What Cosmo doesn’t say your man secretly wants

Earlier this week, I was at the grocery store, picking up cat food for Milo(since I forgot to get it when shopping for groceries). Standing in line to check out, I look over at the magazine rack, and I see the usual collection of celebrity gossip magazines, and lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook. We’ve all read them, checked out the articles, and read the tips on improving your sex life. In fact, it seems every issue of these magazines now has an article just for sexual improvement. Of these various tips, the most surprising ones are usually along the lines of “Things your man secretly desires”.

I’m not saying the articles are untrue, or not entirely accurate, only that these ‘secret desires’ are… not so secret. Most of the time, the things you’ll read list such desires as: watching porn with him, bringing in another woman for a threesome, wearing sexy lingerie more often, or just to let out your inner slut. These are good tips, they really are, but most guys would openly admit to having these desires. Most of the time, when writing these desires, the author would base that list on their own, personal experience, or on the opinions of some of their guy friends. It’s not a bad resource, but I wanted to find out more. These are the secret desires of men Cosmo won’t tell you about.

When I was working as a ghost writer, writing erotica eBooks on various topics and genres, the first thing I would do is research each of these kinks, and learn why people ‘get into it’. I can tell you right now, most guys are into some pretty crazy stuff(but don’t think women are into any less crazy stuff! I know many of you ladies fantasize about tentacle sex and getting gang-banged). So I decided to find out what most guys are actually secretly desiring in the bedroom, but are too embarrassed to ever admit. To do this, I needed honest answers from guys, without making them feel too self-conscious about their answers. There’s only one place where I could go to get that kind of honesty: the Whisper App.

It took me a few days, and I had to wade through the pile of sarcastic replies to get them all, but I’m happy with my results. I may even turn to using Whisper more often to get answers for questions like these. So, below are the top answers in order of the number of responses. For any ladies reading this, there’s a chance your man might be into one of these kinks, but would never tell you. If you think you’d want to try this with him, you could try suggesting it to him, but gently. For writers, you may even consider using this list as inspiration for your next story.



A few of the guys who responded gave some variation of this response. The spectrum is actually quit large here. On one end, there was a guy who responded there was nothing hotter than having a woman force him to perform oral, or as he put it, ‘forced to eat her V’. On the other end, one responded saying he wanted complete and utter domination from his woman. He wished to relinquish complete control, and wanted to be bound, slapped, beaten, and would even submit to getting pegged by his woman.

Prostate Massage


This may seem rather odd to a lot of you, but it’s got legitimate benefits, and is probably more common than you think. Although many guys responded saying they wanted to perform anal on their woman, others admitted to wanting this done to them. one responded saying he wanted to have a simple prostate massage, while another stated he wanted to have his anus fingered while his woman gave him a blowjob. For most men, an orgasm from prostate massage is quite similar to a clitoral orgasm for women, as far as it’s intensity goes. This is because both men and women have their own G-spot inside them, but while women can stimulate it vaginally, men can only reach it through the back door.



Believe it or not, this particular genre is not new to me. I had to do some serious research into this genre some time ago to write a story for a client. To make the story believable, I needed to understand why some couples go this route. There were quite a few guys who responded saying they wanted to be forced to watch their woman have sex with a better man, and they would be forced to watch. One went into detail, describing how he desperately wanted to feel depraved, and have his woman treat him like shit while being forced to give a blowjob to the bigger man. Couples often go out looking for another man(usually called “Bulls”), often more muscular, and sexually more experienced, than the husband(often called “Cucks”). The reason is because Cucks who watch their wife, or girlfriend, be taken by a Bull is a means of ‘mental bondage’. In this case, it’s the man’s sanity and pride that is tied down, rather than his body.

It’s actually a rather drawn out and elaborate process that often continues on much further than just the sex. Some of the Cucks never rise above their status as the ‘useless husband’, and continue to serve their wives or girlfriends in a desperate attempt to keep their affections. In some rare cases, the Cucks act as surrogate fathers for the Bull’s child. This isn’t to say this kink is completely one-sided. Although it’s extremely rare(rare enough that I’ve never heard of a specific instance), it is possible for the role to be reversed, whereas the husband forces their wife to watch as he has sex with a more attractive woman, while she is verbally degraded as well.

