses, and always told herself she’d find a way to get back at her one day. Though, up until now, no such opportunity had ever come up. She made her way past some of the dancing groups, and found the bar. The woman on the other side of the bar  wore a tight top, and had a strangely full tip jar.

Bethany ordered herself a mixed drink as she pulled the skirt of her purple dress a bit lower. As she took a sip of her drink, Bethany had a sensation of another person very close to her.

“Hey there, have I seen you around here before?” a mysterious voice spoke just beside her. Bethany looked to see a man who looked rather inebriated, with a five o’clock shadow, and a wrinkled shirt. This guy looked very much like a ‘bro’, and was clearly only looking to get drunk, and score a one night stand, if he could. Bethany had dealt with guys like this before in the past, and rolled her eyes.

“Sorry, dude. I’m a lesbian.” Bethany answered him very matter-of-factly.

“Really? Is there no way I can change your mind?” he asked, not wanting to give up.

Bethany giggled, “Grow a vagina for me, and I’ll be all your’s.”

The bro looked a bit offended, and walked away, muttering, “Whatever.”

With a forced chuckle, Bethany took her drink, and made her way back to the booth, hopefully without attracting the attention of any more douchebags. Before reaching the booth, she overheard them talking. Joe was the first one she heard.

“Weren’t you just talking about how much more ‘experienced’ you were just a minute ago?”

“Yeah, but I’m married, in case you forgot.” she heard her sister say.

“I dunno, I think it could be fun to see.” Nathan replied.

Realizing there was something possibly scandalous going on between them, Bethany thought she would sit back and listen for a bit, out of their sight. After fighting a passive-aggressive battle with her sister the last six years, she could use some extra ammo.

“So you wanna brag to your sister about how much more experienced you are, and Nathan is giving you a green light, and you’re saying you wouldn’t even consider it?” Bethany recognized Brad’s voice now. But what were they discussing?

“Maybe if I was drunk enough, and horny enough, I may let you guys gangbang me. But that’s a big if!” Bethany’s sister sounded, almost sounding like she was joking.

Bethany’s eyes opened wide, and gave a chortle of disbelief. She’d always known that her sister was a skank, but she had no idea Carrie would openly admit to going that far, just to grab all the attention for herself.

“So you would be open to it?” Nathan asked Carrie.

“I said maybe, hun.”

“Well, in that case,” Joe began again, “We’re gonna need some more drinks!”

“I can’t drive if we drink too much, but we can do some shots at my place.” Nathan suggested.

Bethany was curious to see just how far this could go, and thought she would get the party going. So she stood up, and did her best to act like she just walked in on the conversation.

“Are we about to do shots? I’m in!” she declared.

Joe and Brad cheered like she was a sorority chick who was about to start pole-dancing. Bethany downed her drink eagerly, and the guys began sliding out of their booth. Carrie looked up at her sister, clearly reluctant about the idea of everyone being drunk at her home, but she was out-voted. With a little sneer, Carrie’s eyes locked with Bethany’s as she left the booth, and followed the group of guys out of the club. Bethany simply looked back at her, and set her empty glass on the table.


Nearly twenty minutes later, everyone had pulled up into the driveway at Carrie and Nathan’s home. Joe and Brad had arrived last, and had to park on the street, but didn’t seem to mind. As everyone got inside the house, Brad had apparently accepted the role of bartender. He immediately set up the kitchen for making drinks, setting out glasses, emptying trays of ice into a large bowl, and arranging every bottle of alcohol Nathan had laying around. The rest of them just chuckled at his enthusiasm, and remarked on how he was in the wrong line of work.

After Brad had set up his impromptu station, he began pouring shots for the group. At the start, everyone simply made jokes about Brad, and talked about whether or not they should worry about what he would be making them. Brad passed around he shots, and everyone clinked before drinking them. Joe was also showing enthusiasm as he turned on the radio, so they could have a bit of entertainment. Although, part of Bethany suspected he might be looking for a striptease from her later.

Two more shots later, and Bethany figured she would see if she could make her sister uncomfortable, “So, what were you guys talking about at the club? I only caught the tail end of it.”

The men all just snickered and giggled, already half-drunk, but Carrie was suddenly turning red, “Just regular stuff, nothing special.”

“You’re sister said she’d do let us group fuck her if she was drunk enough.” chimed Brad, he was clearly too inebriated to keep things to himself. The other guys chuckled the way most people do when they have a few drinks. Even Bethany was joining in with a little giggle, and was finally starting to enjoy herself after the ordeal in the club. Carrie was starting to look rather embarrassed. It was no secret that she was easy in high school, but she obviously didn’t want to carry that reputation into her adult life.

“Why would you just say that?!” Carrie shouted.

“Chill out, hun,” Nathan began, “we’re just having fun. Besides, you did say you would.”

“Oh, fuck you, Nathan.” Carrie told him, clearly angry now. “You know what, if you three wanna have a group fuck, you can all fuck each other. Me and Bethany are leaving.”

Carrie got up, and grabbed her keys. Bethany gave an awkward look on her face, but felt obligated to follow her sister out. Nathan and his friends reacted to her outburst with a choir of ‘awws’. Carrie was already heading out the door, and Bethany was just behind her. Before they got to Carrie’s car, Bethany stopped her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make things awkward. I had no idea you guys were talking about that earlier.” she lied to Carrie.

“It’s fine, Beth. They’re just jerks when they get drunk.” she seemed to believe Bethany.

“Are you ok to drive?”

“Yeah, I’m only a little light-headed. I’ll be fine. I think I’ll just crash at Jess’ place tonight. You wanna come too?” Carrie offered.

“No,” Bethany replied, not wanting to ruin her night, “I think I’ll just head home, have some beer, and watch something on tv.”

“Ok, well… I guess I’ll call you later.”

The two of them hugged, and for a moment, there was a sense of sympathy between them. Both of them got into their cars and left. While Carrie left, Bethany was actually circling the block. By the time she arrived back in front of Nathan’s place, Carrie was long gone, and had no idea of what Bethany was planning. She parked her car on the street, a few houses away, and made her way back to the party.

She rang the doorbell, and waited for one of the guys to answer. Bethany didn’t want her sister to know how much she wanted to stay, nor make her suspect she was going to go behind her back to do it. Nathan opened the door, and was surprised to see Bethany standing there. She let herself in before Nathan could say anything, and heard another cheer from Joe and Brad. Bethany raised her arms up in a flourish, as if to announce herself as their prize.

