Video and Audio Editing

I have more than 3 years of experience in video and audio editing. During that time, I’ve worked on video and audio files on a near-daily basis. I’m aware most people use CS software like Premier Pro or After Effects, but I prefer to use Hitfilm 4. I just find the integrated editing and effects interface to be much more user-friendly, with a better-focused workflow. I also use Audacity when it comes to audio, as it’s the industry standard, in my opinion.

The work I can provide for you is as follows:

  • Audio cleanup (removing background noise, fixing spikes, volume control, etc.)
  • Audio effects (Phaser, Reverb, other things great for aural illusions.)
  • Basic video editing
  • Post-Processing
  • Animated graphics
  • Green screen (Please message me if you’re not sure how to do this on your end.)
  • Animated advertisements
  • Graphic Interchange Format images (GIFs)

If you have any images, audio clips, video clips that are not originally created by you, I’ll need a copy of any licenses that were purchased with it. If the license is CC0, then you’ll simply need to specify that. If you don’t have the stock images/footage/audio needed for your project, I’ll do my best to find some myself and send them to you for approval before using them in your project. If it turns out you need some royalty-free assets, I’ll simply need to be reimbursed for it, but I’ll check in with you first before making the purchase.

My minimum rate for this work is $18/hr CAD. This includes rendering time of the projects. Video rendering takes, on average, between 1.5x – 2.0x the length of the final edited length and not the length of the video files sent. Audio rendering is generally much faster.

For example: if you (the client) send me a video file that is 40 minutes in length, and after editing, it becomes 30 minutes long, it will take anywhere from 45-60 minutes to render.

If you have any further questions or would like to hire my services, you can contact me at and we can negotiate your project.

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