Inviting another man


This had, by far, the greatest number of responses on Whipser. However, the reasons for this varied greatly. One man responded saying he were secretly bi, or bi curious, and wanted to experience what being with another man might be like. A few others said the same, but specified they would also bring in a transexual, or someone who was a cross-dresser.

Yes, there’s virtually no end to the number of guys who wish they could bring in another woman for an ffm threesome, but as the rest of the responders described, there are a great number of guys who want to bring in another man for their girlfriend or wife as well. This may sound a bit like what I said earlier about cuckoldry, but it differs greatly as the boyfriend or husband is able to participate. For many guys, they enjoy the idea of watching their wife with another man to increase their own sexual desire for their wife. What happens in this case, is the boyfriend is filling up with testosterone due to seeing his ‘mate’ with another male, and this triggers a kind of ‘sexual competition’. When he then joins in, or takes his turn after the other man, he’s even more riled up than he would be if he had his woman all to himself. This leads to increased performance, endurance, and satisfaction for all parties involved.

Hopefully, if you have a boyfriend or husband, you have a better idea of what might be going through his mind at times. For men who have these kinds of kinky thoughts, take ease knowing you’re not alone, nor is there anything wrong with you. Many men like to enjoy some of the more taboo things in life, and some like to have a full menu available. Also, rest assured, there’s a lot of women who have similar desires as well. It may very well be time for you to have a conversation with your partner about these thoughts, and be sure you’re both comfortable, and trusting enough, to be open about these things.

A Re-introduction to Class

I know, in the past, I’ve spoken on a few topics without implying that anyone should take it as anything more than opinion. I originally wanted to start this blog with the intention of sharing what I’ve learned about sex and erotica, and perhaps, share a few of my past experiences as well. With this knowledge, I hoped to help others who may be just getting started in erotica, or to share another perspective to experienced writers. I don’t know if I’m accomplishing that for anyone reading this, but I’ll continue to try.

One important aspect of eroticism, at least in my opinion, is the art of seduction. It’s still one of the most difficult skills to learn when it comes to courtship, but one of the most important. When I was younger, and still learning it for myself, I did so knowing I had to show a bit of class. Lately, however, I’ve noticed class is becoming less and less predominant, and is being replaced by these guys insisting, literally insisting, they have “swag”. I’m sure any ladies reading this know what I mean, and likely had to deal with them the way most people deal with house flies.

Again, this is just an opinion piece, so please take it as such. Having that said, I cannot believe this is actually a trend in the dating scene. Swag is the natural enemy of class, and I feel like these ‘bros’ are giving the wrong impression to respectable women. To focus your eligibility on how much money you’ve spent on designer clothing and ball caps, as well as “making it rain”, implies women can be bought for sex any time they choose. If a man truly wishes to show a lady respect, and seem respectable in return, then maybe it’s time we re-teach men how to show a little class, and come off as charming instead.

This isn’t an exact list, or even 100% accurate, but these are my Top 5 tips for class, based on my own knowledge and experience.

1. Dress well

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but the ‘swag’ trend has forced my hand. For many people, dressing well might mean the same as ‘clean clothes’, or even ‘designer clothes’. This goes much further than that, actually. First off, you should dress for the occasion. Most days, I’m either wearing a t-shirt and jeans while I run errands, or I’m at home wearing only my pajama pants. However, when I go somewhere, knowing I’ll be at the pub, or nightclub, or somewhere I know I’ll be meeting new people, I have a different wardrobe. Rather than investing in a designer t-shirt, you could probably get yourself a better-looking button up shirt, and maybe a nice blazer. Probably for the same price, too!