Closing the door behind her, Nathan asked her, “What are you doing back? I thought you’d be out with Carrie.”

“Well, I wasn’t ready to leave. Besides, I was kinda liking the sound of a gangbang with the three of you.” she admitted, pouring another shot of whiskey for herself, then drinking it. There was a moment of total silence, when all of the guys sat there, looking at her with their mouths agape.

“Because I know you want me, and I know you two want me,” she remarked, pointing at Nathan, then pointing to Joe and Brad, “So if my sister doesn’t have the tits to let you all fuck her, then I will.”

As she said that last sentence, Bethany could almost hear the three of them getting an erection. She also found herself feeling rather excited, realizing what she had just admitted, and knowing that the three of them were now hard for her. It seemed that the more she drank, the more frank she was becoming about what she wanted. Bethany walked up to Nathan, and grabbed him by the waist of his jeans, pulling him to the couch, and pushing him onto it.

“And, I think I’ll start with you.”

Nathan didn’t seem as though he was against this idea, and laid back against the couch. Bethany knew she finally had her shot to get back at her sister for stealing Nathan from her, and it made her womanhood tingle in anticipation. She knelt down onto her knees in front of him, and unbuttoned his pants. Behind her, she could hear Brad and Joe whispering amongst themselves. She would get to them in a minute, but for now, her attention was on Nathan.

She pulled his pants down, and reached into his boxers, pulling out his erect cock. He was still as big as Bethany remembered, but she couldn’t remember how long it had been since he was this hard for her. She looked up at Nathan as she stroked his dick, to see the look on his face. His face showed both disbelief, and a deep-seated desire for her. It was hard to be tell through the glazed, inebriated look in his eyes whether he really wanted her bad enough to risk his marriage, or if he was too drunk to care what Carrie thought anymore.

She brought her eyes down to his throbbing member, and wrapped her lips around it’s head, sucking on it at first. Nathan groaned in delight, and Bethany couldn’t be more excited. She felt her panties begin to soak through, and moved her head further down his shaft. She was too nervous to do this for him when they were dating in high school, so she never got the chance to try it on him. Now she would get to do everything she couldn’t do before.

Her head began bobbing up and down in his lap, and Nathan grabbed a handful of her brown hair as she did. Bethany slipped the straps of her purple club dress off her shoulders, letting her breasts free, and slid the hem of the bottom up past the curve of her buttocks. She knew the guys had a perfect view of her silk, red panties she’d been hiding underneath, and heard them making small sounds of awe. She was enthralled with her performance working Nathan’s member, but found her other parts wanting attention as well. She let him out of her mouth just long enough to speak.

“My panties aren’t coming off by themselves, guys!” she didn’t turn her head to them, but spoke loud enough for them to hear.

There was a moment of silence, and then she felt a pair of hands on her waist. Her panties were being pulled past her cheeks, and down her thighs, and she felt a bit of cool air on her bare nethers. Her hips shook slightly from the sensation, as well as the feeling of the silk against her legs. At the same time, a hand cupped one of her breasts, and made her moan quietly on Nathan’s dick. Bethany wanted more, but didn’t want to take her mouth off of Nathan.

She felt someone’s fingers running up and down her labia, and her juices made it slick against her folds. Circles were being rubbed around her clit, and the jolts of pleasure she received were even stronger than when she did it to herself. She had to let her head up so she could let out her moans of lust at his touch, but kept stroking Nathan. That was when she noticed Joe groping her breasts, with his eyes locked on them through his cute glasses. Which meant it was Brad who was fingering her pussy.

She looked over her shoulder, and saw Brad hovering her ass. He seemed so entranced by the look of her cunt while she was bent over. His blazer was already off, and he seemed intent to get her opening as wet as possible with the way he started inserting his fingers into her. Bethany arched her back as his fingers lunged into her, and she loved the feeling. She moaned louder, stroking Nathan harder as her pleasure rose.

Nathan grabbed her hand and stopped her stroking. Bethany was momentarily confused, but he got up, took his pants off completely, and grabbed her, and positioned her laying flat on her back, on the couch. Then he just smiled and looked at his friends.

“I’ve wanted to fuck her since high school, I think it’s only fair that I fuck her first.”

Bethany’s face lit up like never before at his words. She was elated by how much he wanted her, and spread her thighs for him. Then grabbed him by the back of the neck, and looked straight into his eyes.

“Fuck me.” she told him, her voice full of lust.

He didn’t hesitate at her words, and held her legs apart as his throbbing cock disappeared into her opening with one hard thrust. Bethany let out a moan that must have been loud enough for the neighbors to hear, and was louder than Bethany thought possible for her. She’d gotten exactly what she’d wanted for years. She never thought she could feel better than this, but then he began thrusting into her. She started losing herself to his size and girth moving inside her hungry opening.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, seeing his face full of hunger for her. She turned her head, and saw the other two men watching them with smiles on their faces, and large bulges in their pants. Bethany grabbed Joe by his pants, and pulled him down to her. His waist was just by her head when she pulled his pants down, and his phallus flung out and nearly smacked her in the cheek! She was shocked to see how girthy he was, despite his nerdy appearance.

Shocked, yet still consumed by desire, she took Joe’s cock in her mouth while Nathan fucked her. She bobbed her head on him and loved how his size felt in her mouth. Joe reciprocated by groping her breasts, as he groaned in delight. Bethany couldn’t stop moaning like a beast in heat as she was experiencing sensory overload. Brad had also gotten undressed, and stroked his own dick as he watched. Bethany didn’t want to leave him out, and replaced his hand with her own.

Bethany never dreamed she would every part of her body being satisfied at once, nor have multiple men lusting for her in one sitting. Nathan’s cock was moving so deep into her that every thrust drove her senses wild. She felt like her snatch was about to explode, and hot fluid seemed to be rushing past his hard shaft, and squirted out of her opening. She rubbed her clit furiously as it leaked from her, and the only thing keeping her from screaming during this orgasm was Joe’s cock acting as a gag.

