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#FantasySmutFriday – Week 10

Ladies and gentleman of smut, welcome to this week’s #FantasySmutFriday challenge! Each week, I’ll present a new writing prompt based on a fantasy, and you’ll have one week to craft a flash story(~1,000 words or less) that fulfills this fantasy. The plot, events, characters, and twists are all up to you, so long as it brings the fantasy to life.

Santa and the Sorority

T’was the night of Christmas Eve, best time of year,
For presents a-plenty, and holiday cheer,
Santa got dressed, in satin and sash,
Then out the door, ready in a flash,
The elves had been busy, making toys on the fly,
But special ordered the rest, from a place called Best Buy,
His sack was full, for an imparting cause,
He was hungry for treats, as he kissed Mrs. Claus,
Santa smacked her ass, hoping for a rise,
She cooed with a smile, at her little surprise.
He snapped his reins, and took off to the sky,
For his reindeer were magic, and obviously could fly,
It would be some time, before they reached Burbank,
He decided to relax, and have himself a wank,
The reindeer were magic, they knew where to go,
And like that, there were houses, all up in a row,

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