You don’t necessarily have to wear a full suit when you go out to the club either. Yes, there’s nothing classier than a full three-piece suit, tailored and done up with a matching tie, but there are varying degrees of class as well. Maybe you don’t like the idea of a three-piece, but still want to give that same impression as well. I’ve managed to pull off wearing only a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, and a loose tie, with a pair of jeans to create a look that was both classy and casual. Sure, it didn’t have the full effect, but I still managed to turn a few heads.

The other side to this is personal grooming. A nice outfit means nothing if you haven’t had a haircut in three months, and haven’t shaved in a week. Make sure you get a haircut regularly, even if only for a trim. Once every two weeks should be the minimum interval, and shaving once every other day, or just before going out to meet other people. Of course, there are a lot of women who like the scruffy, or bearded look, as well. In this case, make sure you’ve invested in a trimmer to keep it under control. I know many guys have difficulty pulling off this look, due to the threat of the dreaded ‘neck beard’, but that’s really a much smaller problem than you think. The answer is really right there in the name: just don’t have any hair on your neck! Everything from the jawline and down, shave it off entirely. You’ll be able to have a bearded look, and still keep it looking clean as well.

2. Know when to make a gesture.

This is a bit of a tricky topic, because it involves a lot of reading the room. This is where charm usually begins and ends during most interactions. Let me first give you an example of what not to do. A man walks into the club, completely disregarding tip #1, and instead decides to wear an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt with shorts and sandals. He immediately orders shots, takes them all, and starts to chat up every female in the room until one of them gives him the time of day. He buys her a few shots, drops a few names, and talks about the things he’s bought. After an hour, he’s very drunk, and trying to convince this woman to go home with him, and gets angry when she says no.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what all he did wrong in this situation, but there’s even more things he could have done right, instead. First and foremost, don’t get too drunk. I can already hear the collective gasping through my computer screen, but trust me on this. I mentioned this before when I talked about staying safe, and creating the best experience when meeting someone at a club, but drunk-you has a different agenda than you do. Drinking will only exacerbate  your baser intentions, so it’s best to keep it at a level that loosens you up, but allows you to keep your faculties.

The next step is finding someone to interact with, and possibly begin courting. I know what this sounds like, but this is less about hooking up, and more about reading the room. If a lady is there with a group, and they seem to be doing everything together, it’s unlikely any of those women are looking to meet a guy that night. However, if a woman is there alone, or with a single friend, and they appear to be observing the other patrons, then she is more likely to be looking for a guy that night. As long as you’re not the jerk getting turned down by the group of ladies just there to dance, you’re not going to appear desperate, and she’s more likely to give you a chance.

But what if a very attractive someone approaches you instead? They ask you to sit with them at the bar, asks for your name, then introduces themselves. Things seem to be going well rather quickly. She asks you if you could buy her a drink, and smiles at you. So what do you do, buy them a drink? The correct answer here is ‘no'(and queue the collective gasp, once again). This may seem like the wrong move to make, but this will save you some grief in the long run. Yes, buying someone a drink is a nice gesture, and will keep a person interested in you, but only up to a point. No one should ever ask you to buy them a drink; the gesture should be your decision to make. If they ask you to buy for them, that’s likely all they see you as: free drinks. At this point, you should politely wish them a good rest of the night, and excuse yourself. At the same time, never begin an interaction by buying them a drink, as it sends the same message. Don’t be afraid to try and engage in conversation first. If she seems legitimately interested in you after a minute or so, politely ask if you can get her another drink, and never make her think she owes you for it either.

So, now you’ve found someone you’re interested in, and seems interested in you as well. How do you keep them from getting bored with you, or turned off? Well, that brings us to my next tip…

3. Show a little vulnerability

Let me start off by saying: it’s perfectly human to try and make yourself look awesome. It’s in our nature to make ourselves look as big as possible, either physically, or with our successes. It makes us look like the better choice as a mate, and maybe back in the day, it would have worked. Nowadays, that method is working less and less, and is coming off as just peacocking. Look for ways to tell them about yourself without looking like you’re showing off. At times, you can even do end up doing it subconsciously, so definitely think before you speak.