Nathan stopped moving in her, and pulled himself out to see soaked his hips just got. Bethany took Joe’s hard rod out of her mouth, and caught her breath. That may have been the biggest orgasm of her life, but if she wanted to make it through this gangbang, she needed to change guys right now. She gently pushed Nathan away from her and got up.

“Now you, big boy.” her voice was sultry and seductive as she breathed heavily. She guided Joe onto the couch, where she had been lying, and straddled him. As soon as she saw how thick Nathan’s nerdy friend was, she’d wanted to know how he would feel inside her. She had to raise her hips a bit, and positioned his rod perfectly with her opening, and slid right down onto him. She groaned as she felt her walls stretching around his meaty pole, and reach all the way inside her, filling her to her limit.

Bethany’s breathing became strained as almost every slight movement seemed to send her senses into a fit. She moved her hips around slowly at first, gently riding him, then more and more. She instructed Nathan and Brad to come around and stand by the back of the couch, so she could suck them off while she rode Joe. Doing as she asked, Bethany had two beautiful, hard dicks in her face.

She took Brad’s cock in her mouth first, feeling like he’d probably been left out during most of this, and tasted a good amount of his precum on her tongue. She rocked her head up and down on his shaft while rocking her hips back and forth on Joe. She looked up at Brad as she pleased his dick, and could see he was very happy for it. Not forgetting Nathan, Bethany grabbed his cock and began stroking him as well. At this point, she was feeling much more experienced, being able to please and fuck three men at once.

“Oh shit… I’m gonna…” Nathan whispered. Bethany sensed his coming orgasm, and switched over, taking Brad’s dick out of her mouth, and began blowing Nathan aggressively. Nathan grabbed her hair again, and grunted loudly. Bethany tasted his hot, white, seminal fluid fill her mouth. Not forgetting about Brad, she went back to stroking him as she swallowed Nathan’s seed, and caught her breath.

Nathan took a step back, and slumped over as if Bethany had just sucked some of the life out of him. She imagined how Nathan probably never came that hard for Carrie before, and considered that a point in her own favor. But now that she had Nathans cum for herself, she wanted his friends’ cum too. Bethany had actually stopped her movement on Joe’s dick while she was blowing Nathan, and looked down towards him, while he looked back up at her, and held her waist. She gave him a seductive look as she began moving her hips up and down on him again.

She looked up at Brad as well, who had been looking at her expectedly. She smiled at him, and kept stroking him, teasing the head of his member with her tongue. She felt like a creature of lust, and just wanted more and more sexual attention on her. She felt more alive now than she ever had in her life. She felt another climax building in her, and her walls begin to tighten around Joe’s thick pole.

Bethany refocused her attention on Joe, and rode him harder and harder, trying to bring him over the edge. She was about to cum on his dick, which made her hunger for his cum as well.

“Oh please, baby! Cum for me!” she cried out amidst her unending moans. She clenched on his phallus so tightly that she had to apply more strength just keep moving on him. She was shocked, and impressed, by how much stamina this nerdy guy had. Finally, she accomplished her goal.

“Oh fuck!” Joe cried out. Bethany pulled herself off his member, and stroked him with one hand while roughly rubbing her own clit with the other. Thick, white strings of cum flew from Joe’s tip, and spread out over what little part of Bethany’s dress still covered her stomach. Excited by his cum, Bethany also climaxed on her fingers, and let out high-pitched groans of ecstasy. Having another strong orgasm made her feel euphoric, her body already felt like she was floating on a cloud. But Bethany knew she wasn’t quite done yet.

She climbed off Joe, and scooted beside him, and kept her eyes locked on Brad, whose cock was still twitching as he watched her. She went back to softly sucking on his begging phallus. The look on his face showed how badly he wanted her at that moment, and could barely stand waiting any longer. Bethany would give him what he wanted, but she wanted to have a bit more fun first.

“Did you like having me bent over in front of you earlier?” she said with a sultry tone.

Brad nodded, his fingers clenching the couch’s back.

“Did you like fingering my cunt?” each time she spoke, she went right back to taking Brad’s prick in her mouth and sucking on him. Again, Brad nodded.

“Does it make you wanna fuck me from behind?” she felt a hard throb from his shaft that time, and once again, he nodded.

Bethany giggled, seeing how bad he wanted it, and figured he had enough, “Then come back here and fuck me.” she commanded.

Brad hurried around the couch, and Bethany made sure her thighs were parted enough for him, and raised her ass higher so he would have easier access to her well-fucked womanhood. Bethany figured she could handle one more good screw, her body already glistening with sweat, and the room already palpable with the heady scent of sex. She bit her lip as Brad held her waist, and pushed himself inside her.

Bethany let out a moan of pleasure, and giggled as she relished this whole experience. Brad was apparently so pent up with the sexual teasing that he began thrusting into her hard and fast, unleashing his sexual frustration into her. Bethany loved it, and was hoping for some more rough thrusting from him. Something she wasn’t expecting was when Brad grabbed her hair, and pulled back on it like a set of reins. No one had ever done that to her before, but in that moment, Bethany realized, she liked it.

Letting Brad take her from behind had suddenly gotten a lot hotter, and her moans got louder. She could feel his prick hitting her g-spot repeatedly, and she felt her breasts bouncing roughly. There was a hand that grabbed one of them, and Bethany saw Joe start massaging it again. He really knew how to make her boobs feel good. She could also see Nathan, sitting on the arm of the couch, just enjoying the show.

Bethany found one more climax approaching quickly, and she seemed to be feeling it as it was building. Her hands clenched the cushions, her knuckles turning white. Once again, she was experiencing sensory overload. Her eyes started to roll to the back of her head as  this third orgasm seemed to stand alone from the others. She let out a roar of a moan as the climax seemed almost unending.

Brad began exhaling strongly as he pulled his cock out, and released a huge load of his cum directly onto Bethany’s lower back. Her head was spinning, and she felt a wave of satisfaction she didn’t even know existed. Her body let go, and she fell limp on that couch. Sweat covered her face, her body was covered in cum, and she felt like she was unable to walk at all. But all-in-all, she had gotten her revenge on her sister, threefold.

Once she had rested enough to be able to stand again. She grabbed a clean towel from the bathroom, and wiped off her sweat, and all the semen. She came back out, and all three of them were practically dressed again.

“Well. I’d say we need to have another drink.” Nathan broke the silence in the room.

Bethany rolled her eyes at him, “None for me, thanks. I need to get out of here before Carrie decides to come back.”

Everyone mutters in agreeance.

“But you’re gonna hang out with us again, right?” Joe asked.

“Oh, of course.” she replied very matter-of-factly. As she bid everyone farewell and left, she savored the memory of the four of them in her mind, and how much more intimately aware of them she was. Although she may never have another chance with Nathan again, she wondered if she could get to know his nerdy friend, Joe, a bit more. And have some more fun with his massive rod.


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Dual Attraction

This week’s Erotic Bite is a bit different than the stories I usually write. James and Lori are looking for a third person to bring into the bedroom, so they go to their favorite nightclub to find someone they like. They become very comfortable with a good-looking guy named Luke, so they bring him home. Soon, James realizes his wife isn’t the only one he’s attracted to. Enjoy!

There’s a moment when you wake up, where you’re right between experiencing a good dream, and when you realize your eyes are just closed. You don’t know which sensations are real, and which are just left over from your dreaming. James wasn’t sure what this sensation he was feeling came from. He was feeling really good, almost euphoric, like floating in his bed. However, he seemed to be feeling little jolts coming from his groin.

As he continued to feel this strange sensation, he was being brought more and more fully into consciousness. The more he woke up, the more he realized something was actually happening to him. Still rather groggy, he realized he was on his back. He almost always sleeps on his side, and rolls onto his back only after he wakes up. He collected his thoughts, shook the sleep away from his mind, and opened his eyes.

His vision was still a bit blurry, but got clearer as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked down and saw a large bulge under the blanket, right over his waist. The bulge was also moving up and down, raising and lowering. James realized what was going on, and moved the blanket off of him. He looked down, and saw the beautiful raven-haired woman who was his wife, Lori.

She’d been hiding under his blanket, and it seemed she had pushed him onto his back, and pulled his boxers down without waking him up. Normally, Lori went to bed wearing a loose tee and panties, but wasn’t wearing anything at all at that moment. Under her raven hair, James could still tell the sensation he was feeling was Lori giving him a blowjob while he slept. As soon as the blanket came off her head, she looked up at him with forest green eyes, which James adored about her, and she smiled up at him.

She giggled at his sleep-addled face, and slowly stroked his already hardened prick, “Good morning, handsome.”

James smiled back at her, surprised by her candor, “Good morning. What’s this about?” he asked meagerly. Lori didn’t answer him, she simply slipped her mouth back over the head of his shaft, and continued to send waves of pleasure through him. Morning sex wasn’t irregular in their relationship, but getting started before James was awake was certainly new for him. He stretched his arms over his head, and started to enjoy his wife’s affections. For James, it was the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Lori continued to suck on the tip as she stroked his shaft with her hand. James laid his head back, and closed his eyes once more. His breathing changed, and he reached down to hold a chunk of her hair between his fingers. She made a tiny moan, as she does when she enjoys having his prick in her mouth. Her head began to bob in his lap, more and more, slowly picking up speed.

This continued for another minute, with James, all the while, wondering what had gotten her so excited. Without warning, or any need for the usual foreplay, Lori began to mount his waist. He had a great view of her size D breasts in his face, and grabbed them with both hands. Her wonderful breasts were always more than a handful, but James considered himself a very lucky man to have a wife with a body like her’s. She leaned down to kiss him, her breasts pressing into his chest.

Lori reached down between them, and grabbed his shaft, positioning it along her slit. She rubbed the tip of his head up and down her moist lips, and held it right at her opening. With one movement, she slid down and back, and took his whole prick inside her. She let out a groan of desire, sounding almost desperate to have her husband’s dick inside her. It seemed she was already more than wet enough to completely lube his dick as he slid it in.

James placed his hands on her hips as she sat straight up again, and expertly rocked her hips back and forth, letting her walls clamp and slide all over his shaft. Her breathing picked up, and her exhales became more audible. She placed her hands on James’, and moved them up her athletic body, placing them directly on her breasts again. If she wanted James to massage her breasts more, he was only too happy to oblige. He groped them, cupping and lifting them, pushing them together, and squeezing them in his hands.

Loris breaths turned into moans, the grinding of her hips on his pelvis soon became gyrating and bouncing on him. James could feel the walls of her womanhood becoming tighter around his length. Her body was begging for an orgasm, and James wasn’t sure how long he would last at this rate. His wife had always been a sexual creature, and there were days like this which made her seem insatiable. He held himself back as best he could, to give his wife as much as she needed to have her satisfaction.

Her moans were becoming louder, and James felt her cunt get hot, and a clamping feeling all around his shaft. She was climaxing, and yet, she didn’t stop riding him like a beast in heat. James could feel his rod becoming stiffer, and his pleasure reaching a crest. Seeing his wife in ecstasy, crying out in the midst of her orgasm, and still riding, it was an overload of sexual energy. James’ whole body stiffened, and his hands gripped her breasts tightly, and he released a hot load of his spunk into his wife’s cunt.

Upon seeing this, James’ wife slowed herself down, and returned to the pace of a gentle grinding. She observed her husband’s face, giggling in arousal and satisfaction at having made him cum this early in his day. James was still trying to come down from the high of his orgasm when his wife stopped moving on him, and climbed off of him. As she raised her leg up and let his softening prick slide out of her, there was a tiny droplet of white spunk that dripped out from her opening. Lori laid next to James, looking happy and satisfied, and put her arm over his chest.

James was still catching his breath while his wife lightly snuggled him. After a few minutes, James was feeling fully awake, and he and his wife got up to start their day. Lori was the first to reach the kitchen, and prepared a pot of coffee while wearing only a button-up shirt with a pair of panties. She always loved to show off to her husband, and James loved to look at her. He went to the bathroom to relieve himself, and look at himself in the mirror. He was a good-looking man in his 30s, and a messy head of short, brown hair that matched his eyes.

Once he was done, the coffee was brewing, and Lori leaned against the counter, waiting for it. James stood in front of her and held her waist as he kissed her.

“So what was that all about this morning?” he asked her.

“I just had a really good dream last night.” she replied, a glint of desire still remaining in her face. She bit her lip before she kissed him again.

“And what was this dream? Hot sex from your’s truly?” He giggled teasingly.

“Kinda,” she admitted, “And maybe there was someone else there as well…” she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again, the memory was clearly still fresh in her mind.