If this seems difficult, try keeping your sentences open-ended, allow room for feedback, or to segue into other topics. If the conversation segues into something the other person wants to talk about, let it flow that way, rather than diverge it back to what you wanted to talk about. You’re more likely to keep someone’s interest this way, and they will feel more comfortable, and willing to open up to you. They should feel like they are choosing you, rather than you, them.

4. Agree, rather than contradict

Remember how I said showing off can happen subconsciously? A lot of that can happen during conversation when the two of you are talking about jobs, hobbies, and other interests. Conversation engagement can drop dramatically with something as simple as comparing what you do, with what they do. They can tell you they just got a job at a firm, and you could respond by saying you just got promoted to junior executive. They could say they like to go rock climbing, and you could respond with, “I usually just go skydiving”. Do you see what’s happening here? Don’t be the person who likes to one-up your date. Instead, congratulate their successes, and allow them the opportunity to ask about yours.

At times, during conversation, watch out for any moments when you could be creating contradictions. Your date may talk about an issue, and it may seem natural to talk about what you know of the subject, and your points may directly contradict their own views on the topic. This makes it look like you know more, and they are clearly stupid. Don’t be that guy. Instead, allow them to elaborate, if they like, and simply accept their views, even if they differ from your own. Your date will feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts with you, and will be more comfortable with you as a person. If your views differ more than you’re comfortable with, you can always politely wish them a good rest of the night, and excuse yourself.

5. Speak less, but stay engaged

This is a bit of a summary of the previous points, but serves as it’s own point as well. Hopefully, you’ve taken what I’ve said here to heart, and perhaps see where you might have gone wrong in the past. But that’s ok, you’re only human, and that’s the subject of this final tip. Remember: the person sitting next to you is a human being, with thoughts, hopes, dreams, passions, and opinions. You should learn them, and watch as they bring you into their world. If you do this, they will want to know yours as well, and will view you as a mystery they want to uncover. But all of this begins by letting them be who they are, and stay engaged with that. If, at any time, it doesn’t seem like a real connection is going to be made, it’s always an option to politely wish them a good rest of the night, and excuse yourself.

Now, I want you to imagine yourself with a person who treats you the way I’ve described above, and imagine the things you would talk about. What would they say? What would you say? How would you feel about this person afterwards. If you’re feeling like you want to meet this person, then you should become this person. Be the man with class, and not the bro with swag. Girls may like guys with swag, but women like guys with class.


Origins of Fetishes

From the time we’re teenagers, and just going through the awkward stages of a new reality we call ‘puberty’, we find ourselves in this growing state of curiosity about our bodies. The problem, however, is we are often taught conflicting views on the subject. On one side, our bodies are temples, and we should not abuse these new urges we’re having. We are supposed to learn how our bodies work, learn safety, wait a few years, find a suitable mate, and only then, can we experience the joys of sex. On the other side of the spectrum, we are simply entering the beginning of our most primal state. As our bodies become capable of experiencing lust, it’s perfectly normal to explore those feelings, and go balls to the wall with every attractive body we meet.

I don’t plan to lecture any of you on what is correct, or which is prudish, or too animalistic. I simply want you to keep this in mind as we consider the causes of attraction, and why certain things, like fetishes, get us excited just by the very thought of it. By today’s standards, many of the things we’re attracted to are liberally accepted, and sexual freedom is reigning. Though, a nice thought, this is far from the truth. The reality is many of us are still quite closed off about what gets us sexually aroused. Most of us are afraid the general public will find our interests rather perverted, overly strange, or just politically incorrect. This can make our desires difficult to communicate to lovers, or even partners.

Many of us will likely think there’s just something wrong with us, and begin to feel an internal repulsion. Now, what if I told you your personal fetishes may actually stem from your own personality traits? You may be thinking, ‘That’s a bit of a reach, Charlton’, but stay with me on this. The things that turn you on are, more than likely, an imagined, sexual solution to an anxiety you’ve been harboring for years. It’s your brain’s way of coping with certain fears, or expectations, you’ve been brought up to carry with you.