“I see,” he started with a sort of coy smile on his face, “So, one of your girlfriends were there too?” he kissed her neck as he prodded her with the question.

Lori hesitated, not answering him at first. James could see on her face that she was blushing. He couldn’t understand why, since his wife had invited other women into the bedroom with them on more than one occasion. It was another thing James loved about his wife, was her open mindset when it came to their sexuality as a couple. Was there something different about this occasion?

“It was another man. I had a dream about having sex with two men for the first time. It was so hot, I just woke up feeling incredibly horny.” she told him.

James was surprised to hear about the dream. Having another women in the bedroom was one thing, but another man had never been brought up before. It was inevitable, after all, for her interests to shift from adding women to adding men.

“Oh.” he responded.

“Well, we’ve never even thought about it before. I know it’s a bit weird for you, but…”

“It’s fine, hun. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a new thing, that’s all.” James wanted to make sure he was supportive, and not immediately dismiss this new desire his wife may have. Besides, it wasn’t as if he was supposed to have sex with the extra man as well, even if his wife preferred to have her fun with the women they brought in as well. It would be unfair to not let her have two guys all the attention, especially since she often allowed him the pleasure of having sex with other women too. The coffee machine interrupted their thoughts as it beeped, letting them know the coffee was ready.

They both poured themselves a cup of coffee, and proceeded to enjoy their morning the way they normally did each weekend. Though in their thirties, they had decided not to have any children, and just live as they saw fit, without any expectations. Many of their friends had gone the route of having children immediately after marriage, which led to a disconnect between James, Lori, and their friends. Their interests were simply too different now, and no longer had any reasons to continue talking. They were happy, however, with how they chose to move on with their lives.

With no other obligations, they were free to focus on their own personal goals, and on each other. They found new friends in other circles, as well, and new hobbies that were just as diverse. They found new places to hang out with like-minded individuals, and after a while, they became very good friends with the ladies who frequented the place. In some ways, the lifestyle club they discovered a few years ago had made their life more fulfilling.

James sat down on the couch, and watched the news while sipping his coffee. He mulled over the idea for a while, not saying anything about it, and weighing the pros and cons in his own mind. There were a lot of things to consider from a male point of view, such as the anxiety that would come along with it. Would this guy be bigger than him? Or perhaps just thicker, or satisfy his wife better, or last alot longer than him? It had never been an issue when Lori brought home a new woman to join them, as they would both get to have their fun with her. This time, however, they were inviting a stranger for the sole purpose of his wife’s pleasure.

All of these thoughts weighed heavily on his mind the whole morning. By the time Lori had prepared some sandwiches for lunch, James had made a decision on what he wanted to do. He was confident his wife wouldn’t just up and leave him if the other man is better in any aspect. He also imagined how it may look to see another man taking his wife, and strangely, it turned him on a little.

“Hey, honey?” he said suddenly.

Lori raised her head, pulling her attention away from a magazine she had been reading, “Yeah?”

“That thing we talked about earlier? About another guy?” he began.

Lori looked almost regretful, “It’s ok, hun. I’m not gonna be heart-broken if you don’t wanna do it. It was just a dream, that’s all.”

“I think we should do it.” James declared.

Lori was taken aback, not expecting that to be his reaction. She probably thought the possibility was too extreme for her husband to consider. A smile then crossed her face, and a glint of arousal and excitement could be seen in her expression.

“You’re sure? You’re comfortable with it?” she asked, still slightly in disbelief.

James nodded and gave a reassuring smile, “Yeah, so if you want, we can go to NYX’s, and see if we can find a guy we both like.”

Lori nearly leapt out of her seat and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. For a moment, James thought his wife would want to take him again right then on the couch. Instead, she got up and excitedly made her way to the bedroom, likely looking for a dress to wear to the club. The lifestyle club was open only on the weekends, and the couple made an appearance there every other week or so. They always had a lot of fun when they went, and Lori loved to dance to their music.


Later that night, the two of them had gotten dressed up for their night at NYX, and had pulled into the parking lot just outside the club. Lori stepped out first, wearing one of her brilliant black dancing dresses, with reflective scales decorating the hips. Her short heels matched, of course, and with her styled, raven hair, you would almost think she was a goddess of the night yourself. James had a look that was complementary to his wife, with a white, button-up shirt and black slacks. His blazer was a charcoal black that went well with his ensemble, making him a perfect consort for his companion.

Lori held his arm as they made their way for the door. After James paid for their entry fee at the door, the two of them were allowed to enter the dance floor. It was a very well-designed interior, and the whole place had the feeling of elegance and great entertainment. The building was already full of people dancing in small groups, and couples grinding on each other to the music. The two of them made their way to the bar first. They always prefered to have at least one drink before they began dancing, and it was the best place to meet other individuals there.

James preferred a stronger, mixed drink, while his wife ordered a drink that had more juice than alcohol in it. He looked to his wife, who seemed as if she was excited all night. She definitely wanted to find a good-looking guy relatively soon, to make her dream a reality.

“Do you mind if I go dance by myself? I might get more guys to approach me that way.” she reasoned, trying to speak above the music.

With a smile, James nodded to her approvingly, setting her loose upon the crowd. As she entered the mess of people on the dance floor, she began to sway her hips to the beat of the music, and raised her arms in the air. You’d have to be mad to see her, and not try to get closer to her. But she was a big girl, and James was certain she would be ok in crowd. He returned to his drink, and observed the people around him, who were also having their drinks and talking amongst themselves.

Many of the people who frequented the club were female or couples. It wasn’t often that you found men there by themselves as the club was somewhat exclusive. It seemed the proprietors wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be full of ‘bros’ who would come in just to look for a quick hook-up. However, the men who did arrive by themselves seemed to be rather gentlemanly, and seemed the least likely to cause a scene. With any luck, they could find one such gentleman.

Assuming that Lori would be the one to find a suitable man to join them that night, James barely noticed when a man stood next to him at the bar, resting his arms on it.

“That looks pretty good. What kind of drink is that?” the man asked him leaning somewhat close for James to hear him.

Surprised by him, he looked at the man who approached him. His skin was nicely tanned, his hair was dark, short, and stylishly spiked. He wore a nice, blue plaid dress shirt and blue slacks, and he had a well-trimmed kind of scruff on his face. He was a fairly good-looking guy, whom James assumed was here with a girlfriend. James looked down at the glass of his light, golden drink, then back at the man.

“It’s whiskey and lemon-lime soda. It’s pretty good.” he told the man.

“I think I’ll try it.” the stranger replied. He hailed the bartender, and asked for a glass of the same thing James was having.

“I’m Luke, by the way.” the stranger told him, extending a hand to him. James took the handshake.

“James.” he replied.

“Nice to meet ya! Can I call you ‘Jim’?” Luke joked. The two of them chuckled. James couldn’t help but get a good vibe from Luke. He seemed to be a very likeable person. The bartender placed a filled drink in front of Luke, and he quickly dropped a few bills to pay for it.

“So, are you having a good time tonight?” Luke asked him. He picked up his drink, taking a sip of it.

James nodded, “Yeah, just got in not long ago. You?”

“I always have a good time here.” Luke replied reassuringly.

James turned towards him and leaned his elbow on the bar, “So, are you here with someone, then?”

Luke took another sip of his drink, “Not tonight, no. You?”

“I’m here with my wife. She’s over there, dancing with the black dress on.” he said, pointing out his wife dancing with a small group of women. James smiled, seeing his wife still working her charm on the other ladies, rather than trying to find a guy to take home. It occurred to him that he was currently talking to a guy who might make a good candidate. After all, James felt comfortable around him already, and they seemed to have an immediate connection. He looked back at Luke who was observing Lori along with him.

“You’re a lucky man.” Luke said, watching Lori.

Realizing he might be in luck, James decided to see if he could give him a small ‘interview’, and perhaps invite him to come back with them.

“Yeah, she looks good, huh?” James asked him.

“She does, and I love that dress on her. But then again, you both dress pretty well.”

“Oh,” James replied, not expecting the compliment, “Thank you.” he said, smiling. James took another sip of his drink before continuing. “Well, we often come here to have fun, and my wife will occasionally make a new girlfriend she brings home for some fun.”

Luke looked at him, his eyes widening, “Damn! You are one seriously lucky guy!” he was clearly impressed, “And you have threesomes with these women?”

James nodded in response, “You just gotta play your cards right, and find a woman who’s not afraid to get pretty freaky.”

Luke laughed, then took another drink, “I’ve always wanted to try something like that, getting to join in with a man and woman.” there was a small tone of disappointment in his voice, which made James think he’d tried before with no luck.

“Like with a couple?” James asked.

Luke looked at him somewhat nervously now, like he’d let something slip, “Not exactly. See, I’m– I’m actually bi.” he let out.

James eyes widened slightly. He certainly wasn’t expecting that, but that information made something else apparent to James. “You were trying to put the moves on me just now, weren’t you?”

Luke tilted his head down a bit, and chuckled nervously. James laughed and patted him on the back. Perhaps this guy was exactly what James needed in terms of who to bring home with them. “It’s ok, man! I’m not mad. In fact, I’m buying the next round!”

The two of them finished off what was in their glasses, and James called the bartender for another round. Lori also came back to refresh her drink when she saw her husband talking to another man, so she became interested.

“Hey, babe.” she kissed him as she reached the bar, “Are you making new friends?”

“This is Luke,” he said, placing an arm over his shoulder, “And he’s here alone tonight. So, I’m keeping him company.” James sent a wink to his wife.

Picking up his cue, Lori got the idea, ands smiled at him, “Nice to meet you, Luke!”

After receiving their next round, they decided to get a table, and spend some time talking, and getting to know each other. They made jokes, laughed, told entertaining stories, and enjoyed their drinks. After an hour of good times, Lori signaled to her husband that perhaps it was time to make him the offer.

“So, buddy, I gotta ask you something. Earlier when you were talking about how you wanted to be invited into a couple for some fun?”

Luke nodded.

“Well, maybe we can help you with that. My wife and I feel really good about you. So, if you want, you’re welcome to join us tonight.

Luke’s mouth was agape, speechless and amazed.

“A-And you’re ok with this?” he said, finally, looking at Lori.

“It was actually her idea.” James told him.

Luke looked down, his eyes making small quick movements, considering their offer. He raised his eyebrows, finished his drink in a large swig, and set the glass down, “Ok, I’m in.”

“Really?” Lori replied, her face starting to beam.

“Yeah, you guys seem really cool. And you’re both really gorgeous and sexy.”

James and Lori both chuckled a little from the compliment. James really liked how charming their new friend was.

“Well, we’re ready to get this going whenever you are.” James spoke.

Luke finished his drink, and started getting up from the table. James and Lori did the same, leaving a tip in the bartender’s jar on their way out of the club. As they were all pretty inebriated, they decided to grab a taxi to get home. All of them climbed into the back seat of the cab, with Lori in the middle. They were fairly silent during the trip back, but Lori took the opportunity to tease the guys.

Each of her hands found their way into James and Luke’s laps, moving over the fabric of their pants onto their groins. It was almost impossible for either of them not to get hard to her touch. Luke seemed to be getting especially excited, having one of his fantasies playing out. Lori seemed to be having fun teasing their new friend. James was more worried about whether or not the driver was aware of what was going on in his back seat, or if he even cared.

His wife took things a step further, and slipped her hand past the waist of his trousers, feeling up his manhood. Luke’s face was starting to turn red, and it was getting harder for him to keep his composure while he was being handled like this. She was still just sliding her hand up and down the bulge in James’ pants when she suddenly gripped and squeezed it. She exhaled deeply and leaned close to James’ ear.

“He’s as big as you are, babe.” she whispered excitedly.

James seemed to have some reservations about this idea at first, but he had to admit, it was fun to see how much fun his wife was having. She probably would have teased them a lot more, but they were arriving in front of their home. James paid the driver, and the three of them got inside excitedly. James closed the door behind them, and saw that his wife was already starting to take of Luke’s blue plaid shirt. It seemed the party was starting now.

James slipped out of his blazer while watching his wife kissing Luke, and pulling his shirt off his body. He stood in the doorway of the bedroom, watching them, waiting for the right moment to join in. He figured it would help Luke feel more comfortable if Lori had some one-on-one time with him first. Luke looked over towards him, watching him as well. His eyes seemed to be drawing James in, asking for him.