If we take a few of the most common fetishes we have, we can see how this is applied. For example, seeing someone in uniform brings many people, both men and women, into sexual excitement. Who doesn’t love seeing someone in uniform? But how do we usually experience an interaction with someone in a highly-respected field, such as doctors, policemen, or firemen? Often times, we feel belittled by their knowledge, or bravery, and even if we are entirely innocent, there’s an ever-present fear they may use their authority on us. What if we were to turn the tables on this situation, and have them working in our own, very personal, favor? Instead, respect and authority is transferred over to you, and these professionals who normally ignore us, have become part of our games.

Some of these anxieties often manifest in much more subtle and ambiguous ways. Having a sheltered upbringing can make us afraid to interact with others, and forces us to remain quiet, and still, while someone we would love to take into the bedroom simply walks right past us. We’re never anything more that quiet strangers to these individuals, and that tends to make our anxiety worse. But, what if instead of walking right past you, this person were to grab you unexpectedly. You’re dragged into a closet, or alley, or some other private place, and your lips lock together in what soon becomes passionate copulation. You’ve skipped the introductions, the getting-to-know-you dates, and gone straight to carnal desire. Though considered social taboo, random and sudden sexual interactions are a common fetish among people who are, otherwise, socially awkward. The thought of interacting with someone verbally may cause them to cower under a table, but their desire for intimacy is still ever present. What could be more delectable to them than skipping social convention entirely?

Ultimately, the means by which we experience and explore life, our bodies, our sexuality, our society, all create who we are. Whether it’s our personality or our sexual desires, all fetishes can be explained using similar structures as the ones I’ve explained, and they are not to be feared. Once you understand this, you’re able to become more accepting of what gets your blood pumping. In the same way, you may even be able to understand, or discover, what excites your partner as well. It’s not something to be ashamed of, nor does it define who we are, but instead, is an extension of how we view the world around us, and how we interact with it.

Casual sex, and keeping it casual

Let me be clear about this from the start, so there’s no confusion: this is not me telling you how to get casual sex. I’m not here to sell you anything, or to boast about ways I’ve been able to live the lifestyle of casual sex. Yes, I’ve had a fair amount of casual sexual encounters, but this is about whether or not the lifestyle is really for you, and how to conduct yourself while you do it. A lot of people try it, and they either get too deep to the point of self-degradation, or become shunned by the people closest to them, being called ‘slut’, ‘whore’, etc. So, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is…

1. Know what you’re getting into.

This may or may not be surprising, but a casual sex life is not for the faint of heart. It takes a certain degree of self-control, confidence, and the right attitude. There’s a lot to consider before, during, and after the encounter(which we’ll cover later) that will affect your overall experience. If you decide to just jump right in like it’s a swimming pool of sexual partners, you’ll find yourself drowning, guaranteed. It’s a two-way road, with new experiences and new relationships going one way, and some older ones possibly leaving you down the other road.

First, ask yourself what the reasons are for seeking casual sex. If your responses include something like: ‘I’m drunk”, ‘I wanna feel good about myself’, or ‘My partner wants to try it, so I’ll just go along with it’, then you’re going to have a bad time with this. There should be a sense of adventure when you go out looking for a new partner. Maybe you’re just horny, or want a new sexual experience. When you go out with the right mindset, it can really improve your health and happiness.

Keep in mind, nothing about this is permanent, and your mindset should reflect that. It’s perfectly natural to become infatuated, and connected, with a lover. However, if you wish to keep your relationships casual, you may have to fight yourself from time to time. Sex creates familiarity and commitment, and it’s not always easy to control. Maybe spend some time away from your new lover for a while, no communication whatsoever. It may seem cruel, but it helps keep your emotions in check.