James couldn’t explain it, but there was a kind of appeal in his eyes. Something about Luke, his upper body exposed, and his wife now working on taking off his pants, it made him seem rather attractive. James felt himself wanting to expose himself as well, and began removing his shirt. Lori had begun unzipping her dress, and slipping it off her body. She pushed Luke onto the bed, and removed his bottoms in one pull, leaving Luke nude on their bed. James saw his manhood for the first time, and his wife seemed to be correct about his size.

Lori had slipped out of her dress, as well as her underwear, and crawled into the bed with him. She looked back at her husband, and blushed as she smiled, excited and nervous to have her first threesome with two men. James began removing his pants, not wanting to be the only one left who wasn’t nude. His wife, already very aroused and eager, laid on her side, and took Luke’s hard shaft into her mouth, slowly sucking on him.

Seeing her work her mouth on Luke made James a little jealous, but also feeling very turned on. He approached them, and placed his hand on her thigh, sliding it up her leg. Lori responded to his touch by opening her legs to him. Her womanly folds were already swelling in excitement, and almost seemed to beg for attention. Lori didn’t stop moving her head up and down Luke’s rod, but seemed to be signaling her husband to give her the same treatment. Eat my pussy while I blow him, she seemed to be telling him.

He obliged for his wife, and held her thighs as his face came between her legs. His tongue slipped into her opening, and he could taste her honey. He ran his tongue up and down her folds, giving her pleasure while their new friend occupied her mouth. He looked up towards his wife’s face, and heard her gently moan in enjoyment. Just past her head, he saw Luke, looking right at him, and seemed to enjoy watching him eat his wife’s cunt.

James was starting to feel like he wanted to make an impression on his dark-haired friend. As their eyes were locked to each other, James ran his tongue a bit more enthusiastically. His tongue traced circles around his wife’s tiny nub, and slipping it inside her to taste more of her honey. He used his thumbs to spread her opening wider, and worked his tongue harder. His wife began to move her hips against his mouth, and moaned more audibly, enjoying how much attention he gave her.

Lori stopped blowing Luke, suddenly, and pulled herself away from her husband’s affections. She was breathing heavily, looking at James with astonishment, “What the hell was that, baby?”

James looked at his wife confused.

“You’ve never eaten me out like that before! A few seconds longer and I was going to cum!”

James chuckled nervously, wiping his mouth. He didn’t realize he was putting in so much effort. He wasn’t sure why he was working that hard, however. Was it Luke making me excited? He thought to himself. There was certainly an effect he had over him, and it made him feel things he hadn’t felt before. One of which was this strange idea that he found Luke’s nude body very attractive. James never felt that way about a naked man before, but Luke was, somehow, different.

Lori took a few breaths, and recovered from almost reaching climax so quickly. She did always like to have some foreplay before letting herself orgasm. She turned towards James, and got on her hands and knees, pulling her husband towards her. James stood right at the edge of the bed, while his wife took his hard prick in her mouth now. He stood there, enjoying his wife’s mouth, feeling her lips moving over his shaft, and her tongue teasing his head. James grabbed some of her hair, just the way she liked it when she gave him oral.

Lori swayed her buttocks back and forth in Luke’s direction, letting him know she wanted him to fuck her. Luke quickly stood on his knees, and approached Lori from behind. He wasted no time in pushing his cock inside her waiting pussy. Lori moaned loudly, making her husband’s prick vibrate in her mouth. She bobbed her head, sucking him harder and more excitedly. As Luke started to thrust into her from behind, she reached under herself, and began rubbing her vulva. Her new fantasy of being taken by two men was being fulfilled for the first time, and she could barely contain herself.

James watched his new friend, curiously. Although he seemed to be having fun, thrusting into her snatch more and more, his eyes seemed to be focused on James. Namely, he watched as Lori had her mouth on his shaft. Luke was licking his lips as he watched her, and James was reminded of the fact that he said he was bisexual. In the excitement, James wondered if Luke wanted to put James’ prick in his mouth as well, and found himself wondering what that may be like.

His attention was brought back to his wife when her moans became louder. She was already close to climax, and Luke was taking her right over the edge. Luke hips were smacking her butt as his thrusts were getting harder and harder. Lori pulled her mouth away from her husband’s dick, and she let out a high-pitched moan of sheer lust. Lori collapsed on her side, out of breath and her senses overpowered.

James was happy that his wife was feeling so satisfied, but it seemed to be over a bit too quickly. James and Luke stood there, watching her, and looking at each other. James was feeling flush, and had to admit it was becoming more and more difficult to question how he felt when he saw Luke, the way he would look at James, how fit his body was, how well he seemed to know how to please his wife. It all made him much more curious to know him on a much more intimate level.

Luke must have sensed this, and crawled closer to him. He stopped in front of him, his face just inches from James still-erect phallus, and looked up at him. His eyes said he wanted to make James feel good too, if he would allow him too. Lori looked up and watched them, her eyes widened as she realized what she was seeing. James couldn’t help this attraction he had for this man, and slowly placed his hand on the back of Luke’s neck. Though he wrestled with the idea, and his own sexual identity, he didn’t stop Luke from opening his mouth, and taking James hardened member into his mouth.

James had a hard time coming to terms with what was happening right then. Another man was now pleasuring his prick with his mouth, and he was enjoying it. He felt throbs of pleasure fill his shaft as he did, and ran his fingers through Luke’s dark hair. Luke placed a hand on James’ chest, feeling his skin. James placed his hand on his wrist, breathing heavily in pleasure. He turned to look at his wife, and saw her watching the two of them intently. Her legs were spread again, and she breathed heavily as she furiously began fingering herself.

James couldn’t hold back anymore. The excitement of his new partner making him feel this good brought him to his limit quickly, and he cursed as he began to cum for Luke. After the first spurt of his hot spunk, Luke released the head of his dick, and kept his mouth open, his tongue out, and let James release the rest of his load onto his tongue. Once he was finished, Luke withdrew his tongue, and swallowed the small puddle of seminal fluid resting on it. Lori stopped pleasuring herself, and took Luke by the cheek with her hands, and passionately kissed him, her tongue invading his, and the two of them both enjoyed the taste of him.