This isn’t to say you should keep completely aloof during your encounter either. Your new lover needs to be appreciated for what they’re doing for you as well. Even if all you do is have a quickie in the closet, you should still give it your all. Show your partner some passion, be attentive, caring, and respectful, and I promise you, it’ll be a very memorable experience for both of you. Speaking of being respectful…

2. Communicate what you want, and don’t want.

Let’s say you’re out by yourself, or with a friend, and you find a guy(or lady) you find very attractive, charming, and there’s some clear chemistry there. First, congratulations on making it this far. Next, remember what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. The other person may be looking for something a bit more than just a single night of passion. You need to make it clear your intention is just to let off some steam, or sexual frustration. The other person may not mind; or maybe they do, and still want to get into your pants anyway. If the latter happens, no matter your other options, you need to end things there. Tonight is not their night.

However, if they understand tonight is simply for a night of passion, then things can continue forward. I mentioned before that confidence is needed here, and plays a large role in what happens next. So, you’ve gotten this far, and found someone to take home and rip their clothes off. Like any new lover, they’re not going to know what will make you moan, and bring you to that tipping point of sweet ecstasy. Don’t be afraid to take charge and verbally tell them what you want them to do to you. After all, tonight is about you!

At the same time, if a certain sexual act repels you, make sure they know it as well. There’s no reason to commit to something you don’t find sexy at all. Remember, this isn’t a relationship, so nothing you refuse should be a deal-breaker. They can always find another sexual partner who’s into their kinds of kink later on. For now, you should just enjoy the things you both like in common. If your new partner disagrees with this arrangement, feel free to communicate them out the door, or yourself out of theirs.

3. Safety, in all it’s forms.

I know this sounds like I’m going to suggest using condoms, or getting on the pill, or some other form of contraceptive, and you should. I know it also sounds like you should choose your partner carefully, to prevent the spread of STDs, and you should. However, there’s more to keep in mind as far as safety is concerned. Your casual lifestyle should benefit your happiness, and certain things can make that more difficult to obtain. As I’ve said, communication is a big part of having the best experience possible, but plays another role too.

Although you don’t find too many women like this, a lot of men who also like the casual lifestyle tend to be more aggressive, or narcissistic, with their pursuance. There’s absolutely no reason to hook up with someone like that, even if the alternative is no one at all. You shouldn’t be manipulated into sex, or go home with someone who has a toxic personality. You have every right to be comfortable, relaxed, and confident with whom you’re with.

While we’re on the subject of douchebags, I should bring up something that kinda goes hand-in-hand: alcohol. I understand the most likely place to find single people is at a bar, or a club, but alcohol can complicate things quickly. Even if you do manage to find someone you connect with, getting wasted afterwards can only lead to bad things. Some people are genuinely good, but their agendas change when they get drunk, and that goes for you too! I’m not saying you can’t drink at all while you’re out, just don’t overdo it. I would say a good rule of thumb is: if you’re too drunk to walk a straight line, you’re too drunk for sex.

4. Keep a positive circle.

I know I’ve said this before, but there’s nothing wrong with this lifestyle; nothing at all! However, there will be people, probably family or friends, who will try to tell you otherwise. They may dissuade you from this path, whether for religious reasons, or moral reasons, but none of that matters. This is your life that you’re living, and not theirs. They won’t understand your decisions, but they don’t need to. I’m not suggesting you lie to them about what you do, all I’m saying is you should simply leave them out of that aspect of your life.

If you want people to talk to about your casual lifestyle, and choices, I would suggest forming a circle of friends who also engage in casual encounters. Think about it, you probably have a group who meets just to watch football, or a book club to discuss the latest novel, and of course, the friends you make at work. Why not have a circle of friends who have casual sex? I’m not saying you need to meet up for ‘Sex and the City’-themed brunches, but you can all agree to meet at a club, or just talk online about what you’ve been up to. It’s important to have friends like these to talk to, and feel comfortable around. People who won’t scowl at you for letting your freak flag fly.

5. Shit happens.

It sucks, but it’s true. Sometimes, the sex is bad, or the person you’re with turned out to be a jerk, or you partied a little too hard. You can be extremely careful, follow this post to the letter, and bring protection, but sometimes, things will go wrong. You can’t foresee the entire night, and there will be things you couldn’t have predicted. It’s not your fault, but you can take it like a champ the next morning. Just pick up your panties, or boxers, and just brush it off. Accept that mistakes were made, and keep them in mind for the next time. You’re human, just move on with your life.