James was feeling very conflicted, but also, he very good, like he had discovered a new side of himself. He wasn’t sure what to do next, but that same side of him was telling him he wanted more. Luke whispered something into Lori’s ear, and she nodded with a smile. She rolled over, and opened the nightstand drawer, retrieving something from inside. Meanwhile, Luke led James onto the bed, and without warning, he kissed James. James was astounded at first, but didn’t immediately pull away. Luke’s lips felt warm, his tongue seemed gentle, and his scent was surprisingly comforting.

As they broke the kiss, Luke moved and positioned himself behind James. Lori then took his place, right in front of James, and kissed him even more passionately. She reached past James, and seemed to be doing something to Luke. Stroking his dick, perhaps? Then she grabbed James’ hand, and brought it to her hot, lusting cunt. She wanted him to finger her, badly, so James obliged.

With his attention drawn towards his wife, her moans against his lips, and her pussy aching for him, he barely noticed he was being bent forward by Lori. James felt Luke’s hand on his hip, and something happening behind him. He felt some pressure, and a wave of euphoric ecstasy overcome him. His head shot up, and broke his kiss from his wife, realizing his bisexual friend had just penetrated his anus. His whole body tensed up in reaction.

“Baby, look at me.” Lori whispered to him. She held his face with both hands, and kept his eyes on her, “Just relax, hun. Let yourself go, and it’ll feel good, ok?” she tried to be reassuring.

James was still alarmed, but after a few seconds, he kept his eyes on his wife, and let himself start to relax. He trusted his wife, and also wanted to make Luke happy. Once he took a few breaths, and his anus loosened, Luke began to move his hips again, but slowly. Each movement felt oddly good, and seemed to ease right in. It was at that moment that James realized his wife was applying lubricant to Luke’s cock when she reached past him a few minutes before.

She kissed him again, and grunted in pleasure as Luke pushed into him again. He hit something inside James that sent a big jolt of pleasure through him. Luke moved more and more, slowly picking up speed until his movement was steady, and appropriate for James’ first time. James’ dick was getting hard again, to his surprise. Another surprise was when he felt a hand take hold of his shaft, and begin stroking it. It wasn’t his wife, but instead, Luke was the one who reached around to stroke him.

James was beginning to get used to this new feeling, and even started to enjoy it. He slid his fingers into his wife’s cunt again, moving them faster this time. His wife started moaning, and rocking her hips against his hand. A devious smile crossed her face, and she slid down the bed, her legs spread out wide to either side of the two men. She wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck, and slowly pulled him down further, bringing his body down onto her’s.

Luke seemed to know what she was planning, and followed her lead. He slowed his thrusts into James, and manipulated his prick so it rubbed up and down his wife’s opening. Lori took it from there, and guided the head of her husband’s shaft right in line to enter her. With a push of his hips, Luke pushed James’ hips down, and James entered his wife. Lori and James both let out a loud moan. James was now experiencing the best of both kinds, and total sensory overload.

Keeping himself supported with his arms, James kissed his wife lustfully as he started to move now. He pushed his hips so his fully hardened dick thrusted into his wife, then back up to let Luke further inside his anus. Every thrust repeated this process, and James was beginning to see yellow stars flaring in front of his eyes, feeling a pleasure he never thought was possible. All of them moaning as one, the room was brimming with sexual energy.

James was quickly losing his mind. His orgasm was coming back again, and he could feel it was going to be a big one. His wife’s breasts pressed into his chest, while Luke’s toned abs held firm against his back. James groaned deeply and loudly as a heavy wave rushed over him, his eyes only seeing white, and his dick throbbed hard as he came. Lori had wrapped her legs around the both of them, and clenched them hard as a heat rushed past her husband’s dick, and erupted from her cunt. As if on cue, Luke pulled out of James’ anus, and stroked himself quickly, releasing his spunk onto James’ lower back.

For the next few minute, nobody was moving, and all of them could only breathe. Eventually, They managed to get off of each other, and collapsed on the bed like ragdolls. James took some time to reflect on what had just transpired, and was amazed to discover this side of himself. A side that also found attraction in Luke, a desire to experience intimacy with him, and ultimately, to have him as a lover.

After some time had passed, they finally decided to get dressed, and share another drink before the night ended. James told Luke he was welcome to stay the night, but his handsome, new friend from the club insisted on heading home. The bid their goodbyes, and Luke left. They had his phone number in case they ever wanted to invite him back again. After their guest was gone, James confronted his wife about something he was suspecting.

“Tell me honestly. When you had your dream last night, it played out the same way, didn’t it?”

Lori simply smiled, and blushed.


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Back from the holidays!

Hello, all you handsome and beautiful people! It’s been quite a week or so for me, and I’m only just getting around to resuming my usual writings and musings. I do apologize for not delivering an Erotic Bite this past Saturday, but rest assured, you will get one this week. I trust your holidays all went pretty well, too. After checking out my social media, it looks like a lot has happened. We’ve lost some pretty amazing celebrities, and 2016 is clearly making a last ditch effort to get as many amazing people as it can before it’s over. With any luck, these last couple days will go by without anymore travesties.

I’m also pleased to announce I’ll be releasing a new book, soon. I’ve been working on it for a while, and it still needs more work before it’s done. But I’ll keep you all updated on the details in the future.

As for me, I’ve been busy attending a couple parties and social events, but most of my time has been spent either on the road, or in hotel rooms. I left the state to meet up with some old friends, and catch up on old times. I didn’t get much in the way of gifts, but I got some nice shirts, along with a new watch, a bottle of single-barrel whiskey, a neat little bookmark, and one of my work friends even got me some concert tickets! All-in-all, it’s been really fun, and I’m glad to have some great friends.

To be honest, I wasn’t happy with how much time I had to spend on the road. But it was made all the more worth it, as I got to spend a night with a gorgeous woman, whom I will obviously not mention her name, out of respect. Funny story, we were actually good friends in high school, but hadn’t seen each other in several years. It was a bit like meeting for the first time all over again, only this time, there was a clear attraction between us. Maybe one of these days, I’ll tell you guys more about our night in my hotel room, and the interesting tale of what happened when she found one of my riding crops in a pocket of my luggage(which I had forgotten to take out during one of my other trips).

But enough about me. I hope your New Year’s is full of excitement and fun, and may you attain everything you hope for in the coming year. Feel free to comment below about how your holidays went, and what you hope for in 2017.

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