Sex should be fun and fulfilling, from beginning to screaming finish. It’s not always perfect, but nothing in life is! It’s an experience, so learn from it, practice it, preach it, teach it. Here’s to safe, and enriching, casual sex!

My name is Charlton C. Tod

I’m afraid I have to admit, I’ve never really given blogging much consideration in the past. It’s been around for over two decades, at least, and there are millions of blogs out there already, written by just about anyone for any reason. For most people, it’s as easy as simply making an entry into a journal. But, as a writer, you have to wonder where to begin, or what subject to write about. Regardless, I decided to start one to share my opinions, thoughts, and musings that come from my writings.

I suppose a good place to begin is to discuss my personal method for writing, and how I began in erotica. It’s not the most elegant first post, but I suppose it’s suitable enough.

Like most erotica writers, I began as an avid reader of erotica. As some of you may know, I first came across this naughty genre when I was in high school. Technically, I wasn’t of age to be reading it on the school’s computers, but I was rebellious, and chose to do a lot of things that weren’t allowed in my school. Anyways, I can’t remember what kind of story it was, only that I think it was something kinda vanilla. It was still one of the most enthralling things I’d ever read, and it made me want to read more. Soon, I found myself sneaking in a quick read whenever time permitted, which was quite often.

At some point, I had decided I had read enough to understand how it was done, so I wrote my first story. I never let anybody else read it, and kept it hidden away from my parents. At night, I would sometimes pull it out, and read it to myself, and wonder what other readers might say about it. It took me about a year to muster the courage to write one for the public to see, and I posted it anonymously. It wasn’t a great story, but people seemed to like it anyway. It gave me the confidence to write some more.

I won’t say I made a career out of writing erotica, but it’s still one of my favorite hobbies, and it’s never gotten boring for me. Sometimes it’s difficult to find inspiration, but I’ve managed to come up with some interesting ideas on my own. However, I find the best inspiration from friends and fans. They often confide in me about some of their deepest fantasies, and I help breathe life into them by re-enacting it in written word. To this day, my best stories are born from the fantasies of others.

Now, when it comes to writing something hot and steamy, there’s a few things I keep in mind, which you may choose to do as well. Or not, I’m not going to tell you that my method is totally correct, but it’s my personal view. The first is to consider the reader’s imagination. When you read a story, you often play out the scene as the words are read. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I say this because I’ve read many stories from young writers who tend to play out a scene too quickly. Sometimes, a sexual interaction is reduced to the capacity of one, or two, paragraphs. It’s the written equivalent of premature ejaculation.

But fear not! Longer, and more satisfying, sex is within your grasp. I won’t even charge you for it.

The next thing to remember is the use of the five senses. During sex, all five senses are stimulated, at some point, and describing what each sense is experiencing can help the reader become part of the story. You’re painting an erotic portrait in their minds, but being visual can only bring them so far. When you can make a reader smell a man’s musk, or feel how soft, or firm, someone’s body is, or even the taste of a woman when she’s been a good girl, it helps the reader’s experience, and allows them to place themselves in the story. You don’t have to include every stimulation your characters experience, but using them like triggers in your story, you can help the reader feel aroused at the opportune moment.

While we’re on the topic of stimulation, let’s talk about sensations! This is another really great way to help your reader feel like a part of the experience. Everyone has an erogenous zone on their body, or something their partner does which drives them wild with lust; characters have them as well. Include the little sensations, like a tingling that travels up your body, or the tightness in your chest during climax, or even the soreness and sensitivity that you have post-coitus. Your reader will be able to relate to their own previous experiences, and even cause them to psychosomatically feel these sensations themselves.

Keeping these things in mind, you can easily have a sex scene last well over 1,500 words. Ultimately, when I try to write a story for you, I want to captivate you. I want you to squirm in your seat, your cheeks to become flush, your skin hot, and your fingers itching to reach into your pants. My name is Charlton C. Tod, and I want to become the naughty little secret you keep hidden away.

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